Authors: Vincent Rodger & Andrew Sudomerski | Banner: Andrew Sudomerski

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Shared Pain
Chapter 2: How Do You Deal With Monsters?
Chapter 3: Buried Trauma
Chapter 4: How Do You Deal With Change?
Chapter 5: Depths of Trauma
Chapter 6: Colliding Colossus
Chapter 7: Terrible Travesty
Chapter 8: Sons of The Bomb
Chapter 9: Wounded Hearts
Chapter 10: Hope

[Continued from Match 331]

Chapter 1: Shared Pain

-Tsukamoto Laboratory, Mount Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture-

“Nine years ago…” A man said out loud as he sat on the chair within an office, the only sound being heard besides his own breathing being the ticking of the grandfather clock within the room and the movement of a pencil. He sat twiddling his thumbs as he stared at the ground, the man across from him waiting for him to continue speaking on the events that brought him here. The man began to shake as the memories began to creep back into his mind, having to focus on the event that changed his life for the worst, taking in deep breaths to attempt to calm himself.

“Take your time Shigeru,” The man across from him spoke with a calming voice, the bald older man waiting for his patient to start his story. “There is no need to force yourself, take the time you need to speak on the event.”

Shigeru nodded as he looked at the ground, the flashbacks returning at full force. The countless nightmares of the horror of the mines of Mount Aso, the vision of his deceased coworkers surrounding himself, and the doctor around the room began to make sweat run down his brow. The chirping of the Meganulon echoed like in the tunnels of the mines throughout his mind, always being present since the day he had found himself trapped in the epicenter of the whole event, breaking into his very home and then leading a charge against the killer insects… nothing would bring more fear than what laid within this mountain.

“Nine years ago… I had helped the authorities deal with an infestation in my village, prehistoric animals called Meganulon had slaughtered coworkers and friends alike. Eventually they even found themselves in my very home, my fiancé at the time and I being put into mortal danger as the beast forced its way into the room.”

The doctor continued to write down notes as he spoke, the therapist carefully listening to his patient as he noticed the shaking begin to grow more uncontrollable, Shigeru’s eyes widening as he remembered the horror. “We had gone into the mines, managing to kill one with a mine cart and intense rounds, but in the ensuing chaos, I had found myself trapped within the mine alone.” Shigeru gripped his pants a bit as he gritted his teeth while struggling to speak, the words escaping him as he continued to stare at the floor.

The doctor placed his board and pen on the table that sat in between them, not keeping his eye off of his patient as he continued his story. He listened to every word the man spoke, not wanting to convey a sense of being studied like some test subject. “But I was soon to discover, that was the least of my concerns,” Shigeru stated with a strong gulp and quiver. “Deep within the mountain was unlike anything I had ever seen. I had heard of the stories of each of Godzilla’s rampages, but to think that was merely the beginning…”

The therapist took in a deep breath as he went to speak, taking his glasses off for a moment as he stared at the ground and spoke with a more sympathetic tone. “I was in Hiroshima when Godzilla made landfall last year,” Shigeru slightly looked up, staring at his doctor as he continued to speak. A part of him had felt upset that he was being interrupted during a difficult process of opening up about the incident that changed his life, but he kept quiet and let him continue to speak. A sudden emotional outburst could have caused the loss of the little bit of normalcy he had left or make him feel like a fool as the doctor spoke. “It was unlike anything I had ever seen… the flames burned everything around us, military rounds from their tanks echoed through my ears as I ran for my life, just pushing forward while I paid no attention to the hell around me.”

The doctor placed his glasses back on his face and turned towards his patient, letting a small smile form as he wanted to let the man across from him feel somewhat comfortable, the best he could do in a conversation as cutting and deep as this. “While you had come here from seeing the pamphlets that claim that ‘you are not alone,’ rest assured Shigeru, you truly are not alone in the disasters these beasts have brought to our home.”

Shigeru nodded as he took one last deep breath in and continued his story. “Below the mountain, deep within its core, laid a gigantic egg… when it hatched it had simply begun devouring the insects that had invaded my home village and SLAUGHTERED my friends,” Shigeru didn’t realize that he had slightly raised his voice as he spoke, emotions rising as the trauma began to come at full force like a truck slamming into him while walking on a sidewalk. “They were nothing to it. Just food for the infant to feed on… then soon the horror escaped and along with it, I made my way to freedom after weeks of climbing through rock covered in blood, sweat, and earth…”

The doctor raised his head slightly as he had finally realized what kaiju that Shigeru spoke of, the pteradon’s attack on Sasebo was recorded in mass after the event, as the entire area was reduced to rubble by hurricane winds. “Rodan.”

“Yes. Those demons of the sky haunting my sleep for almost a decade as I hear their roars alongside the chirping of those insects, the screams of my coworkers as they were ripped apart in mass…”

A timer in the middle of the table went off, signaling for the both of them that their hour had run its course, the therapist looking at the timer and reaching for it as Shigeru went to stand. “Wait,” He said with an open hand, motioning for Shigeru to return to his seat. “Please finish your thought before you leave.”

He did not sit back down, only instead reaching for his coat and wrapping it up as he continued. “In the passing years, these attacks have only grown in number and frequency. Tokyo, Osaka, villages across our home and even other countries like Rolisica, all meeting the fate of baptism of atomic might as the ancients come to reclaim their kingdom that they had simply loaned to us. Will this endless bloodshed ever stop? Will we ever be safe from kaiju? Will people continue to suffer as I have suffered?…”

The doctor stood back up, walking over to the door alongside Shigeru as he began to depart. “I truly do not know, my friend, it seems that the age of monsters has only just begun, but with it also has come a battle of good and evil. While Godzilla comes to burn down cities, there are those like Mothra and Frankenstein that come to save us from our own mistakes. And with that, and our own spirit, we have hope to overcome any unfortunate odds thrown at us during this troubling time.”

Shigeru nodded as he wrapped his hand around the door handle, tightening his grip as he twisted it and opened the door to the lobby before quickly bowing to say goodbye. “Thank you, Doctor Tsukamoto. I will see you next week.” The man left the entranceway to the therapy room as another man walked past him, entering the room before the therapist closed it behind him. The ex-miner walked towards a woman getting up from her chair, wrapping her purse around her shoulder as she formed a smile on her face, the warm embrace of his wife’s compassion washing over him.

“Are you okay, Shigeru?”

“Yeah,” He said not so confidently. “Doctor Tsukamoto so far has been helping talk about it, at the very least I have that in mind.”

Kiyo smiled as she wrapped her hand around his own, starting to walk with him when Shigeru suddenly came to a halt, alerting her to cease movement and turn back.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah… Sorry, just something caught my eye on the television.” Kiyo took her gaze and turned towards the television set that was pinned into the upper corner wall, the picture across its form being that of an older man walking into a building. The flashing lights of news photographers brightened the broadcast, making it a tad hard to watch and read the tagline but she managed nonetheless.

“Dr. Yamane’s controversial book signing has been met with a massive uproar of college students attending school and parents alike, the scientist opting to see these creatures be studied instead of killed. Many feel as if he has been a traitor to the nation and his people, as many of their lives have been affected by rapid kaiju attacks within the decades.”

Kiyo looked away from the television, looking at her husband with eyes filled with worry. “You want to go see him, don’t you?”

“They took almost everything from me,” Shigeru stated without hesitation, his response in an instant, making Kiyo slightly raise her brow. “Every night my dreams are haunted by what I beheld down there, they slaughtered my friends as if they were cattle. How can anyone see these abominations of the atomic age as anything but monsters?… If I knew how he felt, maybe just maybe…” He turned his sight towards the woman he loved, placing his hand on her cheek with a look of regret.

“Maybe my war will finally be over.”

Her eyes widened for a moment before placing her hand on Shigeru’s and pulling back, walking towards the exit door. Her hand wrapped around the door handle and opened it before placing her foot in front of the other, exiting the office building. “If we hurry, then traffic won’t be so bad, if we are lucky we will be able to find a way there without too bad of a crowd. From the looks of it, we would be lucky to have people throwing bricks within the half hour.”

Kiyo stated with a smile on her face, her tone and actions showing that she truly wanted to help her significant other. Shigeru responded with a slight grin as he walked through the door.

A young man hoping that he could finally be over his demons, seeking an answer, any answer, finally took the steps. The first one is always the hardest…


-Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture-

For Shoichi Tsukioka, the day ended like any other. Spotting the waters of Wakayama Bay for fish and informing vessels of their gatherings, it was the living Shoichi kept pursuing even after the disaster nearly a decade ago. The sputters of the biplane died down as it rested on the dock, jumping onto the port for today’s leave. Assuring words patted him on the back, telling him “Good job!” and “Great work!”–all that he’d heard already. But he nonetheless returned the gesture kindly.

Getting into his light blue Prince Gloria S40 sedan, Shoichi made the silent trip home. Life was peaceful in Kobe. He and his girlfriend-now-wife made the return from Hokkaido when the city-wide reconstruction began. Like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Tokyo before it, from the ashes came a city of prosperity. Osaka thrived from the efforts, though radioactive contamination and the corpse of Anguirus made the rebuilding of the city’s famous landmark an impossibility.

The thought nicked at the back of his mind; that from his home in Kobe to the former site was a mere half-hour drive. If it was a clear sky, he’d catch a glimpse of the ruins through his peripheral vision from the plane. Those memories were too painful to revisit. But sometimes the nightmare never truly ends. It only stops, if only for a moment.

The sight sometimes forced his mind to regress, re-experiencing the pain, the trauma–and the loss of Kobayashi, his best friend.

He pulled up to the parkway of his house, easing the vehicle to a steady stop before turning it off. Stepping out of the sedan, Shoichi strolled to the door and opened it, greeted by the graceful scent of sizzling salmon. Teriyaki style. His dour mood lifted from the delicious smell. Though his mind was distracted by the thought of dinner, ingrained routine ensured he didn’t step any further into the house with his work shoes on.

“I’m home!” Shoichi said, his olfactory senses preoccupied with the blissful smell of teriyaki salmon.

“Welcome home, dear!” Hidemi responded, wearing a bright and beautiful smile on her face.

“My, food smells wonderful! What’s the occasion?” Shoichi asked, hanging up his formal-wear for the day. “Father coming over today?”

“Nah, just dinner of course!” she giggled with a teasing demeanor. “Now come on, you got home just in time.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” With the main course served and its sides prepared in the form of fluffy jasmine rice, steamed roasted vegetables, and hot savory dumplings, the two of them gathered at the kotatsu, more than eager to eat. They both brought their hands together, clasped and formal. “Itadakimasu!” Breaking apart the new pair of disposable chopsticks, they began to intake the freshly made feast.

Each bite was savored, each morsel ingested, and slowly but surely the buffet of goodies gradually disappeared from the table. But it was during this time that the silence was broken.

“How was work today?” Hidemi asked rather casually.

“Mm!” Shoichi took a pause to chew and swallow his food, waiting for it to roll down the esophagus before speaking. “About the same. Everything went well. What about you?”

“Nothing much. Just the same. But,” she paused, catching Shoichi’s eyes. “Father received an invitation from Dr. Yamane. He wants all of us to go to Tokyo.”

“Really?” Shoichi responded, baffled. “What does a man of his prestige want with us?”

Hidemi shook her head. “I don’t know. But Father is too busy with the company to go, but he still wants us to go–only if you want to.”

Shoichi sent himself into deep thought, examining the intentions of the world-renowned paleontologist. Kyohei Yamane was a name known for completely changing the landscape of the scientific committee with the dawn of kaiju. ‘But what does he want from us?’ he contemplated. But the answer, much to Shoichi’s dismay, came to him quicker than he would have liked. His face scrunched at the thought.

Hidemi was quick to notice the distraught, expressing concern for her husband. “What’s wrong?” she gently asked.

“Godzilla.” Shoichi said bluntly. “Of course, it should’ve been obvious.”

“What do you mean?” Hidemi inquired, trying to piece together the logic behind the conclusion.

“It’s all he’s ever really talked about publicly. Like it’s all that matters to him,” Shoichi uttered in disdain. “I don’t know, Hidemi…”

“Hon, we don’t have to go if you don’t feel comfortable with it,” she interjected assuredly, “I’ll just let Father know–” she cut herself short when she saw her beloved tearing up.

“Hidemi,” Shoichi muttered, choking up, “Did… Did Kobayashi die for nothing?” Those words pierced her heart, her face twisting into a mess of emotional torment.

“What are you talking about?” Hidemi withheld her tears, trying to remain strong, “His death was not in vain. You helped in defeating Godzilla all those years ago.”

“And he’s since returned. No matter what’s done, no matter how many times he’s been repelled, Godzilla keeps coming back.” Shoichi took a deep breath, trying to keep his composure. “What are we supposed to do?”

“Shoichi, honey,” Hidemi cooed, attempting to quell the tension, “you can’t throw your life away just to pursue an old vendetta. Kobayashi wouldn’t want that!”

“I know!” he barked back, “He would want us together, happy and living…”

“Are… are you not happy?” Hidemi hesitantly asked, feeling an inkling of guilt. Hearing her in distress, Shoichi pressed his lips remorsefully.

“You’re the love of my life. I’m happy that you’re here. But as long as Godzilla continues to inflict terror upon mankind, I feel like there can’t be peace.” A piercing silence swelled in the air, leaving a lingering anxiety to hang over them. “I’m sorry… That is incredibly selfish of me to say.”

