Kaiju War Chronicles (K.W.C.)
Match 137:
By: Tyler Trieschock

A Japanese Self Defense Force Base overlooked the ocean from the massive hill it was built on. Massive slopes were on all of its sides except for a large cliff that protected its right flank. A vehicle depot and a helicopter pad added to the already impressive base. Many who worked inside of the base considered it a small fortress to any who dare attack it as well as a warning of Japan's might. Day in and day out, dozens of workers entered the building to keep the station operational. A continuous downpour over the last few days had not been able to stop the daily personnel’s duties but then everyone suddenly came to a halt to get a view at the two beings that had walked to the gate. Everyone on base stared at the two guests as they seemed out of place. One of the two beings was an old Japanese man with a large suitcase, but everyone seemed more focused on his companion whom was a smiling, multicolored robot.

Goro Ibuki, after gaining clearance from the perimeter guards, walked into the base and found the nearest clerk. The lady put on her usual plastic smile and welcomed the guest but her smile soon dissipated when she noticed the robot enter behind the man.

“Can... I... help you?” the clerk asked Goro in confusion.

“Yes my dear,” Goro replied with a smirk on his face. “I am here to meet with Tokumitsu Yuhara.”

Still shocked to see Goro's companion, the clerk took a few seconds to reply. “He is expecting you in room five down the main hallway.”

“Thank you,” replied Goro before the duo walked toward and entered the room.

Inside of the office, Yuhara was working on his computer before he noticed Goro and waved him in along with his companion.

“Hello my good friend, I see you are still wearing that old 70’s medallion of yours and I also see you brought your assistant,” proclaimed Yuhara.

“Yes and it is good to see you too,” responded Ibuki before he sat down. “You too have not changed since we last met.”

“Well let’s get down to why you came shall we,” remarked Yuhara. “Did you bring those processors and components I asked for?”

Goro lifted the suitcase onto the desk before showing Tokumitsu the equipment.

“Built to your specifications,” Goro replied. “Though I must ask why you needed these parts so quickly. I may be retired and have a lot of free time but these components were quite complex and time consuming even for me. They also don’t work with many systems other than large complex ones like Jet Jaguar.”

Yuhara just shuddered and apologetically said, “I can’t say much or anything for that matter because it is highly classified but I will tell you that it will help save lives. I must thank you for completing these parts in record time even though you will be paid for all of your hard work.”

“Anything for a long time companion and besides, with this pay I can afford to take Jet Jaguar and me on a nice vacation,” Goro proclaimed. “Do you have any suggestions?”

Yuhara was about to answer but the base's sirens cut him off. Both men sat in their seats, perplexed at what was going on, until a military officer opened the door.

“Time to move, the both of you. Ebirah has just emerged from the ocean and is headed this way,” the military officer yelled before exiting the room.

“Ebirah?” questioned Yuhara. “What is it doing on land and why is it coming here?”

“I don’t know but I do know that it won’t have a chance to cause harm,” Goro asserted before he turned to Jet Jaguar. “My friend. Will you stop this foe?”

Jet Jaguar nodded his head in approval before Yuhara, Goro as well as the robot exited the base and found the nearest military personnel.

“What do you want?” yelled the officer as he was trying to move to his garrison.

“Go on the radio and tell your commanding officer that you are about to get a lot of support and not to shoot the giant robot,” Yuhara ordered.

“What?” the officer yelled dumbfounded at the statement.

Goro pointed to Jet Jaguar, who had positioned himself in the middle of the bases’ courtyard, before saying, “He is going to stop Ebirah.”

“Are you two insane?” the officer in a loud tone asked before watching in shock as Jet Jaguar grew in size.

The massive crustacean slowly made its way up the hillside and toward the base. Its infamous dual pinchers were usually a deadly foreshadower in the water to fisherman yet they seemed just as deadly on solid ground. It could feel the tingling of human gunfire but the weaponry proved useless against the sea creature’s carapace as it closed in on the base. As Ebirah was two hundred meters away from the compound the crustacean heard something. A sonic cry filled the air before a large, figure rose from the base. The sea creature did not understand what it was until a few bolts of lightning revealed the figure to him. A large human with a pointed head, shining skin and a confident smile now stood in its way. Ebirah's head could only think of one thing now and that was lunch.

