Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 159:
Match 159: Zilla vs. Kumonga (Showa)
By: Grayson Post

Cairo, home to one of the oldest sources of civilization and a thriving port, was silent. The city had been victim to the attacks of kaiju, a rare event for this part of the globe. Most of the busy city had been littered with spots of webbing, future meals for Kumonga. Anyone not trapped in the webs were hiding, too fearful to emerge from the presumed safety of the buildings. Large chunks of destroyed landscape showed signs of a devastating fight, with burned husks and sliced structures. The ancient ruins that drew the world to this place were covered as well, with the Great Pyramids of Giza themselves becoming storage for the kaiju spider. Feeding had occurred, with a large cranium of a Gyaos sticking out from the ruins with a stinger firmly lodged into its skull.

The perpetrator itself was nearby, sitting beneath sand dunes in wait. It had been a few weeks since the metal shells had come, or the stinging birds flown in. The floating ones hadn't been in the water since it had begun, and most of the sacs were empty. So it sat in waiting, expecting another of the giant monsters to arrive. One had before, and it couldn't be long before another showed.

The gigantic spider's instinct was correct, as the ground began to shake. In front of the pyramids, the earth cracked and bent, quickly crumbling as a kaiju launched itself out, landing onto the earth with a small thud. The boxy head of Zilla rose, shaking as it stood up onto two legs. The waters of the Pacific were too full of competition, and he had been moving this way for a few weeks, only hitting the west coast of Africa a few days before.

With the chittering call that came from the west, the mutation knew that he was not alone. Turning to face the emerging insect, a roar was the beast's warming cry. He had not traveled all this way to be forced out by a giant bug. The reptile leapt upward, aiming to land on top of the insect. Unfortunately for it, Kumonga had the same idea. Both crashed into each other mid-air, falling to the ground with a loud thud.

In the mess of spindly legs and spikes, Zilla was the first to recover. He had seen what the spider was able to do back on Monster Island with others up close, and he wasn't going to be on the menu today. He squirmed out from beneath the slowly moving arthropod, the spines on his back accidentally slicing into the segments of a leg. The spider screeched in pain, thrashing about while the potential prey slipped away. It used the pain to right itself, hissing angrily. This intruder would pay for what it had done.

The spider quickly fell upon the mutant, legs swinging down at it. The reptile screeched as the claws made deep gouges into its flesh. It swiped at Kumonga's face, only for it to be countered by more legs. Snarling, Zilla leapt forward, jaws clamping onto one of the legs. The spider gave a screech, shaking the lizard around as if it were a parasite. A moan left the clamped jaws of the copycat, and he let go. The flailing leg knocked the creature away, landing with a thud. Standing up groggily, Zilla shook his head. A new strategy was needed than charging head on.

Using his superior speed, the lizard quickly darted to the left of the spider. As it tried to turn slowly Zilla leapt upon the back of the insect, hooking its claws around one of the edges of a segment. The spider began to thrash around, leaping about and shaking in an attempt to rid itself of the hitchhiker. Zilla gave a small roar, almost in excitement as to the ride it was getting. It ended abruptly, the spider bucking off its rider. Zilla flew through the air and crashed into the Great Sphinx, sending the head into the Nile River. The mutant stood up, quickly running to avoid another bout of swinging legs from the spider, as he headed toward the desert.

Gaining what he thought was enough distance, Zilla turned back to face Kumonga. He gave a roar, pawing the ground in an attempt to intimidate. Little reaction came from the spider, with only a loud cry being heard. As he began to run at it, a string of webbing landed square in the kaiju's face. The lizard crashed into the dirt with a screech, a cloud appearing from the buried debris. The spider didn't stop, sending more and more onto the beast until only it's struggling could be seen. Stalking forward, the arachnid shot a poison stinger into the webbing, and raised a leg. It swiped down, stabbing down into the webbing and into a gigantic hole.

Kumonga began to backpedal, confused as to what had happened. The prey should have been right there, it was impossible for it to have broken out at this point. But it was proven wrong, as Zilla erupted from beneath it. He had seen back on Monster Island how devastating the spider's webbing could be, and the thrashing had been him escaping.

Lifting the spider up, the mutant ran toward the pyramids, intending to trap it's foe in between the ancient structures. Kumonga's legs flailed in the air as it was pushed forward, screeching as it did. It soon turned into cries of pain, as the front part of the Gyaos skull broke through the carapace, sending a splattering of blood and guts onto the lookalike's back. Zilla didn't stop, forcing the skull deeper into the kaiju with his strength.

It popped through in its entirety, the blood and guts pooling in the socket before dripping onto the ground. The thrashing limbs that slammed into Zilla made him move back, keeping some distance. He watched with primordial satisfaction as its thrashing slowed to a twitch, and then stopped. Zilla let out a roar of victory, and looked over his newly won territory. There would be time needed for clearing out the webbing, and make this new place home. For now though, it was time to feast. Insect wasn't his normal thing to eat, but he wasn't one to waste such an opportunity.