KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 209 - Author: Joseph Steinard Jr.

Match 209: Kumonga (Showa) vs. M.U.T.O. (Female)
Banner: Landon Soto

Trees fell over by the dozens as a large pair of tar black claws trampled them. The body that belonged to them was also dark, almost bug-like. It hunched over as it made its way through the forest. Its two giant arms were followed by two more sets of legs, one pair behind the arms and the other on the backside of the creature. It held a cylinder with a radioactive symbol in its clamp-like mouth, being careful not to bite too hard to release its valuable contents. The black giant had gotten it from a ship that was transporting the nuke, destroying the vessel in the process. 

The female M.U.T.O. was going to share it with her mate. 

She didn’t usually hunt by herself, but her mate was recovering from a fight with a small red kaiju who invaded their nest. They easily killed it, but the male’s wing was damaged in the ensuing brawl.  The female M.U.T.O. lightly put the nuke on the ground, careful not to detonate it, and called out to her mate, her booming roar echoing through the green forest, expecting to hear a response.

The only thing she heard was the sounds of birds chirping.

The female M.U.T.O. tilted her head and made a confused noise before bending down and grabbing the cylinder in her mouth. This was unusual, it was only a week since the male had sustained his injuries and every time the female came back and called to him, her mate would answer. She lifted her head up and continued walking to her nest. All she wanted to do was see her eggs and mate, both safe in their nest.

The female was half-way to her nest when she sensed an unfamiliar presence.

It was not her mate. 

The female M.U.T.O.’s eyes pulsated as panic filled her mind. She lightly put the nuke on the ground and quickly ran toward their nest, kicking up dirt and trees as she hurried her pace. The M.U.T.O. hoped to find her mate there, safe with their unborn young. 

The jet-black insectoid creature’s jaw dropped as she approached the giant pit that was her nest, but something awful had happened to it. Web had covered the hole in the ground, clinging to the walls of dirt. The female M.U.T.O.'s heart sank when she saw what was in the middle of the web. 

The male M.U.T.O.

His normally red eyes were dark and his body lay limp, his mouth hung open as the web held him in place. The female M.U.T.O. took her right arm up and slammed it into the ground, breaking up the dirt as she wailed to the sky in sorrow, echoing through the entire area for miles. Her sadness then turned to rage as she wondered what could have done this. Whatever did this to her mate must have also killed her eggs. That just fueled her anger further. 

Suddenly, the black giant sensed the unfamiliar presence again. Something crawled out of the pit, its eight legs carried it to a small hole in the webbing that was just big enough for it to get in and out of. Its eight purple eyes spotted the origin of the noises. It looked like the bug-like creature he had killed hours ago except it was far larger and lacked wings. The yellow and brown spider, Kumonga, stood on his eight long legs and chittered at the creature.

The female M.U.T.O. let out a low growl as she saw the spider who not only took her home, but killed her mate and possibly her eggs. 

Kumonga chittered at the large black creature again, staying his ground and not letting his new territory get taken. After all, he still had enough room for one more meal.

Something on the arachnid then caught the insectoid’s attention. A small red orb hung from Kumonga’s stinger, liquid was dripping from it before it fell on the ground, splattering on impact, making a red stain in the dirt. The M.U.T.O. could make out a small, underdeveloped black body in the red liquid. The ancient kaiju let out a low rumbling noise before letting out her wail-like roar which nearly made the giant spider retreat.

The M.U.T.O. would avenge her mate and her unborn brood! 

Without any hesitation, the female slammed her claws into the ground and charged toward Kumonga, kicking up dirt as she ran toward the arachnid with bloodlust in her eyes. Kumonga swiftly jumped out of the way, thinking the larger kaiju would fall into his web. The M.U.T.O. skidded to a halt as the giant spider leapt to the side. Kumonga chittered before sending his sticky white spray at the black giant.

The M.U.T.O. evaded the web and charged once more at the monster who killed her loved ones. Kumonga scurried to the side, dodging the vengeful insectoid before reaching out with one of his legs, hitting the M.U.T.O. in the backside. Although the tips of the spider’s limps were pointed, they weren’t sharp enough to pierce the ancient kaiju’s hide. The female roared at Kumonga and smacked him with her claw, sending the arachnid tumbling across the ground. Hitting a group of trees, the giant spider knocked them over as it skidded on its side. The M.U.T.O. roared at the downed arachnid and charged at him once more.

Kumonga hurriedly got off his side and scurried away before turning to face the parasite, who also turned to face him, skidding across the ground as dirt flew up to the M.U.T.O.'s wrists. Trees uprooted as the black bug-like creature came to a halt. The M.U.T.O. brought her claws down to the ground once more and ran to the spider again. Kumonga leapt into the air as the black insectoid charged toward him, going over her and landing behind her. The M.U.T.O. roared in frustration as she realized how hard it was to touch this arachnid. Kumonga chittered at his opponent before spraying his web at her, hitting the M.U.T.O. in her red eyes.

The parasite roared out as she was blinded, shaking her head to try to get the sticky webbing off. The spider chittered once more and sprayed more web at the M.U.T.O., knowing he now had the advantage. To Kumonga’s surprise; however, the black insectoid quickly moved out of the way, letting the webbing go onto a few trees, covering them.

The arachnid chittered in surprise and tried spraying his opponent with his web again and again. The insectoid kaiju dodged every time.

The M.U.T.O. didn’t need to use her eyes to see, she could sense every movement. She could feel the vibrations in the ground and hear the chitterings of the predator she was facing. The ancient insectoid used a unique ability to her species that made them different from other kaiju: echolocation.

The M.U.T.O. turned her head and roared at Kumonga, causing the arachnid to take a few steps back. The parasite charged once more at her opponent, knowing exactly where the spider scurried. The M.U.T.O. lifted her claw once she got to where Kumonga was and quickly brought it down. The giant spider swiftly moved out of the way, missing the vengeful beast’s claw by mere meters. The M.U.T.O. growled in annoyance as she noticed she hadn’t caved the killer’s head in yet. 

The parasite brought her other arm up and slammed it back down to the ground, splitting some of the Earth apart instead of Kumonga’s head as the spider once again moved out of the way. The M.U.T.O. roared in annoyance and repeated her assault, Kumonga dodging each time. After six times of missing her opponent, the insectoid kaiju brought her left arm up and made it go down to where the arachnid was just like before. Kumonga was about to evade the attack again, but was caught off guard when the M.U.T.O. used her right claw to smack the spider, sending him flying into a group of trees, crushing them under his weight as he landed on his back.

Quickly coming out of his daze, Kumonga’s legs flailed in the air as he tried to get up, chittering in a panic as he heard the sound of the parasite coming toward his fallen body. 

The M.U.T.O. approached the spider as he just got up. Kumonga chattered at the tar black kaiju as he waved his front legs at her threateningly. The M.U.T.O. let out her booming roar, causing a few trees around them to shake. The arachnid began spraying his web at the ancient parasite, but the M.U.T.O. dodged before charging at Kumonga. The spider smacked her in the face with the tip of his long front leg, drawing yellow blood across the big black kaiju’s cheek, causing her to stumble back. The female growled in frustration at the attack before Kumonga continued to hit her in the head with his legs, making more blood spurt out.

One of the hits managed to daze her, causing the M.U.T.O. to roar in pain as she tried shaking off her dizziness, using her front arms to support her. The spider kaiju took advantage of this and jumped on top of her, wrapping his lengthy legs around her big body, causing her to collapse. The ancient creature moaned as she slammed into the ground. Coming to her senses, she saw the predator’s head near her own. Knowing that Kumonga was going to make a meal out of her, she grabbed two of his legs tightly.

Kumonga shrieked as his legs were restrained. The ancient insectoid pulled him down slightly, opening her mouth and preparing to bite the spider’s head off. Kumonga shrieked once more in panic before coming up with an idea. 

