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Chris Mirjahangir: We are talking with NECA for an exclusive reveal of their upcoming Godzilla 1985 figure from the film The Return of Godzilla (1984).

Here are the figure specs:

Godzilla – 12" Head-to-Tail Action Figure – 1985 Godzilla
In celebration of the new Godzilla motion picture, we begin to explore the classic decade-spanning franchise, with our second version of the beloved monster based on the movie Godzilla 1985 (originally titled The Return of Godzilla). The figure stands over 6" tall, with a head-to-tail measurement of over 12" long. It features incredible detail, including a bendable tail and nearly 30 points of articulation!

The figure releases October 2014.

Below are a first look at the figure while I conducted an EXCLUSIVE interview with Randy Falk from NECA about the Godzilla 1985 figure as well as future releases!

So, to start, did you expect this current outpouring of interest in the classic Godzilla figures when NECA first started working on them?

Randy Falk:
We certainly hoped for the best but did not expect it to take off the way it did – the response and interest has been fantastic thus far.

Mirjahangir: When did work on the Godzilla 1985 figure begin?

Sometime last Fall -- we identified the versions we wanted to do going backwards at first, and in the late Fall/early Winter we started work on the '85.

Mirjahangir: Why did you choose Godzilla 1985 as one of the first figures to make?

We initially wanted to work our way backwards with some of our favorite looks and looks that vary from one another. '94 was our first venture after 2014 and then '85 seemed like the next logical choice.

Mirjahangir: How involved was Toho with the design process?

They are involved with approvals and critiquing the finished sculpts, but overall design and articulation has been handled in-house by our talented team, including David Silva and Thomas Gwyn.

Mirjahangir: Were there any different variations of poses for the figure before it reached the final version?

No variations in terms of poses, as all of these are super articulated and SO many poses are attainable thanks to all the well hidden and well engineered joints each figure has.

Mirjahangir: Will you be doing figures of enemy monsters, either for the classic or modern Godzilla line?

No plans for MUTO or monsters yet. We are limited somewhat in what we can do with the classic films anyway, so for now it is better for us to focus on all the key iconic versions of Godzilla over the past 60 years.

Mirjahangir: Would NECA ever make a Godzilla 1998 figure?

Last on the list if we do, don't like anything about the film or the design personally, and many feel the same.

Mirjahangir: Can you reveal anything about the future of the classic Godzilla line?

Well, we have three more underway currently – two are a little more unconventional or different than what you might think initially. You might see one more this Fall possibly as a Black Friday retail exclusive.

Also I want to make sure we cover the original 1956 version [1954 in Japan] no matter what – it is important to me that we can pay tribute to the one that started it all.



Director of Product Development at NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) for twelve years, Randy has seen the company talk on a number of licensed properties from the Predator and Ghostbusters series, to their latest work with Godzilla.

Date: 07/21/2014
Interviewer: Chris Mirjahangir


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