Title: Godzilla: The Series Premiere: September 12th, 1998
Total Episodes: 40 Finale: April 22nd, 2000
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Produced by Adelaide Productions and based on the Tristar/Centropolis rendering of Toho's classic character, Godzilla: The Series premiered on the Fox Network late in 1998. The series is often heralded by fans, over its 1998 movie counterpart, for returning the title character closer to his roots by giving Godzilla back his atomic ray and pitting him against other monsters.

Story wise, the series starts off right where GODZILLA (1998) ended, with the lone offspring alive after the death of the adult. By a twist of fate, Nick Tatopoulos stumbles upon the young creature, and Godzilla quickly forms a parental bond with him. With the creature fully grown, Tatopoulos forms the group HEAT to conduct research on the nuclear leviathan, while Godzilla continues to save humanity by fighting off a large number of hostile creatures and sometimes organizations.

It should be noted that episodes of the show were often premiered out of chronological order. Thankfully, the series does not depend on major story arcs, so this was not much of an issue; in fact, the only problematic occurrence happened in relation to the Monster Wars trilogy of episodes, where the monster King Cobra was featured despite the fact that his introductory episode had yet to air.

Unfortunately, the series found a premature end, in the midst of its second season, on April 22nd of 2000, while two episodes of the show were never aired.

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