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Release      Japanese (Non-fiction) Book Title Publisher
1983 Fantastic Collection No.28 - Godzilla Asahisonorama
1985 The Making of Godzilla 1985 Shogakukan
1991 The Art of Godzilla Alligator Books
1992 Godzilla Fierce Fighting Super Illustrated Encyclopedia Asahi Sonorama
1993 The Godzilla Chronicles B Media Books
1994 Monster Planet of Godzilla Shogakukan
1995 The Large Complete Works of Godzilla Data House
1998 Making of GODZILLA Toho
1999 The Godzilla Chronicles Vol. 3 B Media Books
2000 The Giant Picture Encyclopedia of Godzilla: Toho Special Effects Movie World Kinema Junpo
2002 Godzilla X Mechagodzilla: Super Complete Works Shogakukan
2002 Godzilla X Mechagodzilla Fantastic Collection Asahisonorama
2002 Movie Godzilla X Mechagodzilla Shogakukan
2003 Toho SFX Mechanic Chronicle 1954-2003 Shinkigensha
2003 Godzilla X Mothra X Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. Fantastic Collection Asahisonorama
2003 Godzilla X Mothra X Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.: Super Complete Works Shogakukan
2004 Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 1 Shogakukan
2004 Movie Godzilla: Final Wars 2 Shogakukan
2004 Godzilla: Final Wars: Super Complete Works Shogakukan
2004 Everything Godzilla: The Complete Super Encyclopedia Kodansha
2005 Toho Special Effects Monster Movies: Large Complete Works Million Pub.
2005 Godzilla: Toho Giant Monster Picture Encyclopedia Shogakukan
2014 Toho Special Effects: All Kaiju Illustrated Encyclopedia Shogakukan
2016 New Godzilla Walker - The New Legend of the King of the Monsters Kadokawa
2016 Godzilla Giant Monster Battle Picture Book Kodansha
2016 Definitive Edition: The Perfect Godzilla Giant Monster Super Encyclopedia Kodansha

Release      English (Non-fiction) Book Title Publisher
1968 Japan's Longest Day Kodansha
1977 Godzilla (Ian Thorne) Crestwood House
1983 Something Like an Autobiography Vintage Books
1986 The Godzilla Book Psi Fi Movie Press, Inc
1994 Giant Monster Movies Fantasma Books
1995 Godzilla Rabbit Pick Up Books
1996 Godzilla King of the Movie Monsters Fantasma Books
1997 Age of the Gods - A History of the Japanese Fantasy Film Daikaiju Publishing
1997 The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture Weatherhill
1998 Japan's Favorite Mon-Star: The Unauthorized Biography of "The Big G" ECW Press
1998 The Official Godzilla Compendium Random House
1998 Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: Horror-Fantasy-Science Fiction Vital Books
1998 The Official GODZILLA Movie Fact Book Scholastic
1998 Collecting Japanese Movie Monsters Antique Trader Books
1998 Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo! Feral House
1999 Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation Stone Bridge Press
2001 Tokyoscope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion Cadence Books
2004 Monsters: Godzilla KidHaven Press
2004 Godzilla on my Mind Palgrave Macmillan
2005 Meet Godzilla Rosen Publishing
2006 In Godzilla's Footsteps Palgrave Macmillan
2007 J-Horror: The Definitive Guide to The Ring, The Grudge and Beyond Vertical, Inc.
2007 Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters Chronicle Books
2007 A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's Godzilla Series McFarland Press
2008 The Toho Studios Story Scarecrow Press
2008 The Japanification of Children’s Popular Culture: From Godzilla to Miyazaki Scarecrow Press
2009 Japanese Cinema Taschen
2009 Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda AuthorHouse
2010 Killer Kaiju Monsters: Strange Beasts of Japanese Film Harper Collins
2010 A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's Godzilla Series, Second Edition McFarland Press
2010 Asian Horror Kamera Books
2011 Drawing Godzilla Windmill Books
2013 There Goes Tokyo! A Celebration of Kaiju Eiga Self-Published
2014 Titans of Toho: An Unauthorized Guide to the Godzilla Series and the Rest of... Self-Published
2014 Godzilla - The Art of Destruction Insight Editions
2014 Godzilla - Movie Storybook Warner Bros.
2014 The Art of Japanese Monsters Signature Book
2014 Godzilla: 5 Shocking Facts About Godzilla Self-Published
2014 Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men - Revised Edition CreateSpace
2015 Memories From Monster Island: A Fun Stomp Through Toho's Godzilla Films CreateSpace
2015 500 Facts About Godzilla James Egan
2016 The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies Vol. 1: 1954-1980 Bicep Books
2016 The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies Vol. 2: 1984-2014 Bicep Books
2017 The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films Bicep Books
2017 Ishiro Honda: A Life in Film, from Godzilla to Kurosawa Wesleyan
2017 Apocalypse Then: American and Japanese Atomic Cinema, 1951-1967 McFarland Press
2018 The Sons of Godzilla: From Destroyer to Defender CreateSpace
2019 The Art of Godzilla: King of the Monsters Titan Books
2019 Kong Unmade: The Lost Films of Skull Island Bicep Books