Hidemi got up from her side of the kotatsu, moving over closer to her husband. Lowering to her knees, she gently wrapped her fingers around his hand, leaning her head onto his shoulder. “It’s hard to let those feelings go. But I miss Kobayashi too. I wish he was there for our wedding.”

Reciprocating those feelings, Shoichi pressed his head against hers. “Yeah…” They remained in a warm embrace without a word. Their bodies decompressing from the building unease that had filled them. It had felt like an eternity until Shoichi broke the silence. “I’m sorry again,” he whispered, this time with an uplifting tone, “the food’s going to get cold at this rate.”

Her face curled into a smile. “Sure thing,” she said, getting back up and returning to her seat in the kotatsu. “TV?” she simply asked. He nodded. With a click of the remote, the television buzzed to life with colorful images and electronic noise, permeating the empty space with sound. The channel was on the Japan News station, where they pretty much kept it at all times. They continued to eat in peace as reports came in about the strange heat waves that were coming over Japan, or the sudden upsurge of viral encephalitis in the past week.

It wasn’t until the newscasters began to speak about last year’s incident did their attention become glued to the screen. Their focus covered Godzilla’s latest appearance, thwarted by the sudden emergence of a humanoid creature known as Frankenstein. The subsequent interviews featured Doctors Bowen and Togami, the former caretakers of the giant. A memorial had been held in honor of Frankenstein, with a mass of bouquets covering the gravestone that represented the deceased mutant.

Something that reminded Shoichi of the admiration Kobayashi received after his untimely demise. A hero. But as that settled in his mind, the image cut to that of Dr. Yamane from a recording that had transpired after the battle between the man and the monster.

“The passing of Frankenstein is an unfortunate one. It is my belief that the scientific studies done by Bowen and Togami will yield plentiful fruit that will benefit the world.” He paused, collecting his thoughts. “But as long as Godzilla remains alive, we must continue to pursue and study it. There are still many unknowns about Godzilla that have yet to be discovered. And we cannot rest until we know.”

“Hidemi,” Shoichi said, catching her attention suddenly, “let’s take Yamane up on the offer.”

She gazed at him, confused at the seeming turnaround. She didn’t rebuttal the notion, but she needed to be sure. “You sure?”

Shoichi nodded confidently. “Yeah. If Yamane is willing to listen to what we have to say, then I’ll say it.” Hidemi nodded and said no more. If it was his wish, she’d follow it. But an inclination had her worried; she only hoped things would go smoothly.


Chapter 2: How Do You Deal With Monsters?

-University of Tokyo, Bunkyo City, Tokyo Prefecture-

Something nagged at Shigeru as his car came to a steady stop. Across the road was the very place he knew the professor to be through word of mouth. A public signing was occurring here, which became all the more evident with the packed line, news crew, security guards, and protestors outside the gates.

“Geez, look at that,” Shigeru muttered, vexing his frustration at the sheer length of the crowd. It’d be hours at best just to meet Yamane himself at this rate. Not to mention how controversial of a presence Yamane was if the protestors were any indication. Their chantings and demands sought to remove him from the premises, with the only barricade holding them back the police force garbed in leather armor and thick plastic shields. All the while the rest were herded in, standing in the beating heat of the sunlit afternoon.

“Shigeru, I’m not sure how to feel about this…” Kiyo spoke up, irritated, “I’m not sure I can handle that line.”

“Kiyo, you don’t have to wait with me,” Shigeru sternly suggested, “This is Tokyo. I’m sure there are souvenirs or dresses you can bring home when we return to Aso. Here.” He reached for his wallet and pulled out several dozen paper bills, placing them in her hands. “Treat yourself. It’s not everyday that we’re this far north of Japan. Just be back in a couple of hours, okay?”

Kiyo’s reservations turned to surprise in a heartbeat. “Ahh, thank you!” Just before they stepped out of the vehicle to part ways, Kiyo veered back to Shigeru for one final inquiry. “Oh! Still a size M?”

“Oh, yeah,” he confirmed awkwardly, “See you later.” As they properly stepped out of their car, they waved to each other as Shigeru headed for the university, joining the long line. All for a question he sought resolution for. For that nagging sensation to finally come to an end. And to do so was to join the line, engulfed into many others who also wanted to see him.

Each step felt like minimal progress, with almost nothing to show for it. Had it not been for the collection of people gathering behind him, or for the sun curving over the midday threshold, Shigeru would’ve assumed that they had hardly moved at all. A dull waiting forced his mind to think, to hear, to observe. The loud chantings of the protestors continued in the time spent in line.

“He loves monsters more than men!” they proclaimed. “He puts lives at risk by keeping them alive!” they shouted. “Men like Mafune were driven out of the world of science for their passion for monsters! He is no different!” they scoffed.

Shigeru kept his thoughts to himself. But he wondered how much truth there was to those words.

His mind was spent in a daze, occasionally peering above the crowd behind him to see if his beloved had returned. She did not. But the further in he got, the harder it became to check. Soon enough, he was near the steps; then the cramped halls and corridors that led into the VIP room in the general library. By then, Shigeru had long since lost track of the car. But after countless hours of standing in torturous heat and stuffy hallways, he at last made the first step into the library.

Cameramen and photographers brightened up the otherwise neutrally lit atheneum, flashing their lights and recording each moment on film. One by one, person by person, Shigeru saw as Yamane signed away, thanking them for coming by. Chit-chat was kept to a minimum as the next person stepped up for their signature. The attendants near Yamane ensured that.

Doubt swelled in the forethoughts of Shigeru. But he didn’t come all this way just to be pushed out of line.

Step by step, the nagging sensation intensified. This was the moment. But before he could speak, he was instead greeted.

“Hello!” came the warm greeting of Kyohei Yamane, “Did you want a signature or anything to sign?”

“No thank you. For that matter, I was hoping you could answer a questi–” before Shigeru could finish, the attendant bluntly interrupted him. “The professor is busy. If you don’t wish for a signature, we will escort you out.”

“Wait,” Yamane chimed in. The elder scientist pondered his next choice of words, almost carefully. “Please, say what’s on your mind. But don’t be too long.”

Shigeru pondered and stirred, crafting the exact nature of the question he had in mind. But the wording wasn’t coming to him. Panic began to settle in, unsure if the meaning to his words would be lost. If he didn’t get this out there, then all of this would’ve been for nothing. Just a waste of time…

“How do you…” Shigeru choked on his words, trying to sputter them out, “…Deal with monsters?” A wavering breath overtook Shigeru as he spoke those words. It was then that the professor’s disposition shifted into a more dour state, more reminiscent when speaking to the public.

“That’s a lot to ask right now, I’m sorry.” The attendants near Yamane began to move, prepared to issue Shigeru out of the line. “Hold on,” the professor intervened, stopping the attendants in their place. “I want to tell you a factoid about this place.”

Shigeru was taken aback, unsure what he had to say or how it related to his inquiry. But he nodded in understanding. “Go ahead.”

“In this very room, the dean of the Faculty of Law, a man by the name of Shigeru Nanbara, came to this room with six other professors to lobby the Japanese government to end the War. Something to think on.” A permeating silence gestated in its place, an uncomfortable feeling for the both of them.

Shigeru remained stunned, but he could only respond in kind. “Thank you.” Instead of being ushered off, Shigeru took his own strides as he left the vicinity. The signing continued through the day, but for Shigeru, there was more ahead of him. A time for his troubled soul to vex its frustrations about his experiences from so long ago–and how it continues to haunt Japan to this very day.

Finding an exit path to the outside of the university, Shigeru walked around the structure until he found another of the school’s gates, then proceeded to wrap around the street corners until he returned to the car–there, he found Kiyo waiting for him.

“I was wondering if you were still in there or not. Look, I got new clothes!” she said with an enthusiastic energy, a far cry from the more shy and reserved woman she used to be. But when she passed the freshly packaged suit to him, she saw on his face a flat, resigned sense of disappointment. “How did it go?”

“Mm, nothing,” he said plainly.

“Well, it’s not my right to pry, so I won’t ask any further. But!” she jolted, trying to inject some positive aura, “I was told about a nice antique shop a couple blocks over,” she pulled out a map and pointed to the location where it was.

He smiled. “Sure thing. We can go there.” Revving the engine to life, they left the parking space and ventured over to there. A distraction was maybe what he needed right now. But even as they explored the small shop for its novelty items and knick-knacks, the question lingered in the back of his mind:

How do you deal with monsters?


Chapter 3: Buried Trauma

-Mount Aso-

Night had fallen. The visitor’s center had long closed for the night. All the while, the cauldron of sulfuric mist rose from the depths, crawling through the blackened skies and blotting out the stars. The scars of tragedy had long since been paved over, with no indication of the final retaliation that had taken here a decade ago.

To the native night owls that stood up to this time, it was a beautiful sight in spite of its history. But that was soon to change.

A deep rumbling and disheveled earth ran through the mountainside, reverberating in tremors unlike any earthquake experienced in this part of Kyushu. Vibrations found their way into the core of the living volcano, which in itself began to trigger a chain reaction. One that spurred the awakening of a slumbering beast, awaiting the day of retribution.

The lava pool stirred to life, with fumes leaking and geysering from the peak of Mount Aso. The quaking intensified tenfold, pushing the molten rock around. From the walls that lined the interior, a hollow portion began to give way–exposing the host that resided within. Upon feeling the intense warmth of the burning heat and the sulfuric mist, the creature at last began to awaken.

To the horrors of those that witnessed it, the peak of Mount Aso exploded into a shower of molten rock and rising smoke. A horrific lightshow like no other danced across the night sky, with a delayed siren blare echoing through the city of Aso. The rumbling and subsequent eruption had been so quick and sudden, there was no anticipating it.

But not a soul was ready for the nightmare that was soon to arise.

With a shower of sparks jettisoning from the crater, a massive form emerged from the hellish smoke and fire. An enormous beast carried by slim legs and sharp talons. A broad, spiked chest and large, powerful wings spread out as the giant at last made itself known. Surveying the area with black eyes, the booming roar of Mount Aso began to fade… only for a resounding shriek to echo through the blackening heavens, striking fear in the hearts and ears of those who heard its cry.

A new Rodan emerged from the ruins of a once war-torn Mount Aso, a phoenix reborn in the fires of death. A creature feared and revered as a warrior of the skies.

With a gusty snort, Rodan scanned the land and saw the source of it all. The trail it left behind made it apparent that its passing through Aso was nothing more than an apparent coincidence. It continued unabated, as if ignoring Rodan’s very presence.

Such a sight… It angered the gargantuan pterosaur beyond reason. It invaded his territory, and Rodan ensured it would pay for that. Flapping his massive wings, a gale of hurricane winds dispersed the rubble and clouds around him. Carrying his tremendous weight, Rodan lifted himself off the ground before taking flight, rapidly accelerating at supersonic speeds. Even though there was distance between the ancient dinosaur and the city near the base of the mountain, the mere aftershocks of his sonic booms were felt by the evacuating citizens.

Pursuing his target, Rodan vanished over the horizon.


Chapter 4: How Do You Deal With Change?

-Shibuya City, Tokyo Prefecture-

“Of all days, of course it had to be this one.” They were words Shoichi mumbled under his breath. Although he and Hidemi were kept in the confines of their vehicle, the industrial city of Tokyo begged to differ. With the economic miracle after the occupation of the United States, the industrial boom flourished on Japanese soil, resulting in exponential growth that was unprecedented for the country. In lieu of this growth, however, came its setbacks. The city of Tokyo ran rampant with pollution, contaminating the nearby rivers and filling the air with a heavy, toxic draft.

And of all evenings, it had to settle in.

“Got your mask?” Hidemi asked, an almost astute reminder of his necessities. Shoichi was quick to find and strap it around his face, covering his mouth and nostrils. With a confident nod and an even more assured “Yes,” they opened their doors and entered the twilight-lit, smog-filled street. The density of the fog obscured visibility to no more than five meters ahead, but the blaring neon signs of various restaurants made them stand out from the disgustingly brown fog. Across the street was the very place Yamane had booked reservations for–Hakushu, a teppanyaki-styled steakhouse that was the talk of the budding Shibuya.

The bell’s chime accompanied them through the door, stripping their faces of their masks and neatly storing them out of sight. The scent of wagyu beef permeated through Hakushu in stark contrast to the outside air. Just before they could take another step inward, the steward approached them.

“Excuse me, are you the Tsukiokas?” the steward politely inquired.

“Yes, we are,” Shoichi replied nonchalantly.

“Very good, we have your seats reserved. Please, over here.” Without a hitch, the couple were gestured to the row of empty seats in front of the iron griddle, with the chef preoccupied with cooking and serving other orders.

“Oh my, this is wonderful!” Hidemi remarked enthusiastically. “But I wonder where Dr. Yamane is?” Shoichi shrugged at the question, unsure himself of the professor’s whereabouts. Clearly, there was an extra empty seat next to them, yet the good doctor seemed to be running late.

“Let’s get settled while we wait for Yamane,” Shoichi suggested. Taking their seats, the couple were quick and eager to place their order, narrowing it down to okonomiyaki as their meal of choice. Minutes passed, talking sweet nothings while they waited for their food. Then, almost as if on cue, the bell’s chime directed Shoichi to the door–there finding at last the doctor himself.

With slow and steady steps, Dr. Yamane made way to the last reserved seat. “My apologies for the lateness, I was caught up in my work.” Yamane bowed respectfully. “I deeply apologize.”

