KWC: Kaiju War Chronicles

Match 191 - Author: Thomas Eckert

Match 191: Gomora vs. King Caesar (Millennium)
Banner: Tyler Trieschock

A massive earthquake shook the island of Okinawa and awakened its inhabitants. The royal family of Azumi had grown up with earthquakes for generations. They knew this wasn’t a natural earthquake. A creature of titanic power and size was predicted in an ancient prophecy to appear upon their island and bring complete devastation to their doorstep. Their daughter, knowing her duty, wandered toward a massive mountain wall that laid near Okinawa and sang a song. Her plan was to awaken their protector. Even with the quaking growing more severe, she didn’t miss a lyric.

The quaking ceased when she completed her song as if on cue with it. That’s when a trio of sharp horns emerged from the island’s ground, piercing through it like powerful dagger. The singer looked in terror as something broke free from the underground. Tons of sand and dirt rained down from its gigantic form like a landslide. The singer did her best to escape from raining debris, but was knocked on the head by one of the rocks. As she fell unconscious, the invading kaiju roared to the sky to announce its arrival.

Gomora scanned its new surroundings and saw a collection of temples to destroy. Before he could destroy the buildings, he noticed something on the ground. The Azumi’s daughter had collapsed, her head bleeding from the rock that hit her. The ancient kaiju reached down, hoping to make a meal out of her. That’s when he heard rocks crashing into the ocean. The saurian looked toward the disturbance and figured it was just a bunch of rocks reacting to the earthquake he caused.

Suddenly, something even larger leapt out from inside the mountain ledge and landed in the sea. To Gomora’s surprise, it was a beast that resembled a mix between a lion and a wolf yet it stood on two legs like a human. King Caesar reared his arms back and roared toward Gomora. His prehistoric opponent roared in response and punched his fists together. Both kaiju charged into each other, causing massive waves to pound Okinawa’s shore in the process.

When their paths crossed, the ancient kaiju delivered a punch to King Caesar, only for the mammalian beast to catch it and leap into the air. The saurian had no time to respond before King Caesar’s foot slammed into his chest. King Caesar landed back in the water with a mighty splash while Gomora backpedaled from the attack. King Caesar, wanting to press his advantage, ran toward Gomora at full speed. However, the ancient kaiju saw his opponent coming and bent down on his knees. Before King Caesar could figure out what his foe’s plan was, he ran right into Gomora’s trap.

When King Caesar was close enough, Gomora grabbed his opponent with his horns and sent him flying overhead with a powerful thrust. The Okinawa guardian roared in surprise as he soared through the air and crashed face-first onto the island. Gomora gave off a taunting roar before charging toward his fallen enemy. King Caesar heard his opponent coming and returned to his feet. When the ancient kaiju got within breathing distance of King Caesar, he attempted to kick him. The Okinawa guardian caught it, however, and using all of his strength, forced Gomora back onto the ground.

King Caesar snarled at his opponent, but when he got too close, his opponent lashed out with his powerful tail and struck him in the legs. The blow was enough to knock him on his side. With his foe down, Gomora pounced on the Okinawa guardian’s chest and pummeled his face repeatedly with his fists. To make things worse, the ancient kaiju had both his feet pushing down on King Caesar’s arms, pinning them down. King Caesar shrieked in pain as his opponent’s hits grew worse. Being trapped wasn’t helping him either. His enemy had his full weight on top of him, keeping him pinned to the ground. He needed to escape.

When the ancient kaiju attempted to punch King Caesar again, the protector of Okinawa bit his hand as hard as he could. Gomora shrieked in pain from his enemy’s teeth piercing his flesh. He punched him with his only free hand to force King Caesar to release his grip. King Caesar, on the other hand, only used his foe’s desperate attack to bite harder. The increase in pain overtook Gomora’s mind. So much that he lessened his weight on King Caesar’s body.

With enough of his foe’s weight off of him, King Caesar slipped his arms and pulled his lower half free while keeping his jaws clamped tightly on Gomora’s hand. Having freed himself, King Caesar released his bite and grabbed the ancient kaiju’s frontal and right horn. Gomora shrieked in surprise when the Okinawa guardian pulled him off of the ground and sent him slamming down onto the ground with an earth-quaking thud.

King Caesar stood over his opponent, waiting for any more attacks. Then to his surprise, the ancient kaiju started digging into the ground. Within minutes, Gomora had completely submerged into the ground. Thinking that his foe decided to retreat, King Caesar unleashed a mighty roar of victory. He then headed back to his resting place. Suddenly, something exploded in front of him, catching him off-guard and forcing onto the ground with a startled shriek. Gomora roared as he emerged from the soil. His plan to fool his opponent worked. He climbed out from the subterranean depths and growled at King Caesar. Gomora, seeing his foe still recovering from the unexpected maneuver, decided to unleash his most powerful weapon.

When the Okinawa guardian stood up, he suddenly shrieked in surprise when an energy beam struck his chest with incredible force. The ancient kaiju took one step forward and continued to unleash his Super Oscillatory beam onto King Caesar. The power of the energy weapon was too much for King Caesar to handle and he was forced backwards toward a temple. His shrieks of pain continued until he crashed into the structure. His stony weight crushing it like a cardboard box.