Release      Theatrical Pamphlet Publisher
1959 The Three Treasures Toho
1973 Japan Sinks Toho
1974 The Great Prophecies of Nostradamus Toho
1984 Godzilla Toho
1989 Gunhed Toho
1998 Mothra 3: Invasion of King Ghidorah Toho

Release      Japanese (Fiction) Book Title Publisher
2018 Do Your Best, Chibi Godzilla Kodansha
2019 Good Friend Chibi Godzilla Kodansha

Release      English (Fiction) Book Title Publisher
1981 Godzilla Attacks A Truck: Selected Haiku 1972-80 Leanfrog
1982 Godzilla Meets Master Charge Advocate House
1988 Godzilla Discovers America Nevraumont
1991 Gojiro Grove Press
1994 Catch Me a Godzilla Antelope Books
1995 Japan Sinks Kodansha International
1996 Godzilla vs. Gigan and the Smog Monster Random House
1996 Godzilla on Monster Island Random House
1996 Godzilla Returns Random House
1996 Godzilla King of the Monsters Random House
1996 Godzilla Saves America: A Monster Showdown in 3-D! Random House
1997 Godzilla Invades America Random House
1997 Godzilla 2000 Random House
1997 Godzilla Ate My Homework Scholastic
1998 Godzilla at World's End Random House
1998 Godzilla vs. the Robot Monsters Random House
1998 Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island Random House
1998 Godzilla vs. the Space Monster Random House
1998 Godzilla Likes to Roar! Random House
1998 Who's Afraid of Godzilla? Random House
1998 GODZILLA: A Novelization Scholastic
1998 GODZILLA: Attack of the Baby Godzillas Scholastic
1998 GODZILLA: A Storybook Scholastic
1998 The GODZILLA Movie Scrapbook! Scholastic
1998 GODZILLA [1998 Adaptation] Scholastic
1998 GODZILLA (Stephen Molstad) Harper Prism
1998 GODZILLA: The Official Annual Grandreams
2000 I Want to Marry Godzilla and Have His Children AmErica House
2002 Godzilla Scirocco Drama
2002 Monster Zero Elixir Press
2002 One Lucky Summer Dutton Children’s Books
2006 Be With You Viz Media
2006 Riding Godzilla Seven Locks Press
2008 Socrates in Love Viz Media
2008 Kamikaze Girls Viz Media
2009 Godzilla is in Purgatory: Featuring the Promise of a Gift for all Humanity Xlibris
2010 Master of Miniatures Solid Objects
2014 Debbie Does Monsterland Tiny Giraffe
2014 Godzilla - The Official Movie Novelization Titan Books
2015 Godzilla From The Past Self-Published
2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization Titan Books
2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters: The Official Movie Novelization Audiobook Blackstone Audio, Inc.