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  • Back in the 1990’s, publisher Keibunsha was releasing a Godzilla magazine in Japan. These would include interviews, coverage of media like video games and highlight upcoming or recent Toho movies. Overall it was a really good publication for fans of the era.


    General // September 23, 2022
  • Author: Harley Jameson | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

    The lakefront was oddly quiet for the time of day. Purple mist settled on the surface of the water, belying the creature that called the area its territory and home. The only movements were the Gajau flopping around in the water, and a mud-covered Jyratodus crawling along the muddy shores of the lake.

    The Flooded Forest had all but been deserted, save for a few select monsters. Most had sensed an intense danger and fled deeper into the woods or towards other territories. Unable to live in other regions, the Jyratodus was more than happy to make its new home within the deep great waterfall basin surrounding the lake, feasting on various fish and Gajau at its liking.

    A small gust of wind pushed across the lake. The piscine-wyvern froze, watching the tiny ripples in the water slowly faded away. The Jyrayodus listened intently, body tense for any sound. Once satisfied, it relaxed once more into the mud. It jerked up sharply when a loud, distorted roar echoed through the air.

    The lake’s waters were getting unruly. Huge gusts of wind splashed water onto the muddy wyvern and the Jyratodus let out a loud warning cry. It was answered back with another distorted shriek, and a great shadow looming overhead.

    Varan slammed down onto the intruder’s body with uncharacteristic ferocity. A dark purple smoke billowed from the fanged wyvern’s mouth. Sharp red eyes gleamed in the sunlight and he immediately reached down and slammed the Jyratodus’ head against the ground, keeping the writhing fish from moving.

    A snarl erupted from Varan’s throat before he reached up and grabbed the other wyvern’s head. The Jyratodus gave stunted cries in alarm before Varan snapped the thing’s neck in one harsh movement. The lake monster threw the twitching corpse to the side as a wave of pain washed over him. He groaned, his once brown hide had turned a deadly purple. Trembling, he heaved slightly and a great billow of purple smoke exhaled from his mouth.

    Varan glanced back across the lake, through the haze his pain and rage he could still sense another’s presence in the Forest. An unfamiliar scent on the breeze ahead. Whether it was the cause of his suffering, he had no idea. He had been sick for days with this strange virus, and somewhere deep down, Varan instinctually knew that he hadn’t much time left.

    That made it even more important for him to find whoever this was and kill it. Spreading his arms, Varan soared off into the skies and flew deeper towards the forest.

    A thick, purple fog had surrounded the ground of the Flooded Forest. Most smaller creatures had died almost immediately upon inhaling the miasma. Those that didn’t were busy viciously fighting one another or thrashing in absolute agony as their bodies drove themselves to death. The only creature unaffected by the cloud of death surrounding it was a jet black creature on all four legs. Its two somewhat frayed wings rustled slightly, pouring more of its deadly virus into the atmosphere.

    Gore Magala walked casually through its surroundings, moving over to the corpses of fallen animals and happily gulping them down in a few bites. Although blind, the unusual creature’s keen senses weren’t detecting any major threat to itself as it continued its lumbering pace through the forest.

    It was also this keen sense of hearing that alerted Gore Magala to an upcoming threat long before he could detect the body heat. A great, mighty tree crashed down onto the forests’ floor as two great powerful arms pushed through the brush.

    The only other occupant of the forest who had stayed, the once noble creature was breathing raggedly and thinner than most of its kind. Brown fur had been stained purple thanks to the virus spread by Gore Magala, and even its giant tusks had streaks of purple trailing up the bone. Renowned for its strength, the Hunters’ Guild had dubbed the creature “Behemoth.”

    And Behemoth had finally found the source of his suffering. A trumpeting roar of fury came from the creature and he stampeded forwards, uncaring as he smashed through trees and vines towards his target. Gore Magala easily slunk off to the side, crouching low on his forelimbs and flaring his wings to make himself more intimidating. He let out a challenging roar at Behemoth and immediately pounced, tackling the elephant-like creature to the ground in a flurry of teeth and claws.