As the M.U.T.O. brought the arachnid’s head closer and closer to her maw, Kumonga sprayed his web in her mouth.

The jet black parasite wailed as the sticky substance went through her mouth and down her throat, clogging her breathing. The M.U.T.O. let go of the arachnid before pushing him aside. She got up and tried coughing up the web, slamming her claws into the ground as she wailed. 

Kumonga quickly got to his feet. The mammoth spider was going to get this over with and inject his prey with his stinger, but then he looked past her and saw the pit that used to be her nest. Another idea popped into his head before he jumped over the ancient beast and scurried toward the webbed-up hole. 

The M.U.T.O. coughed as she finally got the last of the web out of her mouth, coating the ground in front of her in wet webbing. She looked up, noticing something wrong. 

Kumonga wasn’t here. 

The M.U.T.O. let loose a pulse to find her foe and immediately turned to the fleeing spider. This angered the M.U.T.O. once more. Did it think it could flee and consume its brood and mate?

The ancient kaiju roared as she turned to the direction of the pit and ran toward it. 

The arachnid heard the echo and felt the tremors of the M.U.T.O. charging toward him, preparing himself as she got closer and closer. 

The parasite was almost there, ready to impale the impudent creature upon her front claws. She sensed Kumonga was still on the surface. As soon as the M.U.T.O. got close enough, the spider swiftly jumped out of the way, hoping the larger kaiju would fall into the web. 

Instead, the M.U.T.O. skidded to a halt.

The black parasite slammed her claw down on one of Kumonga’s legs as he panicked, breaking it immediately before smacking him to the left, causing the arachnid to tumble across the ground.

Kumonga weakly tried to get off his side as yellow blood trickled out of his broken limb. A large shadow loomed over him. The M.U.T.O. grabbed his broken leg and the one on the other side before lifting him up and slamming him to the ground on his stomach.

The vengeful beast wanted to see her mate’s killer suffer. 

Kumonga let out weak chitterings as he tried to get up. He could hear the M.U.T.O. slowly approaching him. The arachnid got to his feet and glanced at his surroundings merely to find himself near the edge of the pit. 

Kumonga saw the ancient black beast approaching him, roaring as she lifted her claw up, ready to strike the killing blow. The arachnid used whatever bit of energy he had and jumped up. The M.U.T.O. turned to her other side, expecting to see the predator there.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t what Kumonga had in mind. 

The arachnid launched atop the parasite, clutching its backside with all of its thin legs. Immediately, the M.U.T.O. panicked, roaring as she tried shaking Kumonga off of her back to no avail. The female frenzied ever more, shaking with all the strength she possessed, but Kumonga refused to let go, waiting until the moment to finally finish off his prey. Luckily for him, the moment came. 

Kumonga shot out his stinger, which quickly dug into the ancient parasite’s shoulder. 

The M.U.T.O. wailed in pain as she was not only stabbed, but toxic venom dispersed through her system. The jet black giant stumbled back before the arachnid detached himself from her back and jumped off, landing in front of her. The M.U.T.O. didn’t have time to question why as the ground beneath her fractured, collapsing her into the web coated pit. 

The M.U.T.O. wailed as her weight broke through the webbing until eventually she was entangled, facing down. The ancient parasite glanced warily at her former nest and using her echolocation, saw what was left of her eggs. There was only a few remaining intact, but soon they like her would fall victim to the spider. Her young would never get a chance to live. The M.U.T.O. had failed to avenge her mate and their brood. 

With an upset groan, the female let the venom overtake her.

Kumonga slowly scurried to his web, crawling past the hole he made for himself then past the dying M.U.T.O. He would eventually eat her, but after their fight, he needed rest. The giant spider laid on the ground of the pit as his leg continued bleeding.

This female M.U.T.O. was surely a greater challenge than the male.

Kumonga (Showa)
Kumonga (Showa)