“It’s all right,” Shoichi responded, returning the gesture in kind, “You’re a… busy man.”

“Indeed.” The elder scientist pondered his next choice of words, almost carefully. “Oh! Was your father unable to come?”

“I’m afraid so, professor,” Hidemi interjected, “he’s busy with management.”

“That’s unfortunate, but I’m glad you were both able to make time. I deeply appreciate it.” A stagnant pause gestated in the air, the elder deep in thought. “I suppose we can get started right away.” With a deep exhale from the nostrils, Yamane pulled out a small notepad and began to speak. “I am conducting an investigation on the mysteries behind the monsters that inhabit our world, and here to document the events that transpired in Osaka nearly ten years ago. Tell me, what do you remember?”

Fumes filled Shoichi’s mind, yet at the same time it was to be expected. The most he could do was to simply respond in kind. A mouthful sigh overtook the pilot before he could conjure his words. He recounted the nightmare that began on Iwato Island, the discovery of the second Godzilla and the emergence of a new monster. How they sank into the ocean, how the Self-Defense Forces were unsuccessful in luring the monster away, how the city of Osaka burned… All the way up to the second creature’s death, to the death of his best friend, and how they had temporarily triumphed over the ‘king of beasts.’

“…But I’m sure you already knew all that, didn’t you?” Shoichi concluded, almost certain this was the story Yamane already knew.

“It lines up with what’s been made public, yes. But very few people get to see the action up close and personal. You were reported to have been there for all of Godzilla’s whereabouts during that time… I need to know. Resources and film reels recounting the event are scarce. How did it behave? How did it move?”

The overly analytical nature of the questions raised Shoichi’s ire, but he retained his composure for courtesy’s sake. “I don’t know what to tell you, professor. In all the instances where I saw Godzilla… All I saw was a malicious demon, hellbent on taking humanity with it. What else is there to say?”

“In truth, more than you would think,” the professor bluntly stated. After writing down in his notepad, he pulled out some polaroids and passed them to Shoichi. “Take a look at these. Notice anything?”

Shoichi scanned the photos closely. The first was of Godzilla, the one he recalled most vividly in his nightmares. But the other two were also of Godzilla, but with radically different face shapes and body structure. “What about it?”

“I hypothesize that Godzilla is able to continue adapting to its needs,” Yamane started, “a specialization for combat prowess, regenerating and reconstituting itself after every battle. Look,” he said, pulling out additional photographs. One was a set of footprints from the aftermath of Osaka’s destruction; the other, a more recent picture in the middle of Hiroshima after his clash with Frankenstein. “Both of these originated from the same creature, but the foot structure entirely changed. The more it fights, the better equipped Godzilla becomes at fighting. An act of self-preservation induced by its rampant mutation… It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“Professor…” A deep sigh fermented Shoichi’s frustration, the pilot left irritated at the query, “What matters more to you? Godzilla, or humanity?”

The professor was taken aback by such a question, leaving a sense of dread lingering in the air. “To understand Godzilla will save humankind. I apologize if I came off as curt and inconsiderate, but someone has to look into it,” Yamane adamantly proclaimed, “And to do that, I must uncover everything I can to ensure the survival of humanity’s future.”

Shoichi stumbled in his thoughts, trying to conjure a retort. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know if that’s supposed to be the full picture or not.”

“What do you mean?” The professor inquired.

“You say it’s for humanity’s survival, but I fail to see how keeping Godzilla alive is any kind of benefit. So long as Godzilla continues to set foot on Japanese soil, lives will be lost, regardless of your excuses or justifications.”

Yamane pondered on the words of the frustrated pilot, only to push his seat back and rise to his feet. “I’m sorry, Tsukioka-san,” Yamane replied with a glum face, “I must be going now. Thank you for your time.” Shoichi didn’t pay the professor any heed. Hidemi reached over and silently rubbed her husband’s shoulders, trying to comfort him. Professor Yamane was almost out of his way, but then he stopped in his tracks as the door swung open, accompanied by the jingle from the bell. He saw two figures at the door, a man and a woman.

“Professor!” came the voice the professor recognized. The mask covering the man’s face made it initially hard to identify, but Yamane was quick to remember the day of the meet and greet, piecing it all together. “I’m glad I found you. I need to ask you if you gave any thought–”

“I’m sorry,” the professor apologized, “but I must be going. You chose the wrong time. Good day.” Yamane picked up his stride, hoping to put all this behind him.

“Wait!” the man cried out, “I am Shigeru Kawamura, a survivor of the Rodan attack back in 1956.” Shigeru took a moment to collect his breath. “I just need to know… How do you deal with monsters?” Upon hearing those words, Yamane’s eyes and ears perked with interest. He contemplated, if only for a moment.

“Please, follow me,” the professor requested, turning heel and guiding the new couple to a new set of seats that lined up at the edge of the counter, keeping a distance from the Tsukiokas. When the chefs came by for orders, they were waved off; they weren’t here to order any food.

“I need to give more thought to your question, Kawamura-san,” Yamane said simply, “that’s a hard one to answer. So in the meantime, do you mind telling me more about Rodan? First-hand accounts of the event are hard to come by.”

Before Shigeru could start, a sudden jolt took everyone by surprise as Shoichi slammed the table with a clenched fist.

“Nonsense! Such bullshit!” Shoichi yelled in frustration, casting his anger upon Yamane. “You run away the moment you’re confronted, but find yourself dragged back in only because someone else is willing to indulge in your selfish wish!” With rage-filled strides, the airman approached the seated professor, standing before him with clear disdain.

“Wait, hold on, calm down!” Shigeru intervened, rising from his seat and standing at the professor’s side. “You’re attracting unneeded attention!”

Shoichi dismissed his words. “I don’t care! Don’t you see it? All the professor cares about are monsters–and the worst one of them all, at that. He doesn’t care about your problems! He just wants to nitpick the details he doesn’t have and milk you for any kind of ‘valuable’ information you have!”

Shigeru took a glance at the professor, who was sweating nervously, but refusing to utter a single consonant. “Is that true, professor?”

With a gulp, Yamane responded, “No… But Tsukioka-san’s words have merit.” He paused, directing his attention to both men. “It’s true I wanted to know all about the Rodan incident, rather than acknowledge your inquiry outright. I’m sorry, it was never my intention to deceive you, Kawamura-san.” Yamane took a bow, taking the two men aback.

“Then answer Kawamura’s question,” Shoichi shot back with a glare, “‘How do you deal with monsters?’”

Yamane took his seat, contemplating the nature of the question. Breaking it down, analyzing it from all angles in which he understood the nature of kaiju. “Kawamura-san, everyone deals with monsters in their own way. But in order to understand the question you pose, I need to know how you feel about monsters.”

Shigeru rested his hand on his chin, thinking about it. “Well, they’re… Terrifying. I see Rodan in my nightmares every night. Those experiences, that trauma… It lives with me, and I can’t seem to move past it.”

“I see,” Yamane quietly remarked, “then consider this. From what the reports indicate, the Rodans were defeated by the JSDF. Were you there when it happened?” Without a word, Shigeru nodded. “Did you feel anything towards them in their final moments?”

Casting his glance downward, Shigeru dwelt on those words, drawing memories from nearly a decade ago. Their final moments on Mount Aso, burning alive for the sake of the other. “Yes I did. They died for each other.”

“That feeling is what it takes to deal with monsters. It’s not to fear them, but to understand them. If we continue to turn the other cheek, we will only live in ignorance. Hold onto that feeling, no matter what.”

A swell of emotion overflowed from Shigeru, nodding gratefully to the professor. “Thank you.”

“Then why did you leave the moment I confronted you?” Shoichi spat back.

“Because your heart wouldn’t have listened to me, no matter how hard I try. I’ve experienced people who refuse to change, and found it best not to feed into it.” Yamane’s remorse carried in his voice, gathering the strength to look Shoichi in the eye. “But I’m at fault here, too. I didn’t take your feelings into account, I got lost in trying to crack the mystery of Godzilla. So tell me then… What’s your stance?”

The pilot vented heated breath from his nostrils, signaling his frustration. But he took the professor’s words into account, internalizing his thoughts and feelings. “Monsters are a harm to humankind. The sooner we get rid of them, the sooner peace will return.”

“Can you be sure about that, Tsukioka-san?”

“Of course! We wouldn’t have to live in terror of giant monsters that bring about the loss of human lives!”

“And yet we live with the typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis that threaten us on a regular basis. The monsters are no different than animals; if they are understood, we can find peace with them.”

Shoichi sighed, unsure of how to feel. The words of the professor held truth to them, yet his dwelling insecurity filled his mind with doubt. Is this the truth he had sought for? Before he could say another word, a sudden trembling took everyone aback–including all the surrounding people who were listening in. As the decorations swayed from the intense vibrations, everyone held tightly to the countertop, holding on for dear life.

Soon enough, the chaos settled, everyone regaining their equilibrium. But just as it died down, the alarms blared across every street of the Shibuya district, and soon enough all across Tokyo itself.

“What’s happening?” Hidemi cried out, clinging to her husband.

“That sound… They’ve been sighted,” Yamane remarked, leaving his seat and taking to the streets.

“Professor!” the two men simultaneously cried out, rushing after him. The outside went from calm and collected to a panicked rush, the streets clogged with thousands of people abandoning their cars and heading towards the nearest shelters available. As the men and their wives caught up to the professor, they saw Yamane awestruck at the sight. It had only just now registered that the sun had left, and what replaced it was the bright shine of a full moon.

And within it, a silhouette.


Chapter 5: Depths of Trauma

-Sagami Bay-

Silence breezed the darkness of the night, the stillness of the ocean seemingly haunted and vacant, illuminated by the moonlit light. But it wasn’t always like this. By day and night, cargo ships and cruisers coasted the surface of these waters, cohabiting them with the marine life that dwelled beneath them. But tonight was no such night. The large carriers and miniscule boats had been ordered not to cross these waters. Even the sea creatures that called this place home were also nowhere in sight.

According to an emergency broadcast issued by the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, the waters of Sagami Bay were contaminated. And it didn’t take long to find its source.

The surface became restless, bubbles churning amidst the bluish glow of the Cherenkov effect. From the depths rose a colossal figure. The upper torso of the reptile stood over the empty ocean, screeching a hellacious roar announcing his return. It was not with pride or triumph, but vengeance.

For Godzilla, it had been a year since his last expedition to land. Stopped and bested by a giant human… Even if he had killed the humanoid, it didn’t relieve him of the brewing anger that lurked in his radioactive heart. Rather, the mere idea that a human, of all creatures, could best his mighty prowess, was a thought that leaked a poison that overtook his mind. And now, after letting his wounds heal and restoring his strength, it was time to smite the puny humans for their insolence.

His wrath knew no bounds–not a single one would be spared.

But as he waded through the waters of Sagami Bay, something else caught his fury. Not with sight, but with sound. His ears detected the high-pitched whistling of something distant, yet irritating. Godzilla surveyed the nearby surroundings, but found nothing. It wasn’t until he looked up that he began to fixate on the source of this annoyance. High above, silhouetted against the moonlight, was an airborne beast. Carried by two enormous wings, the flying monster was also quick to notice Godzilla from far below, despite the great distance between them.

Godzilla’s roar resounded with a mighty boom, demanding the creature leave his territory. Yet rather than flee, the winged cretin bellowed back with a roar of its own, cackling and mocking the king of the monsters. This raised Godzilla’s ire. Truly, he detested humans; but punishing this foolish monster became far more prevalent in the forefront of his mind. If it meant temporarily putting off his destructive, impulsive genocide, then so be it.

With all eyes on the fire demon of the skies, Godzilla approached Kanagawa Prefecture, following the trail left behind by the nuisance. Even as dawn broke on the horizon and the moon began to fall, the flying one was still ever visible. And soon the monster–and the rest of humanity–would fall victim to his wrath.

The alarms continued to blare as everyone left the restaurant, some not even trying to look to see what was the initial threat, fearing that it was a colossus of incredible might landing siege once more. One false move resulted in death, yet fear was usually the reason people so often made mistakes in situations like this.

Dr. Yamane looked into the city, looking for any sign of approaching danger as the earth beneath their feet continued to shake, his eyes darting from one side to the other as he pulled his notebook and a pen out to write down notes of the event. The older scientist did not pay attention to his surroundings as the others he had invited scrambled to find a way out of the situation. They had all arrived by taxi or car and right now no one was driving on the roads, proceeding to run in all directions like rats trapped in a flood.

“We have to find a means out of here,” Shoichi said to the others. “It’s pandemonium out there!”

“Does anyone even see what it is we are running from?” His significant other asked as she wrapped her arm around his own, Hidemi becoming slightly nervous as the sounds of random screaming filled her ears. While she was far away from any danger a decade ago when the second Godzilla made landfall in Osaka, the feeling of watching a city burn was etched into her very mind.

Suddenly the sound of a passing airplane overlapped everything, the sounds of the fleeing crowd becoming silenced by the arrival. Shigeru’s eyes widened ever so slightly as he felt a bit of sweat run down his brow, the survivor looking towards the sky to try to spot the source, fearing that his worst nightmare was about to become a reality once more. The instant he spotted it, he gripped his chest and backed away from the group, the others quickly rushing towards him as the man began to hyperventilate, his eyes fully widening as he couldn’t catch his breath.