    The two monsters rolled around for a bit until Behemoth grabbed Gore by the sides and threw him hard onto the ground, forcing the blind monster to scrambled away as the mighty titan reared up and slammed onto the ground with his fists. Rocks and dust flew into the air as the earth shook violently from the raw power of the attack, Gore Magala scrambling around to keep his footing.

    Black wings began to vibrate as a more deadly pathogen was shed into the air. The Black Eclypse Wyvern inhaled sharply, crouching low on his forelegs and jumping to the side as the frenzied Behemoth trampled forward. Gore instantly swung around and slapped at one of Behemoth’s legs to try and bowl the monster over.

    Instead, a thick and rough hand grabbed Gore Magala by the tail and began dragging him across the ground. Scratching and pawing, Gore gave a shriek of alarm as Behemoth slammed his other hand against his back, pinning his wings to his body.

    With a mighty groan, Behemoth lifted Gore Magala into the air. His blood-red eyes were full of malice and hatred, a deadly fog exhaling from Behemoth’s mouth. His arms strained with the tension even with his frenzy-augmented strength and he began to squeeze. Gore Magala thrashed in Behemoth’s unshakable grip, crying out as he felt the pressure of his bones starting to be pressed in painful ways. Black scales flaked off, revealing a slight golden shimmer as Gore let out a final howl of agony.

    A shadow falling across the two monsters was the only warning either got before Varan dive bombed and slammed into both of them. Gore was sent hurtling onto the ground, trembling in pain as Varan began savagely ripping at Behemoth’s purple tinted fur. Blood and miasma flew everywhere as Behemoth beat Varan back, grabbing his leg and physically throwing the triphibian away with a ragged bellow.

    Rising to his feet, Varan zeroed in on the first monster he saw and opened his arms. Letting the winds carry him, he suddenly surged forward towards Behemoth with murderous intent. The two frenzied monsters crashed into one another, wrestling along the ground and rolling over one another until Varan kicked Behemoth off and sent him crashing onto the forest floor. Spreading his arms again, Varan was thrown back with equal violence when a ball of raw frenzy energy crashed into his chest.

    Gore Magala stalked around the other two monsters, wings twitching a little. Two glowing purple feelers sprouted from Gore’s head and the sky seemed to darken as a massive burst of frenzy clouded the area. With a loud roar, Gore Magala dug his claws into the ground and swung forward with one of his wings, grabbing Behemoth’s tusks and with a twisted snap broke one of them off.

    Behemoth gave a loud trumpet of agony and clutched at his face, swinging his head wildly as Gore nimbly leaped to the side, tossing the broken ivory away. A sudden surge of heat caused Gore to whirl around, smacking his meaty tail into a charging Varan who was sent tumbling to the side in surprise as he crashed through a thick tree and caused the whole thing to collapse down and splash into a shallow puddle.

    With his feelers fully extended, Gore could sense the body heat of both monsters as clearly as if the blind monster could see them with eyes. Behemoth’s body temperature began skyrocketing and it lumbered forward again and Gore easily side-stepped out of the way, letting Behemoth tumble across himself and lay there in a heap. The frantic pace of the fight was overwhelming him.

    The great beast was dying and he knew it. The pain was starting to become overwhelming to his body, his heart was beating loudly in his ears. He tried to stand until Gore slammed down on his back with his forelegs. Behemoth let out a little groan, trying to fight his opponent off. Gore reared up his head and slammed his jaws down around Behemoth’s fuzzy neck and with one brutal rip, tore open the dying titan’s throat. Shuddering, Behemoth gurgled a few times before laying still, finally dead.

    Varan was dying too, he could feel it in his heart. It slowed down to a crawl as he breathed raggedly against the cool forest floor. His eyes felt heavy and his head throbbed. As he inhaled more of the virus that corrupted and poisoned him, some part of his mind was lulling him to sleep.

    No, no he couldn’t sleep yet. The sounds of flesh and bones being crunched and feasted on made Varan wearily open his eyes to see Gore Magala happily eating the corpse of Behemoth. It was him that poisoned him and made him sick. His heartbeat began to get faster and his strength began to return as a newfound rage overtook Varan. Could he sit there and die while his tormentor walked away? No.

    His muscles bulged and the triphibian stood to his full height. A dark purple smokey aura began to exude around Varan’s body as it turned a sickly purple, red veins appearing across his membranes. Although unaware of the change, Varan let loose an even more powerful roar than before. He had overcome the lethal effects of the Frenzy Virus and had become an Apex.

    With newfound rage and determination, Varan leaped forward and slammed into Gore Magala with his claws, sending blood and scales flying and revealing a chipped golden skin underneath the scales.

    Gore let out a squeal of pain and thrashed back with one of his wings, decking Varan in the face and forcing the other monster to stumble back. With an outraged cry, Gore swung both of his wings forward and slammed down on the Apex’s head only for Varan to reach up and catch the powerful wings with his hands.

    The two monsters pushed against one another, claws digging trenches into the earth as they pushed against one another in a brutal test of strength. With a frenzied screech, Varan threw Gore Magala to the side and rolled it over on its back. Mounting the monster, the lake-dwelling amphibian ignored the claws digging into his sickly purple hide and began tearing into Gore Magala’s face, neck, and underbelly. Blood splashed around them and more of the golden skin began to peel away until with a desperate shove Gore finally pushed the murderous Varan off of him.

    Both monsters panted roughly, the horrific lizard circling around Gore Magala slowly. One of Gore’s feelers twitched, and he turned in time to Varan’s movements. As long as his scales flooded the already flooded forest, he would be able to see the amphibious reptile.

    Tired and bleeding, Varan nevertheless had never felt more alive in his life. He exhaled slowly, a thick miasmic cloud of pure frenzy virus coiling into the air. He had to end this soon. Spreading open his arms, he took off towards the canopy of the forest, bursting into the sunshine high above them both.

    Gore swiveled his head, trying to find where Varan was going to land after he had flown upwards. Had he run away already? No, something told him that this fight was far from over. He began to walk slowly, spreading his battered and bruised wings wide. He gathered his scales, clouds of the lethal Frenzy Virus he had shed gathering around him.

    With one mighty flex, he had shot upwards like a rocket. Breaking through the canopy, Gore Magala’s body exploded violently in a massive shower of Frenzy Virus, letting out a roar that shook the forest. Just as he was able to pinpoint Varan’s location did he realize his mistake as Varan swooped down and drop-kicked him hard from behind. The branches breaking beneath him, Gore was sent hurtling back to the forest floor with a meaty splash as his body crashed onto the ground.

    Gore struggled to stand, letting out a roar of agony as Varan landed on top of him, one of his wings buckling under the reptilian’s weight. Leaning down, Varan grabbed Gore Magala by the feelers and jerked up suddenly, causing another squeal of pain to elicit from the Unknown Wyvern. He flailed and bucked frantically, trying to shake the triphibian off of him with little success. The pressure on his feelers grew more intense and pain surged down from his head and across his body until with a sharp crack of bone, Gore Magala’s feelers broke entirely. With a final rear of his head, Varan was flung off of a trembling Gore.

    Blinded and in immense pain, Gore Magala knew that if this continued he would be dead. Despite his bent wing, Gore Magala took off into the skies to try and get away from Varan. Holding his head aloft, Gore fired where he thought he heard the draco rise again from the canopy and was rewarded with the sound of Varan’s roar of pain. With this chance, Gore ignored the pain he was feeling and tore off into the skies to get as far away from Varan as possible. He would remember this, and if he could grow stronger…

    Varan landed back on the forest floor, rubbing his bleeding and pulsing red chest. He had won but the pain hadn’t subsided. His muscles bulged and he looked around, wild eyed and crazed for anything else to fight. In the distance, he could hear Aptonoth grazing in the distance. Anger surged through him, anger he had never felt before as the pain increased. With a crazed roar, Varan took off to the skies again to begin hunting his new prey.

    Elsewhere, a warning notice was given out across the various towns. Four hunters walked up the quest maiden, sliding over the necessary paperwork to hunt an Apex Varan that was running loose in the forest.

    Winner: Varan

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    A very special thanks to dopepope for some of the assets used in this banner for the K.W.C. Be sure to follow him on DeviantART, ArtStation, and Instagram.

    K.W.C. // September 20, 2022
  • In a move reminiscent of last year’s live action Godzilla vs. Hedorah short film, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of Hedorah’s debut, Toho has announced a new short film. This time the mini production will celebrate 50 years of the sickle clawed fan favorite: Gigan! Unlike last year’s anniversary release, this short will be a completely CGI created endeavor and is made without using traditional tokusatsu effects. In interesting twist this anniversary film will also serve as a sequel to a previous Godzilla fan film titled G vs. G. That short, with a minute version to be seen here, was made for and entered into a Godzilla fan film contest through Gemstone back in 2019. The short was directed by Kaminishi Takuya with the effects credited to Yamane Hikari.


    News // September 20, 2022
  • Recently I had a chance to visit Seibuen Amusement Park in Tokorozawa and check out Godzilla the Ride (ゴジラ・ザ・ライド), and I want to take some time to record my impressions here.

    As has been widely reported, Godzilla the Ride is a new attraction at the newly-reborn Seibuen Amusement Park in Tokorozawa, which is located in Saitama prefecture. The amusement park was closed down last year as a measure against covid, and also as an excuse to revamp the park with new attractions. Seibuen was reopened on May 19, 2021, and in addition to the Godzilla ride, the park now also boasts a 1960s style, nostalgia-fueled “Sunset Hill Shopping District” made of 30 shops created to appear as if they had popped out of yesteryear where you can buy old-fashioned snacks and enjoy performances from the theme park’s wacky cast. There are also new attractions featuring Osamu Tezuka characters, and some old classics like a Ferris wheel and a tower that rises to give attendees a view of Mt. Fuji. As a part of the renewal, too, the amusement park now uses “Seibuen yen”—if you want to buy food and knick-knacks, you need to exchange your real-world cash for fake money first, which is just as obnoxious as it sounds. (more…)

    General // September 16, 2022
  • Godzilla is set to make his long awaited return to the world of 3D fighting video games. Developer and publisher Passion Republic Games have announced an official collaboration between Godzilla and GigaBash, their debut release game. The developer has been quite open that the game has been inspired by tokusatsu films like Toho’s Godzilla series along with classic giant monster fighting video games such as Pipework’s Godzilla Trilogy and Incognito Entertainment’s War of the Monsters. (more…)

    News // September 15, 2022
  • Author: Landon Soto | Banner: Matthew Williams

    Tropical trees swayed in the cool, gentle breeze and the sound of waves crashing in the distance created a soothing ambience on Monster Island.

    Deep inland, a large azure theropod rested on the warm ground, basking in the warmth of the island sun. The ancient predator, given the name Gorosaurus by humans, was enjoying a time of peace; no giant monkeys, or golden hydras in sight to harass this predator.

    Hot breath escaped the nostrils of the mighty allosaur as he sighed contently. The living fossil was enjoying this time away from his fellow monsters, even a giant beast like himself needed alone time. However, his quiet was interrupted as the triangular headed carnivore felt an all too familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach, hunger. The mighty dino groaned as he carefully maneuvered his toned legs, and slowly pushed himself upward, using his powerful tail as leverage, time to eat.

    The blue-scaled allosaurus grunted as he began making his way to the nearby beach, leaving behind swimming pool sized footprints as he marched towards the water. Once there, Gorosaurus opened his jaws, letting out a hearty yawn before gently bending over and dipping his jaws into the lagoon, allowing plenty of fish to swim between his toothy half-open maw.

    Quickly the allosaurus brought his head up and clamped his jaws shut, leaving just enough room between his teeth to allow the salt water to drain from his mouth. Swallowing the large batch of fish, Gorosaurus purred in content as he began to move about, admiring the scenery. Although meals the humans brought him were enough to sustain him, there was nothing wrong with a snack here and there.

    The dinosaur was ready to head back to his relaxation spot, and began stomping across the sandy shore in the direction he had come. As Gorosaurus neared the jungle brush, the sound of bubbling water reached his ears. As the sound grew more and more violent, the allosaur turned to see what was causing this disturbance.

