Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Christian Salabert

Having just successfully thwarted an invasion of Gyaos from destroying Japan, Gamera was now seeking a place to rest and recharge. He had been flying for quite some time before looking down and spotting one of the islands in the Ogasawara chain far below him. He decided to take refuge there until he was fit to resume his hunt of whatever Gyaos remained on Earth.

As Gamera got lower and closer to the island, he spotted a being about his size. The titanic turtle’s head reared back in surprise. The creature’s stance, the familiar jagged shell… could it be? Had Gamera discovered another of his kind? Gamera had always assumed he was the lone survivor of his creators, but what if he was wrong? Intensifying his speed, Gamera raced toward the beast.

Anguirus lifted his head. He heard a strange sound in the air. It was similar to the sound of the rockets the humans had used to attack him before. He immediately turned around and spotted a large being flying through the air directly towards him. The creature was similar to himself, except he had no hind legs and massive flippers where his arms should be. Anguirus didn’t like this monster. He readied himself to attack in case this beast made the mistake of landing nearby him.

When Gamera was close enough, he immediately ceased his hind rockets. The flames gone, his immense weight immediately pulled him from the sky. As he fell, his legs emerged from their sockets, and his flippers shrunk back into arms. When Gamera landed on the ground, a massive cloud of dirt was sent into the air. He screeched a welcome at the creature, hoping to discover more about it.

Gamera got more than he bargained for when Anguirus burst through the dirt cloud and pounced onto him, teeth and claws outstretched. Gamera stumbled backwards, shrieking in surprise. Anguirus attacked again, leaping at Gamera like a crazed dog. Lunging at the massive tortoise, Anguirus managed to clamp his jaws down upon Gamera’s right hand.

Gamera cried out in pain as Anguirus’ fangs sank into his flesh. Gamera shook his arm as hard as he could in an attempt to dislodge his attacker to no avail. He finally managed to swing his other arm close enough to Anguirus’ face, slashing the creature’s face with his elbow spike. Anguirus howled in pain and anger, and turned his back on the turtle, swinging his tail at him. Anguirus’ spiked tail raked itself across Gamera’s legs, toppling the mighty defender onto his side.

Gamera wailed as he crashed to the ground. Whatever this creature was, it was decidedly not friendly. He knew it wasn’t a threat like the Gyaos or the Legion were, but it most certainly deserved to be taught a lesson. Activating the ancient fires within him, Gamera belched forth a plasma fireball. The flaming sphere struck Anguirus right in the face, sending the quadruped staggering back with explosive force. Gamera spat out two more fireballs, striking Anguirus in the side and putting even more distance between the two. With a heave, Gamera rolled over onto his back.

With Anguirus distracted, Gamera began withdrawing his limbs and head into his shell. By the time Anguirus had regained his wits, he noticed that the turtle’s shell lay there, apparently empty. Cautiously, Anguirus moved in to investigate. Sniffing the shell, Anguirus detected no movement. He had won!

Flames exploded out of the shell’s sockets, scorching Anguirus and sending him leaping backwards. The shell began spinning, faster and faster, until it was almost a blur. Anguirus decided to keep his distance this time and watch as his foe’s shell began rising into the sky. The shell suddenly rocketed towards Anguirus. The spiked beast had no time to react, the shell slammed into his side at full speed. Anguirus went flying to the side and crashed to the ground. Anguirus rose groggily and didn’t even see the shell before it smashed into his other side, sending him crashing to the earth once again.

With Anguirus stunned, Gamera’s arms emerged from their sockets. With his head still inside and now using only his hind rockets, Gamera flew over, picked up Anguirus’ tail in his hands, and rose into the air once more. The groggy angilasaurus was unable to do anything other than go along for the ride.

Once the two were far enough out into the open sea, Gamera’s shell began to spin again. The shell did not move, but rather, stayed in the same place. On and on he spun, until Anguirus was completely dizzy. The four-legged beast howled out in agony as Gamera spun him around like a whirlygig.

Finally, once he decided his foe had learned his lesson, he released his tail. Spinning and screaming, Anguirus plummeted from the skies and cannonballed into the sea, creating a tsunami upon impact. He did not resurface and simply sank to the bottom, too sick to do anything else.

Poking his head out of his shell and transforming his arms back into flight mode, Gamera growled in annoyance. He had wanted rest and gotten the exact opposite. Leaving Anguirus and Ogasawara Island behind him, Gamera decided that if he came across any other strange creatures, he’d live and let live.

Winner: Gamera (Heisei)