The lobster suddenly dashed toward the base as Jet Jaguar jumped out of the facility and sprinted toward Ebirah. Ebirah slashed at the robot with its pinchers only for the robot to duck under the blow in addition to slide directly into the crustacean’s face. Jet Jaguar’s foot impacted Ebirah’s forehead and caused the creature to slide down the water soaked hill. The lobster came to a stop at the bottom of the hill with mud as well as other debris covering its abdomen. After lifting itself back up, the creature found Jet Jaguar waiting for him on the level ground. Angered by the previous attack; Ebirah charged again at Jet Jaguar. The robot jumped over the crustacean with ease before grabbing its tail. In a show of strength, Jet Jaguar lifted the lobster off the ground and tossed him at the hillside.

Ebirah recovered with ease as its hard carapace had absorbed the full impact but a sense of anger overtook the crustacean. His lunch was proving to be a large hassle. Ebirah then noticed the ocean and an idea sprang forth in its head. If it could get his foe into the water then he would easily kill in addition to consume him. With this strategy in mind; Ebirah turned to face Jet Jaguar.

Jet Jaguar scanned Ebirah in an attempt to find any weaknesses in his thick armor shield only for none to show. His scans did show however that Ebirah’s hard carapace and large pinchers were its greatest assets and defeating the crustacean would be a challenge. Not helpful information but either way, the man made machine would not allow the lobster to get to his creator. That information he knew was a fact.

Jet Jaguar made the first move as the robot dashed toward Ebirah. The crustacean swiped at the fast moving being only to miss. Using the momentum in addition to dodging to the right of Ebirah; Jet Jaguar then combined his hands and smashed them onto the lobster’s backside. The impact zone cracked from the blow and Ebirah screeched in pain but the lobster had a high tolerance and did not allow the agony to stop it from sending the giant robot flying toward the beach with a pincher swipe.

Jet Jaguar skidded across the land and started raising itself up only for Ebirah to slam its bulk into the robot. Jet Jaguar, after the impact, quickly rose back to its feet only to realize that he was on the beach. A warning displayed of this fact and the mechanical warrior was about dash out of the area only for Ebirah to cut him off.

The deadly crustacean started snapping its pinchers in an attempt to scare Jet Jaguar further back toward its domain but fear was something Jet Jaguar could not compute. Knowing he had to escape the situation; Jet Jaguar dashed forward and jumped over Ebirah’s claws only for the lobster’s tail to smash into the robot. Water exploded around the robot as Jet Jaguar landed in the ocean. Wasting little time, Ebirah entered the water as well as disappeared under the waves.

Goro in addition to Tokumitsu, along with every other non-combat personnel, were being evacuated from the base. The dozen jeeps in the bases’ vehicle depot had finally showed to be useful as they roared to life and carried away base personnel. As the two were about to enter one of the escape vehicles, a man in military uniform ran toward them.

“Mr. Yuhara wait!” the man yelled.

Tokumitsu looked at the person before he asked, “What do you need?”

“My name is Takashi and the commander wants to see you now,” answered the unflinching and unblinking officer.

“Why does he want me?” Tokumitsu inquired.

“I do not know,” the attentive Takashi replied. “I was ordered by him in person to take you to him.”

“Well okay I will join you,” Tokumitsu responded but not before Goro grabbed him by the shoulder.

With Yuhara in his grasp, Goro stated, “I shall come to.”

“Sorry, but the commander just wanted Mr. Yuhara so you can’t come,” the officer asserted.

“He is my friend,” Goro replied. “I am sure your commander will make an exception for me considering my assistant is currently fighting the giant lobster.”

“Look as I said earlier you can’t come,” yelled Takashi.

“I am not leaving my friend behind so I go where he goes,” Goro boldly stated before examining the man’s uniform in detail.

A vein appeared on Takashi’s head and seeing how he could not convince Goro to leave he stated, “Fine! You can come along just the both of you move now!”

The officer then led both Goro in addition to Tokumitsu back into the base. As they made their way through the structure, Tokumitsu kept an attentive eye on where they were going until finally his suspicions overwhelmed him.

“Where are we going?” asked Yuhara.

“The commander is at the helicopter pad along with a helicopter awaiting your arrival,” asserted Takashi.

“He is leaving his men behind?” Tokumitsu questioned. “That does not seem like the Commander. Also, is it not dangerous to fly a chopper in this type of weather?”

“Look, I am just taking you to where he told me over the radio,” the officer proclaimed.

Goro stopped and grabbed his friend by the arm before asking Takashi, “Did you not say that he told you in person?”

The messenger turned around and retorted, “Yes he told me in person before confirming over the radio so if you don’t mind we are in a hurry.”

“Where is your radio?” inquired Goro.

The man patted himself down before replying, “It appears I dropped it but in any case we need to hurry and meet up with the Commander.”

“I think we will confirm your story with another military officer if you don't mind,” declared Tokumitsu as he and Goro started walking away.

