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  • Part of the third series of Godzilla hot sauces from Jade City Foods comes this entry themed around Megalon. This one is billed as a hot sauce for those enthusiasts looking for something very hot, going as far as to describe the heat level as being “painful”. Is it being sensationalist, or does it merit that warning? Also… a peach hot sauce makes one wonder, will this be overly sweet?

    To my surprise I found this to be the most enjoyable of the hot sauces, for my particular heat tolerance, but read on to learn why. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // September 25, 2023
  • What an age we live in that a hot sauce dedicated solely to Gabara from All Monsters Attack (1969) doesn’t feel that strange. Released as part of Jade City Foods third line of Godzilla hot sauces comes this one based around the antagonist of the 1969 movie. While “deity” might be a bit of a stretch for the warty demon, one can appreciate the company’s continued ingenuity with the concepts matched to the characters. For example, what better vector to represent Gabara’s electrical powers than something with a “jolt” of caffeine from coffee?

    Ingenuity aside, how does this hot sauce fair in terms of heat and taste? Well, without giving away too much, the company has certainly produced more appealing hot sauces around Godzilla. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // June 21, 2023
  • Over the years, I have written many, many reviews of Godzilla snacks and goodies available in Japan, to the point I got really tired of writing them. Yet, because I was always looking for something unique and silly to write about, and figuring (with that adage I adopted) “no one will write about these if I don’t,” I kept buying more cookies, more snacks, drinks, curries, hot sauces, candies, and more—always thinking I would write more reviews of all of them. However, over the years, I probably skipped writing complete reviews of just as many Godzilla-related snacks as I bothered to write full articles on. There were just SO MANY of these snacks, and I even wasted a number of boxes of Godzilla goodies without eating them because I didn’t have the energy to write a review at the time, and they expired! How ridiculous is that? Just as bad, I have these empty boxes and junk sitting around my apartment, waiting for me to write up something, ANYTHING, about them, and I don’t want to throw them away until I grace the products with some kind of article. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // June 1, 2023
  • Another entry from “series 1” of the Godzilla sauces comes the Mothra Queen of the Monsters hot sauce by Jade City Foods. This is the first of the “medium” heat level hot sauces I’ve tried from the brand. I know that heat is subjective, and giving something a heat level on a scale is very hard, but I was going into this expecting something pretty tame since I have tried a sauce just above this and wasn’t particularly impressed. So how hot is Mothra’s hot sauce? Well it surprised me to be honest, but more important for this one is the taste which is nothing short of excellent. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // May 6, 2023
  • This was among the first of the Godzilla hot sauces that Jade City Foods released, part of what is now dubbed “series 1”. The Little Godzilla Kawaii Kaiju hot sauce is billed as one of the brand’s tamer, literally called “mild”, hot sauces in terms of heat. So how hot is it and what’s the flavor like? We’ll explore this jalapeno serrano with roasted garlic hot sauce, which will be the third of their hot sauces I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // March 27, 2023
  • Released as part of Jade City Foods’ series 2 wave of Godzilla hot sauces comes the Gigan Cybernetic Slasher. This hot sauce comes in two variants, a “standard” edition and a limited edition that was done for Gigan’s 50th anniversary. This will be my second of the hot sauces that I’ll have tried, with the first being the Biollante Mutated Rose Hot Sauce.

    Anyway, let’s dive in and review Gigan’s hot sauce, also referred to as a yellow ghost pepper serrano hot sauce. (more…)

    Kaiju Kuisine // January 14, 2023
  • This year, a small bake shop named Honey and Butter Macarons in Irvine, California celebrated Godzilla Day (starting October 29th and ending on November 5th) with Godzilla franchise themed macarons, each of them hand made in the bakery with multiple designs and flavors. In addition, t-shirts, pins, stickers, and a tote bag were on hand for purchase, and even the Godzilla statue from last year’s Godzilla 67th birthday party in LA was there in the store. I gotta say, it was one cool event. The macarons were not only delicious but expertly created. Below are my photos and quick notes (some were hard to pin down flavor wise and while it may not match up with the flavor key, I did my best to write down what each tasted like to me), and from each of the macarons that I tried. In addition, site contributor Arlo Hansen offers his experience.


    Kaiju Kuisine // November 27, 2022
  • An interesting and very tasty treat sent over for review by FYE is the Godzilla chocolate mochi.


    Kaiju Kuisine // November 13, 2022
  • While there are many spicy options out there with Godzilla’s name on it, one that stands out is the Godzilla Ghost Pepper Ramen, which was sent over by FYE.com for me to check out. Below are instructions on how I cooked the noodles.


    Kaiju Kuisine // November 12, 2022
  • Most people go to amusement parks to escape from reality; they want to distract themselves from the doldrums of their lives. Last year I returned to Nijigen no Mori to attempt to face reality, and my own mortality. (more…)

    General // September 4, 2022