    Farther out in the ocean, a spot of water was bubbling violently. Faint flashes of blue flickered in and out of the white foamy water and a pair of grayish blue tentacles erupted from the waters, with a dolphin grasped in each one. Gorosaurus watched as the dolphins writhed and jerked as they tried to break free from the tentacle’s crushing grip.

    He watched as the feelers slunk back into the water. The water surface no longer bubbled but sprayed out as something began breaching the surface. Two triangular tips rose from the water, and a large bumpy tower of gray revealed itself, resembling that of a squid mantle. The shape clarified and two large round yellow and red eyes were staring back at the dinosaur.

    The large cuttlefish, larger than even a giant squid, had been feeding when it stumbled across this grounded allosaurus by luck, and it looked like a far tastier meal than the dolphins it had been hunting. The humans had dubbed this monster Gezora. They had fought a similar creature years ago and managed to kill it, or so they thought. The creature before Gorosaurus now had inherited a virus that escaped its dead host, and infected another unlucky cuttlefish, Gezora.

    Gorosaurus groaned, he wasn’t in the mood to fight and roared at the mutated cephalopod to back off. But Gezora stared blankly back at the roaring dinosaur, seemingly unperturbed. Although cephalopods were known for their surprisingly high intelligence, it seemed as though the virus had turned the aquatic creature into a simple minded beast. Confusing the roar as a challenge rather than a warning, Gezora raised its slimy extensions in defiance and let out a war cry as he began charging the irritated Gorosaurus.

    The mutant mollusk stretched out its tentacles attempting to grab Gorosaurus, but the primal dinosaur hopped back in time to avoid his grasp and snarled at the cuttlefish. The reptile furrowed his brow knowing he had to fight. Turning, he whipped at Gezora with his powerful tail, toppling the overgrown cuttlefish. The massive cephalopod squealed in anger as it fumbled to stand, and Gorosaurus groaned at his opponents incompetence and the saurian patiently waited for Gezora to stand upright. The mutated cuttlefish once again charged at the allosaur, prompting the giant lizard to in turn charge at the mutant with lowered cranium.

    The two collided with Gorosaurus ramming his head into Gezora, clearly overpowering the squishy cuttlefish as Gezora crashed into the salt water. Gorosaurus decided to put an end to this fight and he shot his head forward, toothy maw wide open, and sunk his razor sharp teeth into the Yog monster’s right frontmost tentacle, drawing fresh blue blood. Gezora screeched in agony as Gorosaurus shook his head like a wild beast, sinking his teeth deeper into the cephalopod’s skin. Suddenly, the left foremost tentacle wrapped itself around the allosaurus’ neck and the grip tightened slowly cutting off his airflow.

    Gorosaurus groaned as he felt the icy cold appendage choke him. The aged dinosaur released his bite and swung his tail upward, slamming it on the tentacle wrapped around his throat. The spikes along his tail dug into the icy limb and the mighty lizard using his tail like a knife, pulled it back leaving large gashes in the appendage. Blue blood flowed from the tentacle like a river and feeling the grip loosen, Gorosaurus jerked his head to the side. Feet firmly planted in the sand, Gorosaurus hoisted his head up and, dragging Gezora with him, raised his left foot and kicked the cephalopod in its large head, easily drawing blood as his claws scraped the mutant.

    Gezora clumsily rose up, retracting the limb wrapped around Gorosaurus’ neck. The cephalopod roared in rage as it shot forth its icy right tentacle and clamped the jaws of the allosaur shut. Gorosaurus scraped at the thick limb with his short claws, before feeling a freezing sensation in his ankles; Gezora had him ensnared. The mutant pulled back its tentacles with all the strength it could muster and the saurian was forcefully dragged to the warm sand beneath him, falling on his back and struggling to break free from the Yog monster’s snare.

    The bloodied cephalopod cackled with glee as it watched the carnivore squirm. Gorosaurus frantically searched his surroundings, trying to find a solution to his predicament but he could feel himself becoming sluggish as the cold seeped into his body. The dinosaur felt himself being pulled closer to the overgrown coleoid, and that was when an idea popped into his head.