“Wait I found the radio!” yelled the annoyed officer.

Goro and Tokumitsu turned around to see the man not holding a radio but a strange looking handgun.

“Move and I shoot,” Takashi stated before he started laughing. “You two just had to ask questions. Couldn't just follow orders especially you,” the officer stated as he pointed his gun at Goro. “You just had to come with your friend.”

Yuhara moved in front of Goro and said reassuringly, “We will come with you without any resistance, just don’t shoot my friend or me.”

“Fine, but you two move in front of me and get rid of your phones,” the man demanded.

Goro and Tokumitsu slowly walked in front of their captor after emptying their pockets. With their captor satisfied that they were helpless, he let them continue their walk to the helicopter pad. Sweat started pouring from Yuhara's face until Goro edged closer to him and whispered, “Don't worry my friend, I have a plan. Just trust me.”

Yuhara shook his head in approval as he as well as Goro then exited the interior of the building, stepped onto the helicopter pad and into the stormy weather. The landing strip was at the far back of the building, had only one entrance or exit and, excluding the side of the building, was surrounded by a tall fence. The fence on the right wall was all that stopped someone or something from falling down the cliff side and into the water below.

At his destination Takashi ordered, “You two. Get to the middle of the pad now!”

Goro and Tokumitsu made their way to the center before Goro asked, “So what now?”

“We wait for our pick up,” the impersonator replied before looking up into rain, lightning and cloud filled sky.

Yuhara, drenched along with his adrenaline pumping, exclaimed “No chopper is going to fly in with this type of weather and even if they did how do you expect it to arrive in addition to depart undetected?”

The captor scolded Tokumitsu before replying, “Shut up and wait. Are you forgetting who has the gun around here?”

Tokumitsu then went mute but Goro asked Takashi, “Would you mind if I pray?”

“What?” the officer asked confused over what Ibuki had said.

“May I get on my knees and pray with my religious medallion?” inquired Goro.

A burst of laughter erupted from Takashi before he said, “Sure, go right ahead and worship your false deity.”

Tokumitsu then understood what Goro’s plan was as he watched the inventor kneel to the ground and grab hold of his medallion. He was not calling for a god’s help. No, the scientist was calling a friend.

Warnings went off in Jet Jaguar’s interior computers as they alerted him of his current situation of being under the water. Luckily, his outer armor had not been breached so the salt water could do no harm as long as his armor stayed intact, though the robot was not going to test its theory. Jet Jaguar broke the surface of the water and realized that he was not far from shore as the water level only came to his waist. As Jet Jaguar was about to head toward the beach, a red blur swam past the metallic warrior and alerted him that he was not the only thing in the sea. With little time to waste; Jet Jaguar started his journey toward the beach only for his feet to be pulled out from under him. The robot dug his hands into the soft, sandy ground as the machine tried to stop its descent into the ocean’s depths, but the attempt proved useless. Then his descent stopped as Ebirah released its grip and disappeared into the darkness of the ocean.

Jet Jaguar regained his footing and realized that even standing up; he was nowhere near breaking the surface of the ocean. Realizing he could not win in his enemies’ territory; Jet Jaguar prepared to activate his foot thrusters when a warning came to his attention. With little oxygen in reserve and at the bottom of the sea, the robot would only have a single burst of thrust before his flight systems would fail. To the robot, this meant he would only have one chance to escape and he would have to be extremely close to the surface. With this in mind, Jet Jaguar slowly started walking toward the beach but not without being completely ready for Ebirah to strike.

Ebirah watched from the cold depths of the ocean and waited patiently for his prey to make a break for the surface. It was a simple tactic. Pull the prey under the water, wait for them to panic, and then strike, but Jet Jaguar was not following this pattern at all. Tired of waiting and hungry; Ebirah swam at full speed at his foe.

Jet Jaguar had no time to react as Ebirah rammed its body into the machine as well as pinned the robot to the ground with its claws. One claw clamped around the robot’s neck while the other stabbed his shoulder. Jet Jaguar grabbed the pincher around his neck with both of his hands and held it open with all the power he could muster so not to let Ebirah decapitate him. A few seconds later, the robot’s sensors were alerting him to a greater threat then decapitation. Salt water was slowly but gradually entering his body through his shoulder breach. The robot would have to act fast or risk total system failure due to water exposure.

