Toy: Godzilla 1954 12" Head to Tail (NECA) Name
 Godzilla 1954 12" Head to Tail
Version Source
Company: NECA
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2015 Height: 30 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

After a couple of remodel/repaint figures, NECA closes out 2015 with their best Godzilla release yet with Godzilla 1954.


Side View

This figure really knocked it out of the park for me. The mold is LARGELY suit accurate to the Godzilla 1954 suit and it's one of the best Godzilla 1954 figures to come out in a long time. The figure has a nice solid weight to it and is highly detailed.

The scales look great with deep groove and sculpted wrinkles to further emulate the bulkiness of the suit. The backplates look great as well and are soft vinyl that is great to the touch. The sculpt of the face is great with the creepiness of the design. I love it!


Godzilla 1954 doesn't come with any accessories.



Godzilla 1954 is a little stiff but sturdy in the articulation area which is great because there's nothing worse than loose joints on a new figure.

The shoulders, forearms, and hands can all more 360 degrees while the fingers have an articulated grip centered on the palm joint. The neck and head are divided into the usual sections that NECA likes to make with the neck acting like somewhat of a "sheath" which the head rests on top of. What's cool this time around is that the neck can move up and down and side to side. The jaw can move up and down and it doesn't snap into place when pushed all the way down like previous figures which is a nice touch.

The feet can move 360 degrees as can the legs and thighs (which can also move outward slightly). As usual the tail is half articulated joints and half rubber with a bendy wire to allow for different poses but the tail joint can come loose and pop off. It's not a big deal since you can just pop it back on but it's not as sturdy as the previous figures.


Front View

Godzilla 1954 has a GREAT paint job. The toenails and claws have a great solid grey paint job with only a couple of blemishes here and there. What I really found to be pretty cool was that Godzilla's tongue and teeth were also painted grey to play up the black and white origin of the character.

The backplates are painted nicely as well with the top part being grey and the mid and lower portions being black. The eyeballs are painted a solid white with a black pupil which just really adds to the creepiness of the design. The pupils aren't totally perfect on my figure however. The pupil on the right side is a little crooked and smaller in size which is distracting when you look at it dead on.


It's great to see NECA not only come out with a new mold after the recent repaints/re molds but they also really knocked it out of the park with this release and it's a must buy if you're a fan of the design or if you're a collector. It's obvious that a lot of love and care went into the sculpt and it was even mentioned in my interview with Randy Faulk from NECA: "Also I want to make sure we cover the original 1956 version [1954 in Japan] no matter what – it is important to me that we can pay tribute to the one that started it all." I'd say mission accomplished!

Rating: Star Rating