“Shigeru!” Kiyo screamed as she reached out towards him, wrapping her arms around him as she caught him before he fell on the ground. Her husband wrapped his other hand around his skull as he continued to look at the haunting silhouette in the sky, the only one managing to see the beast fly through the night. “What’s wrong?” She asked in a worried tone, her face becoming a frown as she watched him suffer once more.

“Not again… Anything but this, please…”

Kiyo’s eyes widened a bit before she turned, trying to spot whatever Shigeru was witnessing when suddenly, an all too familiar roar entered her ears. All but Shigeru turned their attention to the horizon behind them, only seeing the goliath that Japan had come to fear the most in the decades. His thunderous steps echoed as concrete flew in the distance, his tail smacking into buildings behind him as it swung side to side. Though they were far away from the beast, fear crept into their minds all the same.

Godzilla had made landfall.

Shoichi looked at the mutant’s form, his hand gripping into a fist as he saw the one that took his best friend away from him. The pilot’s rage built as he once again saw the leviathan lay waste to his country, taking away hundreds of lives once again. The flames of Osaka returned to his mind as he continued to stare at the beast.

The pilot turned around, walking over to the downed Shigeru and wrapping his arm around the panicked man’s free arm, catching Kiyo by surprise. “You are both welcome to come with us, but we need to get the hell out of here before we get caught in whatever is about to happen! Hidemi,” Shoichi stated as he helped Kiyo force Shigeru to his feet, his wife rushing over to them as Godzilla roared once again in the background. “Do you see any cars?”

“No, the ones that were just taxi drivers left in an instant and it looks like those that had one just left without a second thought…”

“Shit,” Shoichi stated as he turned, seeing the massive wave of people running in the other direction. “It would seem we only have one option left…”

“Doctor Yamane!” Hidemi called the scientist, earning his attention and having him turn around to acknowledge her. “We have to leave! Come with us!”

“I am afraid that is not in the cards my dear,” The leading scientist of kaiju study stated as he walked over. “I have to witness what is about to happen, it may help us have a greater understanding of these creatures. I cannot pass up an opportunity like this.”

“You’ll be killed!”

“That is a price I am willing to pay to aid humanity in this conflict, I do very much acknowledge this possibility… but you have to understand, this is the only way an old man like me can help his people.” Hidemi’s eyes widened as her face shifted in fear, a look of sadness reflecting on his face as he attempted to force a smile. “You kids need to get out of here, go and live full lives. Survive another day.”


“Hidemi,” Shoichi called out as they approached, making her turn around to meet her husband’s face. “We have to go… We can’t convince him to leave, but we can escape if we leave now.” Her face turned into one of disappointment before joining the others, the group beginning to turn around before Yamane interrupted them.

“Shoichi, Shigeru…” Stopping the group in their tracks as they heard their names, they listened to what the doctor had to say. “I truly am sorry.”

The pilot nodded before continuing to escort his wife and newfound companions into the fleeing masses, the group only hearing Shigeru continue to utter a single word as they made their escape. The troubled man turned his attention towards the scientist, who began to walk towards the battle that was about to erupt, the trauma flooding back to him as he knew what was in the sky.



Chapter 6: Colliding Colossus

The first step onto land, and all hell broke loose. Humans stampeded through the crowded and cluttered streets, their wailings and grinding of teeth echoing from the depths of Chigasaki. Because of the short-notice evacuation call, there was barely enough room to get by. But the matter became worse when the colossus took its second step.

A looming shadow draped over the panicked throng, whose angry eyes stared with malicious intent. But rather than paying heed to the hapless humans that scurried in fear at his feet, they rather kept stringent focus on the airborne pterosaur that continually mocked him from the skies. A cacophonous shriek resounded from the amphibious dinosaur, once again demanding a head-on challenge from the ancient avian.

The apex of the sky known as Rodan squawked in sneering derision, eyeing the persistent reptile from a considerable distance. Rodan soared through the heart of Tokyo, eventually perching on the heights of Tokyo Tower, which had been under reconstruction after Mothra’s rampage some years ago. Sharp talons bent the steel that supported the structure, the lattice tower swaying from the weight of the giant. The distance between them was vast, nearly 60 kilometers of cityscape that separated the two beasts. But the binocular eyes of Rodan ensured complete visibility of his opponent at any given time–and the same was said for the monstrous king who staked in this territory.

The longer the gigantic fowl clung to the truss tower, the more his weight began to crumple the steel that supported it. It wasn’t going to hold for much longer. However, the pterosaur beast came to a decision. He’d face this so-called ‘king’ in a battle he demanded–and make him regret it. A trill of conceited victory rang from his beak as his powerful wings crumpled the metal tower like paper in a single flap. Descending to ground level, Rodan accelerated in speed, ravaging the buildings and humans below under the tremendous winds that followed. Everything that laid in Rodan’s straightforward path was unwillingly pulled along, torn from the ground and rolled along the surface.

For the vehicles that once bustled in its streets, such a distance would have been more than an hour’s trip. But for the king of the skies, such vast distances could be closed in a matter of minutes. Something Rodan demonstrated with the rubble and debris rolling behind him. As Rodan drew ever closer, Godzilla picked up speed, trampling through the concrete jungle that obstructed his path.

The two goliaths’ charge echoed throughout the city, reaching for miles as they both unleashed roars at each other before slamming into each other. Godzilla let out a pained growl as the pterosaur slammed into him, forcing the mutated dinosaur to hold onto his target with a tight grip. Their colossal forms shredded the city around them, the very ground dragging underneath Godzilla’s feet as everything below them scattered from the supersonic winds. One hand held onto his challenger’s wing, talons sinking into the avian’s flesh as the other wrapped around Rodan’s neck, attempting to squeeze and choke the life out of his opponent while he had the opportunity.

But the atomic bird did not yield.

The avian let out a defiant cry, pulling his head back and precisely driving his beak into Godzilla’s eye, forcing the monster king to release his grip and slam into the ground. rolling at mach speeds. Rodan took to the sky as the mutated amphibious reptile let out a scream of agony, crushing buildings under his weight.

The pterosaur let out a chuckle, turning his trectory back to his target, the creature’s visage upturned with a sinister grin as he watched Godzilla return to his feet. One hand covered the wounded eye as blood poured down Godzilla’s face to his maw and the ground below. The taste of iron filled his maw as rage built up like a furnace. Atomic power began to climb in his throat, his dorsal spines illuminating as they flashed with azure light before the atomic saurian unleashed his signature Atomic Breath at the rapidly approaching pterosaur. Rodan let out a screech of pain as his face was met with atomic might, a cry of surprise as the power of the atom consumed his flesh, shaking his head back and forth as he was suddenly brought to a halt by the beam.

Rodan let out a series of chirps before Godzilla suddenly turned around, ceasing his assault on the flying reptile and turning to a new tactic. Swinging his tail and slamming it into his target’s skull, it sent the avian to the ground with a loud thud. The atomic bird let out a cry of pain as his opponent slammed his tail into the pterosaur’s skull repeatedly. The violent thrashing slammed his head into the ground with a loud crack. Try as he might, Rodan attempted to pull himself back to his feet, only to be met by another thwack of Godzilla’s tail, flattening him against the ground once more.

The mutant saurian continually assaulted the russet pterosaur with slaps of his tail, battering his downed foe relentlessly. As he did, Godzilla felt a sensation from where his eye had been pecked out. The blood no longer oozed from it as the sensitive organ began to blink. His incredible healing factor repaired the damage at a rapid rate, his freshly regenerated eye scanning the ruinage before him. Picking up the rubble and holding it in his hands, a selfish instinct kicked in. At last, Godzilla ceased, turning to gaze upon his fallen foe, mocking the winged pterosaur with a howl of joy. Tossing the mere pebbles of trash and concrete, an irritated shriek rang from Rodan’s beak. Godzilla again mocked him, but just as suddenly, the prehistoric pteranodon propelled himself back to his feet. The ruins scattered and fell as he let out a cry of frustration at the mighty Godzilla.

Rodan responded to his humiliation with a strong clap of his wings, causing the monster king’s eyes to widen as he was suddenly thrown to the ground by a sonic shockwave. The mutant cried out in pain as he slammed into the earth below, a gigantic gash laid across his chest from the sonic slash. Crimson ichor dripped down the wound onto the pavement below, Godzilla roaring with hatred as he quickly returned to his feet and charged straight at the atomic bird. Concrete shattered as the irradiated dinosaur ran at full speed to wrap his claws around Rodan’s neck, only for the challenger to quickly jump into the air and aim with his legs out before descending. The limb struck the monster king across the gash and sent him tumbling backwards into the ruins once again, slamming his head into a building and forcing the entire structure to collapse on top of his face.

The demon of Mount Aso uttered ridiculing chirps as he watched Godzilla stumble back to his feet. The apex of strength stood tall as he brushed off whatever rubble was still on him, continuing to stare the avian down as he laughed at his expense. He had taunted Rodan and it had made his opponent gain the upper hand, returning the favor in an instant.

The mutant growled as he clinched his jaws and took a more defensive stance, swinging his tail back and forth as he began to slowly circle the avian. The pterosaur, not following in his target’s footsteps, instantly charged, swinging his head backwards as he prepared to aim his beak directly at Godzilla’s stomach. Yet the amphibious reptile quickly gained the upper hand and wrapped his hands around the pterosaur’s neck, lifting him into the air and slamming him into the city around them. The prehistoric reptile let out cries of pain as the tyrant king slammed his foot in the side of his skull. With another powerful heave, the reptilian beast sent the pterosaur soaring into a building, the structure instantly being crushed as the Rodan let out a shriek of anguish.

Covered in rubble, Rodan turned his gaze upon the ruthless tyrant, who towered over him with an imposing presence. But his binocular eyes shifted to far behind him; a massive peak that dwarfed even the mighty Godzilla. Instincts embedded in the very essence of the Rodans told him all he needed to know; a volcano, a usual roosting spot for his species. Seeing the power of Godzilla firsthand, his mind began to concoct a plan that was simple, yet could bear fruit.

If his kind perished by the wrath of nature, would it not be feasible to defeat this radioactive mutant by that same power?

Godzilla mocked the fallen fowl with a cackling laugh, eager to end their petty feud. But with a defiant cry, Rodan lurched upward and emitted a sudden blast of radioactive gas, striking the reptile in the muzzle and throwing him off his feet. This gave Rodan the opportunity to pull himself back up, continually bombarding the king of the monsters with his powerful wind breath. The concussive force eventually brought the mighty mutant down to his back, rolling over onto his stomach when the blast finally ceased. Although the nuclear menace tried to push himself back to his feet, Rodan was quicker to the punch. Seizing the opportunity before him, raptor talons gripped the ribs of the mutant tyrant, holding on as firmly as possible.

Rodan hollered out, mustering all his strength to pull Godzilla off the ground. And after several repeated flaps of his powerful wings, each distributing tremendous gusts of wind in the process, he succeeded. Beat by beat, Rodan gradually propelled himself with his reptilian opponent in his clutches, holding on as the beast squirmed in his claws.

Now there was but one destination that Rodan was dead set on. The place of Godzilla’s burial.

Mount Fuji.


Chapter 7: Terrible Travesty

Endless waves of the masses obstructed Yamane’s view of the chaos. The amassed river of people poured through the streets of Samukawa and Fujisawa, spilling into nearby cities and districts beyond the ruins of Chigasaki and those that had fallen to the path of the rampaging monsters. But Yamane persisted through stubbornness alone, pushing his aged body beyond its natural limitations in order to get a view of the carnage; to see if his theories held water.

Even as the flow of people gradually diminished as they sought refuge in other areas of Yokohama or Tokyo, or even seeking shelters made in lieu of a kaiju attack, the professor struggled to get a good view of the battle that was taking place. It wasn’t until the winds began to pick up, nearly knocking the old man off his feet that he had to hunker down and keep himself anchored. As the ferocious winds died down and the dust settled, Yamane uncovered his eyes and bore witness as Rodan carried Godzilla off through the skies, leaving the monstrous reptile incapable of retaliating.

Pulling out his notebook and pen, Yamane began jotting down notes. “Possible means of execution?” the professor mumbled to himself. “How will Godzilla react…?” He saw as the two creatures flew farther and farther away, climbing to high altitudes above the demolished cities their rampage left in their wake. When Rodan began to move, Yamane followed suit, trying to find an opening and figure out their trajectory. It was just a shame he didn’t have a camera on-hand for such an event.

Amidst the rubble and devastation, Yamane finally found a clearing that allowed him a clear view of the monsters. And with it, a muggy view of the world-renowned landmark of Japan. “Mount Fuji… That’s where they’re going,” the professor concluded.

And it was there he needed to be. Even if he had to do it alone.

“Professor!” Shoichi cried out, calling for the determined zoologist. Shigeru called out in tandem, trying to locate the older man. Their hearts were shaken in fear, and even as the two monsters carried their fight elsewhere, they felt helpless and powerless against their nightmares.

“Rodan…” Shigeru reflexively mumbled, still in complete disbelief. He was a witness to the fall of the Rodans, and yet here one of them stood in the flesh. All the scars rushed back to his head; the pain, the agony, the trauma of that day nearly a decade ago. But he flexed his hands, trying to keep his composure. The words of Yamane sprung back to mind. The feeling he had felt that day to understand the monsters that terrorized his livelihood.