    Gezora stared at the fallen Gorosaurus with its big round eyes, slowly pulling the saurian closer and closer, eager to have a taste of dinosaur. Gorosaurus carefully retracted his legs as he inched closer to the curling, crawling tentacles keeping the Yog monster upright. Gorosaurus could glimpse what looked like a beak in that mess of tentacles, but he wasn’t in a rush to confirm his sighting. The allosaur grunted as he felt now was a good time to enact his plan.

    The mighty lizard shot his legs forward, performing his signature ‘kangaroo kick,’ striking the three “legs” supporting the creature and causing them to immediately collapse on themselves. Gezora screeched as it dropped to the ground. The tentacle around his jaws slipped off, allowing the dinosaur to breathe again. Gorosaurus roared in fury as he rose up and launched his head forward clamping his jaws on the already injured right appendage. He began shaking his head and jerked it back, ripping a chunk of meat off the tentacle with the movement.

    Gezora screeched in agony as blue blood sprayed from the wound, staining the white sand and splattering on the azure allosaur. As Gezora flailed madly in the sand, Gorosaurus watched in amusement, the cephalopod had brought this on itself, if only it had heeded his warning.

    Gorosaurus tasted the meat, it was… exotic to say the least and the mighty dino was unsure of whether he wanted more of it or not. Either way, the allosaur planned on sending a message, and prepared to take a bite out of the mutated creature’s cranium. Gorosaurus carefully prepared his jaws, ready to land a devastating blow, but felt a pressure building on his tail, a familiar cold settling in.

    The fierce dinosaur looked back and was surprised to see another Gezora grasping his tail, the bewildered theropod hadn’t even considered this possibility as he was so focused on the first Gezora in front of him. The terrible lizard struggled to get his tail free as the second cephalopod had both its fore-tentacles gripping his tail. Suddenly Gorosaurus felt another pair of feelers wrap around his waist and mouth, the saurischian was grappled and surrounded. Suddenly, he was forced to the sand, and he struggled to break his freezing shackles.

    The new Gezora called to the first one and the two released Gorosaurus from their clutches. They began using every available tentacle to batter and beat the allosaur to submission. Gorosaurus roared in pain as he felt the cold radiate across his body, the Gezora duo relentless in their assault. Gorosaurus raised his tail and flung it into the back of the second Gezoras head. Luckily, the bladed tip struck purchase, impaling the cephalopod.

    The second Gezora screeched in pain as it felt Gorosaurus’ spike dig into its cranium, the dinosaur yanked his tail out and bit down hard on the first Gezoras “legs,” returning the damage they dealt to him moments before. The second Gezora felt blood flowing from its head, but didn’t allow that to deter its assault. Gorosaurus slowly rose up as he attempted to force the first Gezora back down. Releasing his bite on the first, Gorosaurus bellowed a warning roar to the second Gezora who was closing in, causing the coleoid to stop and contemplate its next move.

    Gorosaurus panted as he felt the sun warming his cold blood and scowled at the aquatic duo. He could feel his anger building. All he wanted was to relax, but these two were standing between him and this glorious tropical day. The allosaur turned to the second Gezora and charged head first, kicking up sand in his wake and the second Gezora, taken aback, was suddenly knocked to the ground. Gorosaurus placed his foot on the cephalopod and clasped his jaws on the creature’s head, shaking it head more violently than before.

    The first Gezora rose up and saw its comrade in trouble, prompting it to charge at the allosaur. Gorosaurus ripped a chunk of flesh off the creature’s mantle, causing the second Gezora to shriek in pain. Suddenly the allosaur was forcefully knocked over, and was sent rolling along the beach. He struggled to rise and, shaking the sand off, found he was face to face with the original Gezora and roared as he charged at the Yog monster.

    Gezora, learning from before, raised its tentacles up like a shield to block against Gorosaurus’ skull, but it wasn’t prepared for the dinosaur’s ultimate technique…

    Once close enough, Gorosaurus leapt up, balancing himself on his tail before kicking with all his might, sending the cephalopod crashing to the ground squealing with his ‘kangaroo kick’. Gorosaurus landed on his feet and watched as both his foes struggled to rise. The two slowly made their way around Gorosaurus, making sure to flank his front and rear.

