DVD Title
 Godzilla: The Series
International Title
 Godzilla: The Series
Series Length: 854 minutes Original Length: 854 minutes
Company: Mill Creek Entertainment Release: 2014
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Anamorphic: No
Region: 1 Discs: 4
Language/Sound: Order
English (2.0 Surround)
· Menus (English)
· Chapters (120)
- New Family - Part 1 (3)
- New Family - Part 2 (3)
- Talkin' Trash (3)
- D.O.A. (3)
- The Winter of Our Discontent (3)
- Cat and Mouse (3)
- Leviathan (3)
- What Dreams May Come (3)
- Hive (3)
- Bird of Paradise (3)
- Freeze! (3)
- DeadLoch (3)
- Competition (3)
- Bug Out (3)
- Monster Wars - Part 1 (3)
- Monster Wars - Part 2 (3)
- Monster Wars - Part 3 (3)
- An Early Frost (3)
- What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been (3)
- Web Site (3)
- Wedding Bells Blew (3)
- Juggernaut (3)
- Shafted (3)
- Trust No One (3)
- Lizard Season (3)
- The Ballad of Gens du Marias (3)
- Ring of Fire (3)
- Protector (3)
- Vision (3)
- Freak Show (3)
- Metamorphosis (3)
- Where is Thy Sting? (3)
- Underground Movement (3)
- The Twister (3)
- S.C.A.L.E. (3)
- Future Shock (3)
- End of the Line (3)
- Area 51 (3)
- Tourist Trap (3)
- Clash of the Titans (3)
Anthony Romero

For the first time, this four disc set releases all 40 episodes of the Godzilla: The Series that aired from 1998 to 2000. This includes the unaired episodes as well, The Ballad of Gens du Marais and Tourist Trap, along with the nine which were previously available on the Sony DVDs. In terms of quality, the set has 10 episodes a disc which is bound to result in some compression. The result is satisfactory, with an okay video and audio presentation, although devoid of extras.

 Video: Star Rating

Given that there are 40 episodes across four DVDs, one would expect the quality to shift and they are right. Most of the episodes look pretty good, although New Family - Part 1 and New Family - Part 2 has a lot of digital noise present. Not shockingly, the episodes that were previously released on DVD tend to fare a bit better than the norm, with DeadLoch looking the best. Sadly, a few of the other episodes do have a minor distortion line at the top that looks like this. These episodes with the line at the top include New Family - Part 2, Leviathan, Wedding Bells Blew, Juggernaut, Shafted, Trust No One and Lizard Season. Basically most of the episodes on the third disc have this problem. The colors on this release are okay, at times feeling a little too bright or oversaturated which is most obvious on Freeze!, What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been and Metamorphosis. The exception to this are Underground Movement and The Twister which seems more muted in terms of colors and darker such as this. Given that there are 10 episodes per disc, some compression is expected, although Mill Creek has handled this pretty well. Detail on the episodes are okay, with a few exceptions like Cat and Mouse which are more soft.

As a side note, the show's introduction looks fantastic and similar to how it appeared on the Sony DVDs, as it appears they used the same source for it every time. Speaking of compared to the previous releases, the Monster Wars stuff looks better here than the earliest Sony DVD. However, the other six episodes, like Where is Thy Sting?, do look a little worse due to compression.

Godzilla: The Series is presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.33:1.


All of the episodes contain the original, two channel, surround English audio given upon release of the show on TV. There is nothing commendable about the audio, but no inconsistencies either and features the basic directionality heard on the TV program.

Oddly enough, this set has no English subtitles at all, even though the episodes featured on the earlier Sony DVDs did include them.


The four disc set has no extras to speak of. On that note, though, the menus on this set look rather cheap and blurred as well, sadly. The menus will let you select the episodes or play them all. The episodes are ordered correctly by their original numbering, rather than the airdates that were out of order. As a side note, the third disc incorrectly titles The Ballad of Gens du Marais as "The Ballad of Gens du Marias".

Also worth noting are the chapter breaks. Each episode has three chapters. These appear at the very start, right after the opening intro and the last one right before the end credits. The chapters are less about saving a place within the episode, and more about optimized.

Sadly, the physical presentation of the disc also has an odd layout. The four discs are all stacked on top of each other. Meaning if you want to get the fourth disc out, for example, you have to remove the top three.


Bottom line, not a great release in terms of quality, but you get a ton of bang for your buck. Selling for $13-$15, you get what amounts to a season plus worth of episodes. Given that, and that many of these episodes can't be found elsewhere, this is a very worthwhile addition to Godzilla fans' collections unless they are allergic to everything related to the first American Godzilla.