“Tsukioka!” Shigeru shouted at the pilot, “It’d be better if we split up. I’m moving ahead.” Before Shoichi could even contest the idea, Shigeru sprinted forward in the search for the professor. Kiyo called out to him, but her words fell on deaf ears.

“Hey! Stop it, it’s dangerous ahead!” But Shoichi’s words also fell on deaf ears. “I don’t know what you have in mind–but don’t be an idiot doing it!” Concerned for Shigeru’s well-being, the three of them made chase for the reckless man, just praying he didn’t get himself killed.

Without an ounce of regret, Shigeru pushed forward, ducking and weaving through the ravaged city in order to find the elder man. In a matter of time, he found himself in a clearing, finally seeing the monsters in the sky. It was certainly a view he didn’t expect to find. But just off to the side, he could see the familiar mustached face he had been searching for.

“Professor!” Shigeru called out, catching his attention.

“Kawamura-san! I thought you evacuated with everyone else?” Yamane questioned, almost stunned. “You should seek shelter.”

Shigeru shook his head in response. “You said that to overcome our monsters, we have to understand them. I’m not here to run or force you back with us.” Taking a glance, Shigeru looked at the rubble that surrounded them. The plastic gleam of an abandoned two-seated bicycle stood out from the wreckage. All things considered, in decent condition–albeit not ideally pristine. Rushing over, Shigeru pulled it out and dusted it off as quickly as he could.

“I’m here to help.”

Yamane hesitated, but at the same time didn’t feel it in his heart to refuse the offer. “You really should be seeking safety first… But if you believe helping me will be beneficial, then we must make haste to Mount Fuji. That’s where they’re heading.” Climbing aboard the second seat, Shigeru put all his strength into pedaling, propelling them to their targeted destination.

Just as they left, Shoichi, Hidemi, and Kiyo just barely saw the two men vanish into the distance. “Hey! Get back here!” Shoichi screamed, trying in vain to get their attention.

“Shigeru! Come back!” Kiyo cried out, only to see him disappear along with the professor. “Where are you going?!”

Shoichi sighed, coming to a realization. “They’re heading to the monsters. Come on!” Shoichi took charge, leading the ladies through the rubble and haze as they followed the path that’d inevitably land them to where the two men were heading towards.

Never once had Godzilla been this high up. Never once had he felt this vulnerable. Against the likes of King Kong, Mothra, and Frankenstein, he had always felt large and in charge, even if the results didn’t go his way. Even if Kong overpowered him, he had the power to fight back; if the Mothras had the trickery to outmaneuver him, he was still the strongest; if Frankenstein had the intellect to defeat him, his death proved that Godzilla was king.

But to be so high up was a new sensation to him. The air was exponentially thinner so high up, leaving Godzilla dizzy and lightheaded for every breath he took. The angle made it impossible for Godzilla to blast Rodan out of the sky and free himself from the doom that laid ahead. Even so, he tried in vain, aimlessly blasting a flurry of atomic rays.

For this, Rodan mocked him with a cackling shrill. Soon, Godzilla would meet his end not by the might of his power, but by the wrath of nature itself.

A low guttural growl vibrated from the throat of Godzilla, vexing his utmost frustrations. Every fiber of his being, every cell that proliferated in his body, all demanding the same thing. To be free. His maple-leaf dorsals flashed once more, something Rodan gave no heed to. It wasn’t until Godzilla’s body suddenly erupted with pillars of light and shockwaves of radioactive aftershocks did Rodan recognize it as a threat–a threat that he was far too late to respond to. Unable to hold anymore, the atomic avian was forced to release Godzilla mid-flight. And in the aftermath of the nuclear pulse, they both began to plummet.

Drag force permeated their falling bodies, both dropping at rapid speeds. Smoke curled from Rodan’s near unconscious form, permeated in a state of shock from the sudden attack. Likewise, Godzilla felt unable to move. Although the pulse was more than effective in blasting Rodan away, the energy required was far more substantial than he’d like to admit. If used in rapid succession, he’d be without a shadow of a doubt be left in a state worse for wear. As Godzilla looked ahead, he found himself in the trajectory of one of Mount Fuji’s five lakes, Lake Yamanakako. For each second that passed, the closer he got.

Then, at last, he crashed into the lake–leaving a massive pillar of water in its wake.

In tandem with Godzilla, Rodan found himself landing back first into the earth below. An eruption of dirt and rock skyrocketed into the air, scattering the debris across the foot of Mount Fuji. And it seemed, even if for a moment, the battle had come to a sudden silence.

But such serenity did not last for long.

Lake Yamanakako churned with frothing water and flashes of light, with the distinct figure of Godzilla rising from the shallow lake. Anger-filled eyes gazed upon the remnants of dust from the impact crater left by Rodan, leaving Godzilla roaring in utmost fury. A demand to resume their battle.

From the other side, Rodan awoke to the screeching demands of the furious king. Shaking himself from his daze, Rodan pulled himself back to his feet, trying to reorient himself back to equilibrium. When his mind and eyes could at last focus, the atomic bird returned the gesture with a ridiculing laugh of his own. It was scathing, yet mocking, accepting the brute’s petty challenge.

As Godzilla charged from the lake, Rodan felt something beneath his feet. Vibrations from within the Earth itself, something he recalled feeling back at Mount Aso. A deep rumbling.

The earth below Rodan erupted like a geyser in all directions, the radioactive pterosaur letting out a screech of surprise and pain as he was thrown onto the ground suddenly, rocks falling from the sky back to his form. The new arrival shook the soil off of his body as he unleashed a roar to declare his arrival, Godzilla quickly having to cover his ears as rage boiled faster than when he had faced the gigantic human only a year prior.

As his vision became hazy and blood poured from his ears and eyes, the picture became harder to see, but the quick glimpse at the beast combined with this sonic attack brought hatred in its purest form within the saurian’s heart.

Their form mocked his victory in Osaka ten years ago, the creature’s body being almost identical to his adversary back then. Emerald green scales covered the beast from head to toe, the spikes across the creature’s carapace, tail, and skull being a bone white in colorization. Their claws and fangs matching the tones of the ankylosaur’s armored defense, brown eyes locked onto him as he attempted to step forward, only for the assault to make him bend down to one knee from the sheer pain. While not the same entity as before, this second generation of Anguirus brought pure animalistic hatred to the monster king.

As Rodan attempted to return to his feet, Anguirus charged forward at the downed mutated saurian. The ankylosaur opened his fangs wide as he leapt towards his target’s throat, but in the nick of time, Godzilla had managed to block the fatal blow with his hand. Crimson ichor poured down the limb into his attacker’s maw as he continued to shake his head back and forth with fury, earning a cry of anguish and rage from the mutant’s maw. Raising his free hand above his head as he attempted to force himself to stand, he threw his fist downward repeatedly as he attempted to gain the advantage, only for the new challenger to swipe at his torso with his claws. Flesh quickly peeled away as Anguirus growled with his full maw, never losing sight of his victim’s own eyes as he stared with hatred.

The pteranodon chirped as he once again returned to the air, shaking his head back and forth in an attempt to stop the ringing within his ears as he approached. The demon of Mount Aso attempted to get some leverage above his target, aiming to wrap his talons around Anguirus’ spiked tail, only for the ankylosaur to retaliate with quick precision and slam the limb into Rodan’s chest. The monster of the skies let out a cry of pain as he was forced back to the ground with a loud thud, the new challenger continuing to slam his tail into the flying monster’s form as he pressed on his assault on Godzilla.

The saurian had enough. Raising his fist above his head once last time, before coming in with a left hook straight into the eye, forcing Anguirus backward with a cry of pain from the damaged sensitive organ. Godzilla stood back to his full height as blood trickled down his body, taking in heavy breaths as his spines illuminated a bright azure blue, atomic might climbing to the surface with each second that passed before unleashing his signature Atomic Breath directly at Anguirus.

If only the attempt had landed.

Quickly, Anguirus jumped out of the way, the beam striking the downed Rodan with a spray of sparks. His cry of anguish rang loud as his form slightly caught fire. Normally the nuclear saurian would cease his actions and simply start laughing at the pain of his adversary, but the rage the ankylosaur brought only made Godzilla focus on the task at hand. He followed his new target with the Atomic Ray, attempting to bathe the four legged beast in hellfire, but the rival was too fast and simply leapt directly at him from the side. The two slammed into each other as the new challenger forced his enemy on his back, the pair rolling across the now burning forest as they attempted to gain the advantage on the other, their cries of hatred echoing across the battlefield as blood sprayed across their scales.

Anguirus honked as he continued to swipe furiously at Godzilla’s chest and face, attempting to rip apart the eyes that stared back at him, but with every swipe that the ankylosaur attempted, the rage built up within the saurian’s core.

Atomic energy climbed once more through his body, though most would not see the chemical reaction through the flames and smoke, it seemed that the power of the atom bounced between each dorsal spine before unleashing a shockwave. The Atomic Pulse sent Anguirus flying off of Godzilla’s form into the earth once more, earning a cry of pain as he landed with a distinct thud. The monster king quickly jumped back to his feet, one of his fists slamming into his chest with a quick declaration of strength from his maw, when suddenly his vision once again became hazy.

Blood erupted from his maw, the gashes across his form from the assault had a mix of pus and ichor dripping down his body as he stumbled to keep his footing, the monster king taking deep breaths as he continued to stare at his downed opponent with fury.

Something was wrong.

He still felt his regeneration making work of the wounds Anguirus had left upon his body, but it seemed that something was slowing it down, something invasive was in his system. Had the fierce prehistoric mutant somehow put toxins within his body? An ability that the last member of his species did not possess all those years ago. What had changed so drastically that this new entity had gained different abilities?

Before Godzilla could ponder more on the battle at hand, Rodan returned with a strong kick to his skull, earning a cry of pain as he was sent falling to the ground. The pteranodon cursed the nuclear saurian for forgetting his presence in this brawl, continuing to kick him down before a sharp pain rushed through his wing. His eyes widened as he felt razor sharp fangs enter his soft flesh before Anguirus, with all of his strength, forced the demon of Mount Aso back to the earth below his flying form. The gigantic avian cried out in pain as he quickly dodged the next attempt at his life, leaping backward as the ankylosaur attempted to pounce on him and sink his fangs into his throat.

Rodan stared at the dinosaur, now knowing that this was the beast that disturbed his slumber and eventually drew him to the concrete jungle. If not for this adversary, then he would not have encountered Godzilla in the first place!

The two stared with violent intent at each other, unleashing their respective cries as Rodan flapped his wings in order to keep hurricane winds building up. Anguirus growled with frustration as he sank his talons into the earth beneath his feet, keeping his footing secure as the pteranodon continued the assault.

Godzilla roared with annoyance as he attempted to stand back on his feet, the winds forcing him backwards as he stumbled to keep his footing. Rage built as he stared at the pair of adversaries in front of him, the winds preventing him from making any attempt on either of their lives. Anguirus slightly turned his attention towards the rising saurian, concocting a plan to escape this annoyance and inflict pain upon his enemy.

The ankylosaur puffed out his chest, pressure building as he drew a deep breath into his core. He gave a slight grin as he let go of his footing and unleashed a Sonic Roar with enough pressure that, combined with the hurricane winds, had him soaring at Godzilla with his carapace.

But what was not known by the mutant four-legged reptile was that Rodan had prepared his own plan, slamming his wings together and sending a razor sharp Sonic Boom towards the flying dinosaur. Being stuck in the motion he had begun did not allow Anguirus any opportunity to dodge the attack. His eyes widened as the crescent-shaped sonic “blade” sliced through his shoulder, blood spraying into the air as he let a howl of anguish out before slamming into Godzilla. He let out his own call of suffering as the razor sharp spines on Anguirus’ back pierced into his hide with ease, the two tumbling over onto the ground as ichor covered the forest floor.

Blood poured out of Godzilla’s torso as the ankylosaur forced himself up, ichor covering his back as the mutant saurian slumped over to the side. He laid down motionless with his eyes closed as very small breaths were being taken. The monster king clung to the world of the living as the poison burned through his healing factor, alongside the constant brutal assault draining him. Anguirus chuckled to himself a bit as he tried to ignore the flaring pain in his exposed shoulder, only earning a growl of annoyance to himself as even the slightest motion aggravated the wound.

Only for that pain to erupt once more as he felt himself be lifted into the air, Rodan’s sharp talons wrapping around his tail as the pterosaur took to the sky, earning a honk of surprise and rage from Anguirus’ maw. The ankylosaur attempted to free himself by motioning back and forth but even as the spikes that lined his tail began to slightly tear through Rodan’s feet, it did not stop him from tightening his grip on his adversary.

Godzilla coughed as his vision slowly returned to him, slamming his fist into the earth as he forced himself to stand, breathing heavily as the wounds across his torso slowly began to heal. The mutant saurian stared at the approaching duo, Anguirus’ roars of rage and annoyance giving him a massive migraine. He attempted to summon atomic energy once more, only being met with failure as his spines flickered and struggled to keep their colorization. Rodan gave a small chuckle as he swung the ankylosaur like a mace straight at his target’s skull. Angurius screamed as he collided with Godzilla, the spines that lined his carapace breaking in places as some punctured the monster king’s form. The nuclear leviathan screamed in agony as he flew across the forest, blood spraying across the battlefield as he landed with a distinct thud, vital fluid pouring out of his now exposed muscle.

Rodan laughed with joy seeing the saurian falling to his plan, the mighty king of the monsters on death’s doorstep from a blow committed by him!