    Gorosaurus growled with annoyance as he waited for his opponents to make their move, he didn’t have to wait long though as the duo charged at the allosaur, ready to crush him with their combined might. The two were closing in, but the primeval dinosaur wasn’t phased, and simply snarled as he crouched down readying himself. The two mutated cuttlefish were about to ensnare the carnivore in an icy tentacle prison, but Gorosaurus suddenly sprang backward, causing the two to collide into a mess of limbs.

    The two Gezora screeched as they tried to untangle themselves, angrily screeching at each other. The pair were oblivious to the allosaur marching towards them. Moments too late, the two Gezora took notice,but Gorosaurus had already assumed his crouched position and with a burst of power, leaped high into the air.

    The mutated cuttlefish embraced each other as they watched in horror as the marvelous atomic dinosaur came crashing down on them. Dirt flying everywhere as blue blood splattered across the sand, the cries of two very unfortunate beasts echoing down the beach.

    Minilla poked his head out of the dense jungle to see what the commotion was, but grimaced when he saw the beat down that was transpiring. Making the wise decision the Gezora failed to, he backtracked into the jungle and chose to go elsewhere. Soon the sound of combat died down, there was a calm once again.

    Gorosaurus carefully laid back down in his original resting spot. His mind at ease once more, soaking in the heat of the sun, the saurischian began drifting away into a well deserved rest.

    At the beach, two barely living Gezora struggled to crawl back to the water, their bodies stained with dried blue blood, and littered with bites, and gashes. The pair had learned a valuable lesson today, to leave Gorosaurus alone.

    Winner: Gorosaurus

    K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles

    K.W.C. // September 10, 2022
  • Most people go to amusement parks to escape from reality; they want to distract themselves from the doldrums of their lives. Last year I returned to Nijigen no Mori to attempt to face reality, and my own mortality. (more…)

    General // September 4, 2022
  • Way back in March of 2021, I had heard rumblings of a Godzilla attraction installed at the indoor amusement park Joypolis (ジョイポリス). I didn’t know really anything about Joypolis at the time, despite increasingly becoming a connoisseur of Japanese theme parks. I didn’t really know what the Godzilla attraction really was, other than it was an “XR” thing. I just knew I wanted to check it out, if possible, and March would be my last chance to go. It was a real last-minute decision, on March 4th, with a sense of urgency to make the most of every day, since I would be moving soon, and the future just seemed so uncertain. The attraction would be featured at the Tokyo location only from October 1st, 2020, until May 31st, 2021, and I wouldn’t be getting any more chances to go after my move.


    General // September 1, 2022
  • Author: Christian Salabert | Banner: Matthew Freese

    The predator was hungry. He wasn’t sure just how long his wings had been carrying him through the metaphorical cosmic winds – it was almost impossible to keep track of time when traversing the dark void – but he could tell it had been some time since his last meal, given how obnoxiously loud his stomach currently was. Pushing onward, the creature began to seek out a new source of sustenance. Flapping his wings with a new determination, the crimson beast began to hunt. Unfortunately, even his unparalleled ears weren’t picking up any signs of life, and his attempts at physically seeking out prey weren’t doing much better. (more…)

    K.W.C. // August 30, 2022
  • With the next Atami Kaiju Film Festival (熱海怪獣映画祭) around the corner (Saturday, October 22, and Sunday, October 23), and currently a new kaiju design contest associated with the festival continuing until the end of the month, now seems a decent time to look back on my experiences at the Fourth Annual Atami Kaiju Film Festival from last year. I have now attended the festival three times, and I had some of my best (and worst) memories yet in my third outing. For those who are unfamiliar with the festival, you may want to check out my previous articles on the second and third festivals. Basically, the Atami Kaiju Film Festival is a small festival centered on kaiju films specifically that is put on in the seaside resort city of Atami each year, usually in November, usually over about three days. It was originally conceived by Heisei Gamera scribe Kazunori Ito, who has been a fixture of the festival up to this point (though it sounds like he is going to be shifting away a bit as his job is changing locations). (more…)

    General // August 27, 2022