Gomora roared victoriously and wandered closer to his downed enemy. King Caesar took his time to stand back. The pain he received from Gomora’s energy beam was almost paralyzing. By the time he stood up straight, the ancient kaiju slashed his claws into his chest. Being designed for burrowing underground, Gomora’s claws took small chunks of King Caesar’s rock-like skin out with one swipe. The golem shrieked in pain and tried to attack with his hands, but the ancient kaiju grabbed King Caesar’s hands and spun around rapidly with his foe in his clutches. Gomora sent King Caesar crashing into the ground with a thud.

King Caesar did his best to stand with his back turned, but Gomora wasn’t going to wait for him to fully recover. With an arrogant snarl, the ancient kaiju’s horn glowed again. He summoned his Super Oscillatory beam a second time, hoping to make the Okinawa guardian’s head explode into pieces. But King Caesar had other plans.

When Gomora’s beam shot forth from his horn, King Caesar turned around quickly and allowed the beam to enter his left eye. The ancient kaiju couldn’t believe his luck. He smiled at the thought of his opponent handing him such an easy kill. However, his joy disappeared at what happened next. Instead of causing his head to explode, a concentrated version of his beam exited out of King Caesar’s right eye and struck Gomora’s left horn. The once confident dinosaur shrieked in absolute pain as his horn exploded into pieces.

With his foe overwhelmed with pain, King Caesar focused the beam toward Gomora’s chest. The dinosaur shrieked in surprise at the fact that he was being pushed back by his very own weapon. He ceased summoning energy as quickly as he could. Only when the beam completely exited out of King Caesar’s eye did the assault stop, but by then, the ancient kaiju had already crashed into the remnants of the temple King Caesar crushed earlier.

King Caesar roared proudly that his plan worked. Gomora groaned in pain from being hit by his own weapon. He touched the destroyed stub of his horn. His eyes widened as he noticed blood. He was able to stand, but couldn’t shake off his pain. He snarled when he saw the Okinawa guardian sprinting toward him. He responded by swinging his tail, but King Caesar leapt over it with incredible grace. The agile deity of the island tried to kick the ancient kaiju while in the air, but the dinosaur dodged it easily.

When he landed, Gomora attacked again with his tail. King Caesar brought up his arms to defend himself from the blows. Seeing his attack failing him, the ancient kaiju simply slashed his claws into the Okinawa guardian’s arms, causing him to shriek in pain. Gomora then kicked King Caesar with his foot and floored him. Gomora leapt up and tried to body-slam King Caesar, only for the golem to roll out of the way. Both monsters stood back up and eyed each other.

The two titans charged into each other with their claws extended. The Okinawa guardian slashed first, but the ancient kaiju dodged the attack and craved his claws into King Caesar’s legs, taking out bite-size pieces out of his legs. King Caesar shrieked in pain from the attack, but was quickly silenced when Gomora grabbed him by his arms and slammed him hard onto the ground. With his foe down, Gomora extended his claws and raked into King Caesar’s legs repeatedly. Each powerful slash took out chunks of King Caesar’s rocky exterior. Each shriek of pain only inspired the ancient kaiju to continue the assault.

The Okinawa guardian could feel his legs losing density. If he didn’t act quickly, he would lose them completely. Gomora snarled, ready to break King Caesar’s legs. The Okinawa guardian prevented him from doing so by moving his legs quickly and allowing the ancient kaiju to strike only the dirt. King Caesar stood the best he could, but wobbled a bit from his legs being damaged. Gomora lunged forward, hoping to strike King Caesar’s damaged legs. King Caesar leapt into the air before Gomora could reach them and performed a side-kick into the ancient kaiju’s frontal horn. Gomora shrieked in agony when his frontal horn shattered from the attack.

King Caesar felt pain from his legs when he landed. He inspected the damage. Large cracks and deep holes were present on his legs. Fortunately for him, he was able to stand and walk. He saw Gomora gripping his broken horn in pain. The deity of Okinawa harbored no remorse for the wounded creature and attacked. Before the ancient kaiju could respond, King Caesar grabbed him by the arms and slammed him down into the dirt.

With his foe down, King Caesar slammed his feet down onto Gomora’s arms to pin them and grabbed his only remaining horn to slam him into the ground. The Okinawa guardian repeated this technique until he felt his foe’s movements growing weaker. King Caesar stood up and gazed upon his fallen opponent. Gomora groaned in agony as he tried getting back up. The loss of his frontal horn and the beating he received took its toll on him. When he returned to his feet, he gave one last groan before collapsing onto the ground.

King Caesar roared in victory. With his enemy defeated and Okinawa safe again, he returned to his resting place. That’s when he noticed a pair of small spaceships and a massive, golden-colored orb-like one floating above him. He roared a challenge to him, but was immediately beamed up by one of the smaller ships.

“Mmm. This King Caesar is quite the fighter!” the Xilien Commander said with a smirk, “Perhaps he can be useful for my plan in eradicating these giant pests.”

King Caesar (Millennium)
King Caesar (Millennium)