Only for his eyes to widen and pain to flare as something suddenly punctured his chest, Anguirus roaring with fury as the spines across his back launched glowing spikes in all directions, causing the pterosaur to finally relinquish his grip on the ankylosaur and send both plummeting to the ground below. With quick thinking, Anguirus had managed to land on his feet with very little resistance, taking in a moment to keep his footing as Rodan slammed into the earth on his back. Crimson iron ran down his flesh as he screamed in pain, looking at his enemy with hatred as he released cries of rage.

The mutant of Siberia looked back and forth between his two targets, his species’ ancient rival laid at death’s doorstep, but the pterosaur that had dared use him as a weapon was on the ground helpless.

With a smile, Anguirus made his decision and leapt at the downed Rodan.

Godzilla slightly lifted his head, staring at the pair of savaging kaiju that stood before him continuing the brawl. Time and time again it had seemed that life had thrown obstacles to force him to keep his title as ‘king,’ to prove that title’s weight with action. Then why did he continue to fail?

Ever since his mutation, he had only been able to overcome the first Anguirus he had faced at the glacier within the concrete jungle of Osaka, then the world had thrown more kaiju to best him. First it was the ape, then the moth, then the human, and now these two stood before him, besting him and putting him in a state of near death.

No more…

Rage built up as adrenaline rushed through him, the wounds across his body had not healed but that mattered very little in the moment. Through pure determination, rage, and adrenaline he was forcing himself to his feet, slamming his fists into his chest as he declared his return to the battle at hand with a booming roar into the sky. It earned Anguirus’ attention as he suddenly rushed at him, each footstep breaking the earth below his feet as the ankylosaur attempted to gain distance with a leap backwards, but he was not quick enough and Godzilla had wrapped his hands around his skull.

Anguirus honked with fury as he attempted to swipe at the limbs holding him in place, only for Godzilla to tug him forward before raising his head into the air slightly and slamming it into the ground beneath their feet, earning a cry of pain from the ankylosaur as the action continued for a moment. Rodan mattered very little in the moment, Godzilla was so blood drunk to the point that if the pterosaur was closer, he would have grabbed him first, but the ankylosaur had simply been unlucky in the moment. The monster king reached to his adversary’s maw, wrapping his hands around the upper and lower jaw before beginning to pull, attempting to break the limb.

The fierce prehistoric dinosaur roared in agony as he felt his jaws giving, every attempt to free himself from Godzilla’s grasp falling short as his attacker only began pulling harder, the ankylosaur’s cries of anguish causing glee to rush through the saurian. Smiling as he continued to apply pressure, he felt that soon the jaws would give, that soon Anguirus would be dead at his feet!

If only he had noticed the change in the ankylosaur’s eyes, for a moment they had flashed white, and with that signaled his freedom.

Godzilla screamed in agony as his fingers were engulfed by the Atomic Breath, white nuclear flames covering them in their entirety, forcing the monster king back as smoke rose from the wounds. Anguirus continued the assault, turning the power of the atom back at Godzilla’s torso as he pressed onward, the atomic flames burning him as he was forced backward. The blood that dripped from his maw evaporated completely from the attack, rage boiling to the surface as the sudden emergence of the saurian had put Anguirus into a corner.

He would not make the same mistake again.

The ankylosaur ceased the assault, looking at his handy work and seeing the burns across Godzilla’s form boil his scales, the fingers he had burned were now down to the bone with flesh clinging on like sludge. The mud-like remains fell to the ground as smoke continued to rise, the standing mutant taking in deep breaths as he stared at the swaying Anguirus, the ankylosaur preparing to make his move.

Rodan released a cry as he returned to his feet, the demon of Mount Aso turning to the both of them, the three of them now waited for the others to make their move…


Chapter 8: Sons of The Bomb

“Professor, what in the world was that?” Shigeru quickly inquired, keeping his eyes focused on the path ahead. Yamane was still stunned by the phenomena in the sky. A powerful flash of light that radiated like a burning white sun. The next thing he had seen, both Rodan and Godzilla were plummeting from the sky and to the ground below. A few moments of bated breath passed in anticipation until the two creatures inevitably crashed against the surface.

“That… I do not think such an ability has ever been documented,” Yamane noted, wide eyed in shock and amazement. “It may help prove my theory of Godzilla’s perpetual evolution.”

“That’s… Good?” Shigeru felt uncertain of how good of a situation this would entail. It proved that Yamane was onto something; at the same time, it only emphasized the danger that Godzilla ultimately posed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound doubtful.”

“It’s all right, Kawamura-san,” Yamane calmly assured, “It has a lot of dangerous implications if proven true. I recognize that.”

“I understand. Now where to?” Shigeru asked.

“It seems both Godzilla and Rodan have fallen near the base of Mount Fuji, maybe next to Lake Yamanakako. The rest of the journey may need to be made by foot, I’m afraid.”

Shigeru nodded in understanding. He continued to pedal as fast and hard as he could, escaping the boundaries of the metropolitan city and into the wilderness. It wasn’t until Yamane tapped him on the back did he finally come to a stop.

“Here.” Yamane slipped off the second seat. “Please, return to your family. You’ve done more than enough for me, and I’m deeply appreciative of that.”

“I’m sorry Professor, I’m not ready to go yet,” the ex-miner likewise hopped off the bike, leaving it on the side of the road. “I want to see this through to the end.”

“You don’t have to!” The scientist demanded, “You don’t need to risk your life any more than you have already.”

“I think the same can be said of you, Professor,” Shigeru retorted, “I’m sure you also have a family to return to, don’t you?”

“I do,” he admitted, “but I do what I do to save them from the terror of the monsters. To make them understand them, so we can co-exist with them. It might be humanity’s best shot of survival.” He cast his gaze upon Shigeru. “If you are more than sure you’re willing to take the risk, then follow me.”

Without any hesitation, Shigeru nodded. The two men vanished amidst the dense foliage, but just as they did, they felt an intense quake under their feet. Before either of them could shout “Earthquake!”, a sudden blast of dirt and debris took them aback. The sudden shrill that came from it shook them to their core. It was a sound that Yamane was all too familiar with.

“Anguirus!” the Professor immediately concluded, “It’s unmistakable.”

“Wait, didn’t Anguirus perish by Godzilla’s hand back in 1955?” Shigeru inquired, confused at the sudden appearance of this other monster.

“Correct. However, I think it’s reasonable to assume that it might be another member of the Anguirus species.”

“Well where do you think it came from?”

Yamane pondered, recalling every scrap of notes he had read over the last week. “If I had to speculate, there were reports of nuclear tests near Siberia, followed by tremors in Beijing and Shanghai before making its way to Kyushu. But even then, a deeper investigation would need to be carried out before I can make any proper conclusions.”

Shigeru’s silence was Yamane’s confirmation to carry on, finding an opening in which to witness the spectacle of monstrous titans of a begotten time. The closer they got, the more of the carnage of the monsters they heard. The intensity of the beasts made them anxious, yet excited at the same time. The havoc brought on by the monsters was truly endless in scale and scope.

Yet as their trek continued, a twinge of a feeling Yamane had thought long forgotten sprung back to the surface. ‘I wonder how Emiko is doing?’ His mind drifted, chasing this intrusive thought. Memories flashed of his beloved daughter, some of joyful bliss, and others of swelling anxiety. She used to travel with him as an aide, but after the Mysterian abduction, they had parted ways. He wondered from time to time if his obsession with monsters had driven her away, or if it would guarantee her safety.

In the years since, he had found recognition as the leading megazoologist, willing to go where no one dared follow. But he knew one day it would all catch up to him.

“Emiko…” the professor softly mumbled. “All I want is for you to be happy. I hope you don’t think of me less for it.”

“Professor, did you say something?” Shigeru interrupted, inquiring the distressed man.

“Nothing, please, let’s continue.” Without a hitch, they continued onward until they finally broke through the clearing. They stood at the foot of the lake, where they could see the three titanic monsters at war. They were bloodied and scarred, yet persisted ravenously. Creatures of infinite power and unknown potential clashed before their eyes. Almost immediately, Yamane withdrew his notes and began scribbling down their attack patterns and behaviors, taking down every last perk he could take note of.

Shigeru stared at Rodan. Seeing it in the flesh terrified him beyond belief. But seeing it in pain and struggling also brought a strange sense of relief. Be it falling short next to the other two or some other feeling of sympathy, he wasn’t sure. Before he knew it, several minutes had passed, and his trance was broken when familiar voices called out from the trees.

“Oi! Oi!” It was Shoichi, who had finally caught up to them, with the wives following soon after. Shigeru knew Shoichi wanted to berate him for his abrupt and sudden behavior, leaving Kiyo behind. But the pilot had no words; instead, they all were mesmerized by the titanic spectacle that transpired before them. It was then Shigeru realized something important, if not ironic.

Their demons were fighting at the heart of Japan.

A steamy hiss frothed from the muzzle of the ankylosaur, gleaming eyes staring intently at the monstrous reptile of the self-proclaimed status ‘king of the monsters.’ Anguirus kept his legs cemented to the ground, waiting for the right chance to strike. With a vicious howl, the prehistoric beast affirmed his position in this war of the titans. This fight was his, and his alone. Little else mattered other than dominating the competition.

Godzilla returned the gesture with seething rage and contempt. His body burned from the poison that coursed through his system, though perhaps it was also the fiery determination to bring down the four-legged juggernaut by his hand. He had slain one member of its species, he’d do it again. And he’d make sure to follow through with it.

As the nuclear titans kept their distance, awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike, the last of the three took a different avenue. Rodan shrieked at the glowering beasts before jumping with his powerful legs, sustaining midair flight through the use of his large wings. Gale force winds kicked up in the immediate vicinity, with each subsequent flap bringing him higher and higher. Reorienting himself, Rodan took flight–but this was not a tactical retreat. Circling above as a scavenger would for dying prey, the atomic pterosaur waited his chance. He held no allegiance to one or the other, it was just a matter of biding his time…

And in an instant, the terrestrial beasts charged to their inevitable clash.

The earth trembled beneath their feet, only intensifying the more they closed the gap. At the same time, from the skies above, Rodan made his descent. When the two came in striking range, Anguirus took the initiative and leapt with tremendous gusto–arcing his shell towards the reptilian menace. Godzilla saw as the rectangular shell split down the middle, giving the ankylosaur’s body more flexibility as his body sailed right into Godzilla. With nothing he could do to stop himself or evade it in a timely manner, all Godzilla could do was take the hit. Several thousand metric tons of force toppled the atomic menace off his balance, stumbling back from the immense power behind the attack.

But just as quickly, Godzilla found himself taking another blow directly from behind–with the mocking chirps of Rodan signaling the perpetrator responsible. Godzilla felt his scalp being pulled off as the chest spikes clipped into his skull, with the sudden torrent of violent winds following soon after. The sudden rush of winds was what finally toppled Godzilla, bringing him to the ground. Although the concussion left him in a trance-like daze, he at least had the cognitive function to recognize the wails of Anguirus as he fell victim to the hurricane winds that washed over him.

As the dust settled and the surroundings cleared, Godzilla found himself unable to focus. He shifted his eyes from side to side, shaking violently trying to ease the throbbing headache that was setting in. His regeneration covered the wounds caused by Rodan, but if it was any consolation, it hurt like hell. Godzilla’s vision slowly returned to him, making out the vague shape of Rodan soaring above them, mocking them. Uttering a growl of disdain, Godzilla pulled himself out of the rubble, shaking the dirt off his body and clearing his mind of the lingering headache. A snort of discontent escaped his nostrils as he saw that Anguirus was following suit.

Only instead, the mutant ankylosaur was already hot on the move.

As Anguirus was fast on the approach, Godzilla saw Rodan change movement through his peripheral–the pterosaur shifting gears and diving straight towards them like a peregrine falcon. Each second that ticked, the both of them closed in, leaving no room to escape. But somewhere deep in Godzilla’s demented soul, he bore his teeth. At first it was from rage, but soon after came an ego-fueled smile. It was taking both of them to take him down! To dethrone his position as king! One last desperate stand…

And he’d prove his superiority over them both.

Time came to a drastic slowdown, the nuclear leviathan channeling his energy reserves throughout his body. As Anguirus and Rodan inched ever closer, both their eyes widened when they realized what they were in for. Patches of ionizing blue radiation flashed and sparkled from Godzilla’s form, and with an agonizing scream, pillars of light erupted from his body. Pulses washed over the two kaiju, hurtling them back from the immense shockwaves that followed. Anguirus found himself thrown back once more, crashing into a nearby cliffside that buried him in rock and dirt. Rodan, however, found himself in a far more dire predicament. The immense power of the nuclear pulse halted his forward momentum, with Godzilla’s overexerted power canceling the supersonic prowess of Rodan’s might. The sudden shift broke bones within the pterosaur’s body, leaving the mighty warrior of the skies helpless as his mangled body was left to crash into the land below.

When the smoke cleared, Godzilla regained his breath through heavy panting, grinning maliciously doing so. Such fools these creatures were to challenge his might! For a minute, there was silence; Godzilla was just about to proclaim victory, until the shifting rubble brought upon immense disappointment in the arrogant king.

