August 1st, 2022 Update!

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for participating in the Mid-Year Survey! I’m sure as you know, Shin Godzilla got a nice beefy update–but that’s not everything! Here we have a few extra announcements to add ontop of everything.

  • Starting today, you may freely add a chapter system to your submission! This is not a requirement and is completely optional; however, we do ask them to be reasonably paced and organized!
  • Alongside Critical Mass, we will officially authorize the use of the “Power Surge Crystals” from Godzilla Unleashed! Please visit the FAQ section for more details.

The following have been approved for use in the K.W.C. Multimedia:

  • King Ghidorah (Heisei)
  • Mothra (Heisei)
  • Baragon (Showa)
  • Frankenstein
  • Spyler
  • Wargilgar
  • Godzillasaurus

That’ll be all for now, and again we’ll see you for this year’s K.W.C. Awards and Feedback surveys! Until then!


Halfway through the year already? Crazy!

With everything going on, this can serve as an ample opportunity to make your voice known! Very curious to see what you guys think–and I think there’ll be plenty of surprises in store! So by all accounts, leave your feedback. The poll will be running from today up until July 29th, 10 PM EST; after that we will be making the results public at the beginning of August!

The 2022 K.W.C. Mid-Year Survey

In the meantime, we hope to see you again for the 2022 Awards & Feedback Survey!

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles