Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert

Orga howled as he was sent toppling backwards, crashing into the nearest building. Thousands of tons of metal and concrete came tumbling down onto the alien beast, burying him underneath. The hulking creature flailed his arms and legs about as he tried to free himself from the debris.

Gomora shrieked as he watched his opponent try to free himself from the destruction that had rained down upon him. The space beast was strong, he couldn’t let it regain the advantage. Orga was beginning to get back to his feet when Gomora struck his fists together and charged his foe. He leapt face-first at Orga, ramming his head into the creature’s side. Orga toppled again, bringing more rubble down onto him. Gomora backed away and began planning his next move.

Orga growled as he brushed the debris off his body with his oversized hands. This reptile was beginning to prove to be a real nuisance. He couldn’t let him interfere with his plans for the Earth.

Getting back to his feet once more, Orga readied himself for Gomora’s next attack. Once again the dinosaur-like creature tried to attack with a headbutt, but Orga lashed out with his left arm. The massive appendage smacked him straight in the face, causing Gomora to stagger backwards. His shoulder cannon flashing, Orga followed up with a blast of energy that sent Gomora flying down the street and into a series of smaller structures that he tripped on and fell over backwards.

The Millennian monster grinned as he advanced on the fallen Gomora, who was now trying to get back to his feet before the mutant behemoth reached him. Orga let out a roar as he raised his giant fists into the air and then brought them down upon Gomora, eliciting a pained shriek in response. Orga lifted his arms once more, planning to repeat the technique, when Gomora raised his head and fired off a crimson burst of energy from the horn on his snout. The disfigured space monster squealed in pain and immediately backed away.

But Gomora wasn’t finished, and held the blast as he slowly but surely rose to his feet. He cut the blast, revealing a large hole that had been blown into Orga’s stomach. Gomora nodded with a grunt, satisfied he had defeated his foe, when suddenly the alien’s skin began to crawl… literally. Orga roared and within seconds, his wound was healed. Gomora’s eyes narrowed, and the curved horns atop his head began to glow a bright red. In an instant, another series of energy blasts unloaded from his snout horn, this time striking the right arm of the abomination.

Orga tried to back away, howling as the energy burned through his arm, but to no avail. Gomora followed his opponent, making sure his blasts never left their target. Again and again they hit Orga’s arm… until finally, with a sickening sound, it gave away.

Orga’s arm, severed just below the shoulder, crashed to the ground with a thud.

Gomora’s attention was drawn to the severed limb and watched as it began to dry up and crumble away into a pile of dust. Then he looked back up at Orga and growled in frustration as he realized the beast was already regenerating his entire arm! Gomora smashed his fists together and roared angrily. He was about to charge and attempt another attack when Orga’s shoulder cannon flashed and fired another burst of concussive energy. Gomora easily side-stepped the beam, allowing it to pass him harmlessly. He quickly turned back to face Orga as he heard the beam strike something and explode behind him.

Little did Gomora know that he was not the beam’s intended target.

A massive skyscraper fell and crushed Gomora underneath.

Orga raised his arm and a half into the sky as he roared victoriously. He approached the wreckage, his shoulder glowing brightly. He glanced down at his arm, which was already back up to the hand, then turned back to the fallen building and opened fire. The blast hit the debris with tremendous force, sending an explosion of rubble into the sky. As he got closer, he fired again. Then again. By the time the fourth blast struck, Orga had reached the wreckage, and his hand was fully regenerated. He flexed it, testing it to see if it had been rebuilt correctly, then slammed it into the rubble. He immediately began smashing the chunks of concrete away, digging his way to the corpse of his foe. He may have been dead, but Orga could still steal the creature’s abilities.

But for all of his efforts, Orga couldn’t find Gomora’s body. The alien was confused. The impact of the building couldn’t have damaged his body so badly it’d be impossible to find. He turned around and began to scan the area.

The ground underneath Orga exploded, sending a mushroom cloud of dirt into the air. Orga suddenly found himself rising up into the air, but not under his own power.

Gomora roared furiously as he hefted Orga up over his shoulders. With a mighty heave, he sent Orga flying through the air, crashing down onto his head. Orga howled out in pain as he tried to get to his feet. Gomora watched silently to see if his opponent was going to surrender.

Just then, an eerie sound filled the air. Orga unhinged various bones, and his jaw opened, far wider than normal. Flesh split, membranes unfolded. Orga squinted at Gomora as he slowly approached him.

Without missing a beat, Gomora roared and immediately charged. His horns began to glow.

Orga’s eyes widened as he realized what he’d just done. He instantly began to close his massive maw, but it was far too late. Gomora managed to jam his horned head into the extraterrestrial’s mouth and began firing his shockwave blast. Orga waved his arms around in a frenzy, trying to dislodge the reptilian creature, but it was no use. The crimson energy surged throughout Orga’s body, causing irreparable damage.

With every ounce of strength in his body, Gomora straightened up and sent Orga flying directly over his head. The energy coursing through Orga’s form was a volatile one, and as soon as the alien creature impacted with the ground, he exploded into a massive ball of fire, destroying much of the surrounding area in the process.

Gomora turned, viewing over the scorched earth where Orga once was. He no longer sensed the foul beast.

Rearing his head back into the sky, Gomora let out a cry of victory.

Winner: Gomora