Anguirus burst out of the soil and rock that covered his form with a mighty roar, the ankylosaur quickly making his way towards the nuclear saurian with immense rage, his sights locked onto his species’ ancient rival. With the latest Atomic Pulse, Godzilla should be low enough on energy reserves to not be able to do much to defend himself from a mauling, at least that is what he hoped until he saw the mutant king turn his full attention towards the approaching foe.

Godzilla took in a deep breath as he locked eyes with the charging Anguirus, his spines flashing blue once more, summoning the last of his strength into a blast straight at the ankylosaur’s maw. The monster king gave a sinister cocky grin as he opened his jaws, blue light illuminating the gateway of power like a cave with each passing second. Anguirus quickly reacted, his eyes flashing a hollow white once more as he opened his maw and unleashed a stream of atomic fire at his adversary…

Though Anguirus was quicker on the draw, Godzilla had managed to release his signature Atomic Blast at the oncoming beam, the two powers colliding in a display of atomic might. Sparks of blue and white pulsed back and forth between the two, the adversaries locked into a beam struggle, standing their ground as best as they could as the other vied for supremacy. The ankylosaur cursed at himself in his mind, though his opponent was incredibly low on energy, he was still strong enough to force him into an unfavorable position.

Rodan screeched in pain as he looked up at the current power struggle, the atomic flames lighting up the area even amongst a burning forest, it was as if a star was being born in the center of the battlefield. The pterosaur quickly forced itself to its feet, the broken ribs causing burning pain from within the avian, but he still pressed forward, taking in deep breaths as he thought of his next move.

A smile forced itself onto his beak as he chuckled to himself, the radioactive avian had concocted an idea to finish this brawl, the display in front of him giving him a real opportunity to come out on top. Rodan took to the skies, flapping his mighty wings. But for each flap, he winced and cringed with every motion due to the broken bones within his body, soaring above the two targets. Roaring with defiance as he puffed out his chest, he took a massive, deep breath before unleashing a stream of radioactive gas into the shining core…


Their eyes widened as a chemical reaction occurred between the three locked beams, the gas being enough to spark, and with that, the group was engulfed in a radiant red light. Their roars of pain were silenced by the massive explosion, their scales being stripped away and burned as they were thrown across the battlefield. All three kaiju were caught at the direct center of the blast, flying in different directions as the very environment was stripped of its natural forest. Smaller animals caught in the blast were vaporized in a moment too fast to process. Boulders soared through the sky, the earth beneath their feet shaking as the explosion echoed throughout the now valley of death as its form was seen for miles…

A mushroom cloud, the first since the war, had made its mark on Japanese soil.

Silence hung over the arena as flames engulfed the now ash-covered soil, the forest that once housed a variety of life was now nothing but a marker for the battle of kaiju. Minutes passed as the fires began to die down, the only sound being heard within that time being some rubble shifting before flying in all directions once more as Rodan emerged from the ash and earth. The pterosaur released a cry of victory, the avian breathing heavily as he forced himself to stand, coughing with each step forward as smog and ash filled his lungs. He needed to make sure he had gained victory over the two challengers, they had proven to be resourceful during their bout, but even he doubted that they could survive a blast that strong…


Rodan turned with wide eyes as Godzilla emerged from the soil, shaking the earth off of his form as he announced his return to the battle, the pterosaur let out a cry of fear as the monster king stood up. His body was covered in burns and gashes, even parts of his head revealing bone, yet he stood tall and mighty as he slammed his chest once again. The colossus stared with crimson, rage-filled eyes, even as the saurian’s healing factor was working on repairing the damage done by the blast, he still stood ready to fight. The avian let out cries of shock as Godzilla began to take charge, the earth beneath his feet shaking with immense power every step.

The pterosaur quickly took to the sky, not wasting time to have his opponent gain the upper hand and victory by getting ahold of him. Rodan screeched one last time as he retreated over the horizon, while he had lost the battle against these two, he would one day return and pay the favor for what they had done to him on this day.

The monster king roared with pride as his target retreated. While he would have preferred that Rodan meet his end by his hands, the pterosaur would remember this day for the rest of his life. Marked as the day that the king made him run away like a coward.

The earth beneath his feet began to shake, causing Godzilla to quickly return his attention towards the soil beneath his feet, looking in all directions as he attempted to anticipate what was to come next. Anguirus had arrived by burrowing in the earth, there wasn’t a single doubt in the saurian’s mind that this was his doing once more. He itched in anticipation, a mix of bloodlust and adrenaline keeping him on his toes, waiting for the opportunity to make the ankylosaur pay for his transgression.

The earth behind Godzilla erupted like a geyser, falling to the ground like rubble as Anguirus made his presence known, his sharp fangs aimed at his target’s flesh and landing a strike. Sinking the sharp bone into Godzilla’s tail, the monster king screamed in agony as he looked back with rage to see his adversary shaking his head with fury while holding the limb, stripping the flesh away as the ivory carved deep gashes. Crimson ichor oozed out of Anguirus’ maw, the heavy amount of blood pouring onto the ground through his fangs while some of it went down his throat, the fresh taste of iron filling the ankylosaur’s senses.

With all of his strength, and a booming roar of defiance, Godzilla lifted his tail as fast as he could and managed to throw Anguirus through the ruined forest. The species rival rolled across the battlefield once more before managing to get back to his feet, the two heavily panting as they stood before the other, everything within their being called for the other to die by their hand. The monster king closed his fist, digging his talons into his palms so hard that blood began to drip from his hands, as atomic energy once again began to climb up his throat. Azure light engulfed his back once more as he aimed the Atomic Blast at Anguirus’ face, the nuclear leviathan’s rage being felt with every second that passed building power to finish the fight once and for all.

Anguirus only stood still and waited patiently, the ankylosaur had attempted to counter the enemy’s strongest weapon against him with his own Atomic Breath, but that had resulted in the massive explosion that engulfed their form when Rodan had dared intervene in the beam struggle. So now he’d simply wait, wait for the perfect moment to act, drawing air into his lungs all the while…

The beam of radiation exited Godzilla’s maw, the bright blue light approaching his face, the might of the atom itching closer the longer that the ankylosaur did nothing to counter.

Only for a Sonic Roar to release from his lungs, his opened maw firing the soundwave directly at the approaching atomic flames and forcing them back at Godzilla. The leviathan roared in agony as his entire face was engulfed by his own attack, combined with the Sonic Roar throwing him what felt like miles away, slamming him against a rockwall.

Soil, ash, and boulders fell onto his form as a raging migraine entered his mind. His vision was once again hazy, his ears ringing from the intense sound attack, the taste of iron filling his maw with each drop. Anguirus quickly took advantage of the situation, running forwards to close the distance before coming to a sudden halt and turning around before standing on his back legs.

The next decision in this fight would affect the lives of generations.


Chapter 9: Wounded Hearts

The group watched in horror as the mushroom cloud engulfed their vision before the scientist quickly grabbed the group and threw them to the ground, the uncertainty that they would survive rushed through all of their minds as the feeling of heat got closer, but through pure luck, the blast only seemed to make the earth around them rumble. Trees snapped and fell beside them, the best chance of survival being that they sat still and hoped to whatever god they believed in that they would not meet death on this day.

As the flames continued to coat the forest, the earth began to calm. The trembling of the blast came to a halt, ash fell from the sky, the arena quickly becoming a permanent scar on the land and a reminder to mankind that they were out of their element.

“Is everyone alright?” The doctor said as he slowly got to his feet, brushing ash off of his suit as he reached down to the others, a warm smile meeting terrified faces of the future.

“Thanks to you,” Shigeru spoke as he took Yamane’s hand up, his eyes widening as the dark of the night only spared him the depths of the damage, the only hint being the falling ash coming down like snow. “Dear god…” he stated as he stared at the horror, the battle of kaiju taking the entire forest in their brawl. Humanity and mother nature had suffered by titanic hands, the apex of the planet coming back to take back their home in the modern age, while the burning cities painted a picture of their power… This painted a picture of humanity’s extinction.

Shigeru couldn’t take his eyes off of it, the ash reminding him of the depths of Mount Aso and the death of the original Rodan pair, and now it gave him a sneak peak into the grim future displayed before him. The only reason he snapped back to reality was because of a calm hand reaching to his own, wrapping their fingers around his, earning his attention to see his lovely wife sharing in the moment. Not saying a word, only looking towards the destruction by the hands of the kaiju, the world around them had gone silent and the only people that could hear it were those that stood right here.

Shoichi placed his free hand on Shigeru’s shoulder as his other hand held tight to Kiyo’s own, the group taking a moment to fully see the big picture in front of them. Shoichi had seen this Godzilla face another Anguirus over a decade ago on that iceberg, but this was nothing like the previous bout, this battle firmly placed his mind and heart into his ideals. The pilot turned to see the professor brush ash off of his notes, giving the older man a glare as he searched for his pen.

“How the hell could we coexist with this?”

“Look!” Kiyo pointed out, the group all turning their attention towards where she pointed as Dr. Yamane rushed towards the cliff they stood on. His eyes widened as the earth began to move, only for Rodan to emerge covered in ash emerging from the blast zone.

“Remarkable.” The doctor noted as he watched the pterosaur wheeze as he recovered, returning to his feet and taking a few steps forward when a sudden boom caught both the group’s attention and Rodan’s own. Godzilla emerged with a hellish roar of rage, vowing to end this fight as he got to his feet, Yamane’s heart racing as he stared at the monster king before him. Seemingly, the radioactive avian took the actions that dwelled within the audience’s thoughts, and retreated as soon as the saurian attempted to close the gap. The mighty atomic mutant howled into the sky as his prey retreated into the horizon, beating his chest with a declaration of his victory, only for the earth below him to take his attention away from the moment as it rumbled.

The group quickly got lower to the ground as they continued to observe the battle, waiting just as Godzilla was for Anguirus to reemerge onto the scene.


The earth erupted like a geyser as the ankylosaur emerged with a booming declaration of his return, the sound of Godzilla screaming quickly following suit as the ankylosaur sank his fangs into his tail. Though it was hard to see at first, it was clear to the group that Anguirus had struck true. Blood flew as the monster king, with all of his might, lifted his opponent into the air with just his tail before throwing the beast meters away. The ancient rival rolled across the ash covered soil and crushed trees before coming to a halt.

“Incredible,” the doctor noted as he began writing in his notepad, the action for a moment calming down as the two kaiju simply stared at each other while growling. “Before Godzilla could not free himself of the Mothra Larva’s grasp, yet here he was able to throw Anguirus with ease. Though it could perhaps be the adrenaline and anger fueling him, it’s possible that he is adapting far quicker than we could have ever imagined.”

A sense of impending doom loomed over the group as the doctor continued to take notes, the kaiju biologist’s answers raised more questions amongst themselves. Could Godzilla ever be truly vanquished without a weapon worse than what birthed this nightmare? Would humanity be able to even survive the next decade with how it seemed that kaiju, and Godzilla, emerged every year?

Their thoughts were interrupted when Anguirus’ Sonic Roar hit their ear drums, returning their attention towards the battle as Godzilla’s face was washed over with atomic flames. The group all covered their ears, and even Dr. Yamane dropped to his knees in pain, as Godzilla was thrown miles away from the initial blast.

Closer to them.

The earth rumbled terribly as the saurian’s form slammed into the cliffside. Ash, earth, and broken rock coming down on top of his broken body as he let out a slight whimper, his pride being damaged as he watched Anguirus turn his back to him and stand on his feet.

While they were quite a bit away from the initial battle, the reaction of Godzilla’s weight falling to the ground was felt in an instant.

Hidemi screamed as the earth beneath her feet gave, Shoichi’s eyes widening with great fear as he dashed towards his wife, only for Yamane’s hand to grasp her’s first. “Don’t worry dear!” The scientist said with fear within his tone, panic building as he knew what was coming, the position of the ankylosaur reminding him of earlier in the battle when Rodan had gotten ahold of Anguirus in the air. “Hold on! I got you!” With all of his strength, the elderly doctor threw the woman over the edge towards the remaining land they stood on.

Shoichi quickly grabbed his wife as the others backed away from the cliffside, only for Shigeru to attempt to grab Yamane in a desperate attempt to save him from what was coming next.

No human would have been fast enough.

Anguirus unleashed a booming howl as he unleashed a stream of Energy Spikes from his carapace, the sharp projectiles launching at Godzilla’s downed body, puncturing flesh with ease as he let out screams of pain. Blood flew across his form, spreading like a geyser in the open air as his scarred scales opened with incredible ease…

Shigeru’s eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen, so many questions as to why it had to be this way at all rushed through his head as Yamane quickly pushed him out of the way… moments before one of Anguirus’ launched spikes landed directly on the old man’s location. As time seemed to slow down for the both of them, Shigeru’s eyes began to water as all he could see was a smile laid on a doomed face. The doctor’s life flashed before his eyes, remembering his life’s work, the birth of his daughter, passing her to the alter…

So much time lost, so much he should have told her. So much…

“I hope you know that I always loved you, my dear Emiko…”


The earth erupted as the Energy Spike sent Shigeru flying from the blast zone, slamming into a tree and causing a world of pain to flare as he screamed.

“Shigeru!” Kiyo screamed as she rushed over to her husband, quickly wrapping her arms around him as he laid on the ground limp. Tears rushed towards her only for a sense of relief to wash over her as his opened eyes looked at her, only for tears to enter his own.

The guilt washed over him as he watched Dr. Yamane’s life end in a moment. He was powerless… it didn’t matter if it was Mount Aso or Mount Fuji, he couldn’t do a damn thing to save them, why did he have to keep enduring this test? Why did he have to live while so many others were taken from these monsters?

Hidemi clung close to Shoichi, holding on tightly as she began to sob. “It was my fault… He went to reach for me… I…” Her husband wrapped his arms around her, holding her head close to his chest as she continued to mourn the loss of a man that they had only met earlier that night, his eyes lowered as he took in her pain. He would forever be grateful to the man that saved his wife’s life, but a sense of regret washed over him as well. He had treated Yamane as some kind of monster, when in the end he chose the selfless way and gave his life for them. Maybe… maybe there was some merit to what he had to say.

Shigeru raised his arm, pointing towards the cliffside as he drew heavy breath. Kiyo looked to where her husband directed her and spotted what he was referring to in an instant, slowly putting his body against the tree in order to support him before approaching the object.

“What is it?” Shoichi asked as Kiyo reached down, pulling something out of the dirt before turning. The pilot’s eyes widened when he saw it.

The professor’s notes had survived the battle.

“This is all there is… nothing to give to his family,” Kiyo began to tear up a bit, the feeling of being empty not knowing how a family member could be butchered by a monster rushing through her mind as she remembered the Meganulon that had taken her brother. “But at the very least, we have something. Hope.”

The feeling of despair was quickly silenced as they felt the earth slightly shift, everyone turning their attention to a Godzilla that was barely standing…

It was endless.

The searing pain, the innermost humiliation at being overwhelmed by this infernal pest, it was all driving Godzilla up a wall. His pride, his ego, all of it being reduced to shambles in a matter of moments. More than his psychological deterioration, however, his body was also undergoing the torments of hell itself. Super hot spines jettisoning from the carapace of his despised foe, the volley spread far and wide to ensure that Godzilla was caught in its perimeter. Each spike that missed ensured destruction elsewhere, be it in the ruins, the surviving forest ahead, or even the cityscape beyond that. All the while, those that hit the mark embedded themselves in Godzilla’s scaly flesh, guaranteeing a world of hurt and suffering.

Puncture wounds found themselves in the arms and joints, with sparks and gushing blood in their wake. Even more found their mark within the pelvic girdle, eliciting an ear shattering screech from the king of monsters. While his regenerative power fought to sustain his scaly coat, even it was overtaxed from the many marred wounds created from the onslaught. Tears and cuts permeated throughout Godzilla’s maimed body, leaving a bloodied tyrant standing in the karma of the pain and torment he had inflicted on so many others.

But eventually, it all came to a stop.

As the last of the needles found their mark in his torso and limbs, Godzilla stood idle and motionless. He saw the swelling heat steaming from Anguirus’ carapace, the creature breathing heavily from its all out assault. He felt blood–his own blood–streaming down his body, painting his charcoal scales a bloodstained red. From the massive blood loss and overall exhaustion, the once immortal and domineering frame of Godzilla at last collapsed, crashing with a massive thud.

Tired and weary from the hellish ordeal, Anguirus turned to face his downed nemesis. Although he had only arrived at this place because of the presence of a mighty tyrant, sensing a signature similar to his own, it was without question a battle he’d never forget. A true competitor for top of the chain in a world of monsters and demons. And today, it seemed he had achieved that victory–but at a cost. He had expended every ounce of strength and power to make it out alive, let alone come out on top. His internal furnace that fueled his atomic breath and energy spikes had all but depleted, and his stamina taxed beyond measure. He no longer had the will to fight, but it was irrefutable of the outcome.

He had won.

Exhausted and battered, Anguirus took one last glance at the fallen king. The prone, unmoving beast laid there, yet signs of life showed with the wounds patching themselves together, sewing the armored flesh back to its former glory. The irradiated reptile felt that if his own poisons couldn’t keep Godzilla down, going back in for a finishing kill wasn’t going to do the trick. Not in his condition. Turning around and leaving Godzilla behind, the ankylosaur shoveled the ash-covered dirt beneath him, prepared to make the getaway.

But before he could get any deeper, a boulder smacked against his carapace–with an assertive growl following suit.

In a snap, the prehistoric ankylosaur turned and saw an image that defied all expectations. Slowly rising from his prone state, he saw Godzilla back up on his feet, his blood drunk eyes rolled within their sockets. A crazed blank look that would’ve struck fear in the hearts of mortals. But Anguirus stood defiant, holding his ground against the demon that stood before him–even if he knew he was at his limits.

For a time, they stood in the face of death, awaiting to see who’d strike first. And it was then Godzilla made the first move–not by taking a step or a swoop of the tail, but by leaning over. Allowing gravity to take hold of him, the nuclear menace collapsed onto the ground once more. A quiet growl rang from the beast’s vocal cords, likewise defying death in the face.

Seeing the fallen king unable to move, Anguirus knew it was time to hightail it out. But he had to make sure the message was loud and clear. Mustering the last of his breath, Anguirus uttered a haunting screech–one that rang across the desolate landscape of the base of Mount Fuji. Even if no one else had heard it, the only recipient it needed to reach was the arrogant tyrant that fell in battle on this day.

Resuming his previous activity, Anguirus tunneled into the charred earth, vanishing from sight deep into the Earth’s warm embrace. Where he’d be or where he’d go was of no concern to Godzilla, who laid in idle hatred, basking in self-misery. Once again, he had lost. His raging defiance kept him strong, but did him no favors in the end. Was this all that was waiting for him? His resolve was to battle, to fight, yet each time he’d ultimately lose, each becoming more humiliating than the last.

Was there more to living than to fight? He didn’t know if there’d be a world where he’d find acceptance, or if the road ahead led straight to hell.

His irrational anger demanded more bloodshed, but his animal instincts told him it was time to rest. When his body regenerated from the grievous wounds, he’d seek refuge in a body of water and continue to heal and recover. In the meantime, all he could do was wait until his bodily functions returned to him. But as he waited, he heard a subtle noise–whimpers from beyond the perimeter of the battlefield. Had it not been for the death that had been brought about by their fight, the sound would’ve gone unnoticed.

Godzilla shifted, but could barely move. He instead just had to lean into his hearing, listening to the wails of the humans. It wasn’t the screams of terror or vitriolic hatred he had been so used to hearing out of them. There was a potent sadness to it that resonated with him. And he felt disgusted by it. The mere thought of humans of all creatures to connect with, he despised the notion. But they too were suffering. He kept his heart hardened to their mourning, but did nothing to harm them.

In the intermediate time between the cries and his leaving, he heard the whips of rotary blades slice the air. It was loud, but far from deafening. It lasted only for a few minutes; and when it flew off, it left nothing. No mourning, no wailing, just pure, unfiltered silence. It was in basking in this silence that he had wished there was something to fill the void. The cries gave him comfort, a sound to connect with. But in his loneliness, he once again found himself the last creature in a pit of annihilation. The more he fought, the more he pushed back against the world around him.

And it was in this loneliness that Godzilla silently wept, realizing he was destined to be alone.


Chapter 10: Hope

-Ikuno, Hyogo Prefecture-

It was a terrible day for rain.

People gathered around a tombstone, all coming to see the final resting place of Doctor Kyohei Yamane, the scientist lost during the conflict in Tokyo only days prior.

The writing on the grave site below the man’s birth and death year said “Father & Friend”, yet those that were gathered here today, for the most part, only knew the man through his work.

Shigeru stood next to his loving wife, the man holding an umbrella to protect their clothing from the cold wet rain. The haunted man continued to stare at the grave, while he only knew the doctor for a day, he felt a part of himself be torn away as Yamane had helped him move on. Through his determination to see the battle to the end, he had inspired Shigeru to truly move forward from his demons. The threat of this new age of goliaths would continue for possibly the rest of his life, possibly for the rest of history, which meant that one way or another we had to make peace with them.

A pair walked near them, joining them as they stared at the tombstone. “I’m sorry,” Shinochi apologized, earning Shigeru and Kiyo’s attention away from the resting place. “You didn’t have to die like this.” The pilot pondered on how they had failed to save the doctor, while he had disagreed with Yamane on how to deal with the everlasting threat of Godzilla and others like him, he didn’t see that to be a reason why he should have perished. He had failed to save Kobayashi, and now he had failed to save Dr. Yamane. He had sworn an oath to protect the people of Japan, yet time and time again, he had felt that failure had climbed into his life.

Shigeru thought for a moment what to say next, the ex-miner taking time to carefully ponder his words to the man that had saved his life. “He died doing what he wanted, no matter what. I bet that in the end, he was happy for at least doing what he could.”

The four sat in silence, the words processing within each of their minds only for that very silence to be broken by a feminine voice from behind them. “He should have been home…” The group turned to see another couple approach, the daughter of the late Dr. Yamane and her husband standing beside the rest of the gathered people. Emiko stared with a heavy heart, her hand tightening ever so slightly as frustration and sorrow rose to the surface with each passing moment, tears making their way down her cheek. “That time he missed can no longer be replaced, all that time robbed away in just one single moment… Why did he have to go?”

The group stared with a mix of empathy and sorrow, not knowing how to comfort the mourning woman. Only for her husband, Hideto Ogata, to wrap his free arm around his grieving wife’s shoulders and pull her closer while the other limb held onto an umbrella that protected them from the rain.

“Your father,” Shigeru spoke as he turned towards Emiko, his voice filled with a great sadness as he thought of what to say next. “He saved our lives, in the very last moments, he chose others over himself. He showed me a path forward, and though I knew him very little, I will forever be grateful for what he did. I am just sorry that it had robbed someone of their father…”

“Thank you for your kind words,” Emiko stated as she continued to speak. “My father was a lot of things, but I am sure he would be happy knowing he helped in any way.”

The rain continued to pour as people began to walk away from the tombstone, walking towards their cars to return to their homes after a long day of mourning. Only one man approached the group, specifically towards Emiko.

“I apologize for the interruption,” the older gentleman spoke, gaining Emiko’s attention with wide eyes as she saw an all too familiar face. On most occasions this would be a time of joy seeing such an old friend, but under the circumstances, it was bittersweet. “Ms. Emiko Ogata, it’s good to see you again.”

“Likewise Steve, it’s been a long time.”

“I haven’t been in Japan since the wedding… And that awful night in Osaka only a year after the first attack.” The two shared a moment of silence for a moment before the rest of the group once again made their presence known.

“We hope that you have a better day,” Kiyo stated before bowing. “We will take our leave.” The woman grabbed Shigeru’s hand before the pair took steps forward, the mud beneath their feet slightly ruining their shoes with every step. The Kawamuras followed closely behind, the continuing conversation of Steve Martin and the Ogatas becoming nothing but muffled as they made their way to their respective cars.

“So I was thinking,” Kiyo spoke towards Hidemi, the women meeting eye contact as they stood in front of their vehicles. “It might be a good idea for us to stay in contact, with everything we have been through it might help our other halves out.” Shigeru and Shoichi slightly blushed at the idea before slightly chuckling to themselves that their wives seemed to wish the best for them.

“I would agree,” Hidemi agreed with a smile, quickly reaching into her pocket and pulling out a piece of paper before handing it over to Kiyo under the umbrella. The young woman quickly returned to the car’s side, opening the door before bowing at the Tsukiokas with a smile. “It’s good to have friends.”

Shoichi nodded as his wife entered the car, closing the door behind her. “May we meet again soon, under different circumstances.”

“Likewise.” Shigeru stated with a smile as Shoichi got into the vehicle, the pair following in their new found friends footsteps and entering their vehicle before preparing to drive off.

It was good to have friends.

As the pair of survivors departed, the three last remaining people at the grave continued their conversation, the rain pouring slightly harder with every moment that passed.

“I just wanted to give my condolences, Emiko, your father and I stayed in touch after the attacks. He was a good friend, I will miss his presence.”

“Thank you Steve,” Emiko said with a forced smile, attempting to hide the sorrow that hid deep beneath her heart. “They took both of them, Serizawa and now my father… When will the bloodshed end?”

“I wish I could have a definitive answer, but all I can hope for is that like Frankenstein and Mothra before them, others will rise to the challenge to defend humanity from those like Godzilla.” The reporter reached to his side, a brown bag hanging from it. The older gentleman pulled out a statue, one ivory in color with twin ruby colored eyes staring forward, the lion like beast on all fours. Steve carefully handed the gift to her husband, the ancient statue being extremely fragile.

“See that this is taken care of, Dr. Yamane had given it to me after a trip to Okinawa. It is most valuable.”

“A Shisha?” Hideto asked with slight confusion. “These are usually at temples, but I do not see what makes this one so special.”

“All Dr. Yamane spoke of was that in due time it could be of aid to humanity, some prophecy stating that the end of the world will come after a cloud darker than the deepest pits of hatred emerges in the sky and summons a beast of unimaginable might.” Steve tipped his hat before beginning to walk away, turning around and waving his hand goodbye as he made his way to his car.

“Until we meet again, mister and missus Ogata. I am sure it will not be all that long.”

The couple waved goodbye as the reporter took his leave, the pair examining the statue as they took one final glance at the grave. At the very least, Emiko was happy that her father had given her a gift from beyond the grave, something, anything to remember him by. But the sinking feeling that it was just another part of the work that consumed him and eventually took his life broke her heart slightly more.

But at least he was resting at long last, a feeling that any child would want for their parent when the time comes. All Emiko could hope for was that it was not all for nothing.

Winner: Anguirus (Universal)

K.W.C. Kaiju War Chronicles