Ebirah, seeing the shoulder wound, moved its mouth close to get a taste of his enemy merely to come to a horrific discovery. His enemy was not edible! A horrific taste filled Ebirah’s maw which caused the lobster to release its grip of the robot. Jet Jaguar sprang into action with this opportunity as it delivered a powerful punch to the lobster’s face. Ebirah backed away from the robot in surprise, but Jet Jaguar then seized another opportunity to latch onto the crustacean’s backside. Ebirah’s movements then went into frenzy as it tried to dislodge Jet Jaguar. Unable to reach the robot with its claws or tail; Ebirah started slamming its body into anything it could find. Massive underwater hills shattered as the crustacean tried to dislodge Jet Jaguar, but the mechanical warrior’s resolve was unshakeable. The lobster then made a dash for the surface, hoping the massive pressure shift would cause Jet Jaguar to release his grip. In seconds, Ebirah and Jet Jaguar had burst through the ocean’s chaotic surface. At his destination, Jet Jaguar let go of Ebirah, used the lobster to jump into the air, and then activated his thrusters. The crustacean looked into the atmosphere and watched his enemy disappear into the lightning filled sky.

Thinking it had won; Ebirah raised its body out of the water and sent a screech into the sky. A few seconds then passed and a sonic cry replied to Ebirah’s insult, but its source came from behind the crustacean. The sea monster turned around only to see Jet Jaguar's two fists.

Ebirah’s under belly armor shattered from blow, but Jet Jaguar did not stop as it grabbed hold of the lobster’s underarms and flew upwards into the sky with Ebirah in its grasp. For the first time in its life; Ebirah now had a feeling other than hunger and that sensation was fear. Flying straight into the sky at over Mach three, Ebirah clawed as well as swatted at Jet Jaguar in an attempt to get the robot to release it. The pair burst into and then out of the storm clouds before coming to a stop about twenty kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The lobster did not know where it was but it knew it did not want to be there. The little oxygen, the bone cracking cold and the sea of clouds below only intensified Ebirah’s frenzy. Its many legs and two claws battered Jet Jaguar until the metallic warrior finally released its grip.

Ebirah started its descent back to the ocean and fell through the sea of clouds. Jet Jaguar prepared to follow the lobster until his sensors went haywire. The robot looked at his feet to see that his lower legs were expanding at an alarming rate before his thrusters suddenly deactivated. The water in the robot’s body had drained into its legs and the temperature, which at the height was about -50 degrees Fahrenheit, had frozen all of the fluid. Jet Jaguar found himself in the same predicament as Ebirah as he too fell into the sea of clouds.

Time to Jet Jaguar was unlike man, animal or anything else that existed. Complex equations and calculations were done by the thousands in the time it took most people to blink. A few seconds after Jet Jaguar’s descent and the machine knew there was nothing it could do. Every option at his disposal ended with his eventual plummeting into the ocean or his potential destruction. Then a message came and played in the robot’s head. It was from his creator, his friend, Goro Ibuki. It said, “My friend, please come to the helicopter pad on the military base as I and my friend have been taken hostage. You are our only hope.” The message repeated inside of the android’s mind a dozen times before Jet Jaguar decided to go against his warnings. He could and would not fail. In that instance, Jet Jaguar learned of an age old conundrum of man and its name was Luck. Power surged to his core as the machine started building up power. Warning signs appeared as his core’s limits were put to the test. Then as Jet Jaguar fell through the final layer of clouds, the robot readied to discharge all of his power as the water neared. The robot waited patiently until it was but meters above the water. In that instant, a massive power surged to Jet Jaguar’s foot thrusters. The robot’s wiring fried as well as the ice that had built up melted before evaporating. The once dead thrusters roared to life as they fired a massive shockwave and stopped Jet Jaguar’s descent just a meter over the ocean. The shockwave from the thrusters caused the water underneath Jet Jaguar to become a massive crater before the ocean swallowed the void. The flight would not last long since his internal wiring had been damaged but it would give the robot enough time to save his creator. With this on the robot’s mind; Jet Jaguar fired up its thrusters and flew at top speed through the roaring storm around him toward the military fortress on the hill.

Ebirah rose from the depths of the chaotic sea and watched his foe fly toward land. Hunger had disappeared from its mind and two things had filled its place. Agony as well as vengeance was all that Ebirah could think of. The lobster did not know why as it wanted to retreat but something else was driving it to attack. Like a forced instinct had taken over its being. Unable to overpower the force; Ebirah swam at full speed toward the coast after his enemy.

“Okay that’s enough,” Takashi ordered Goro before the hostage taker smiled into the sky. “Finally its here.”

Goro rose from the ground before he in addition to Tokumitsu both looked into the cloud and rain filled sky, expecting to see a chopper of some sorts, only to see a fast, highly illuminated diamond.

Yuhara, in disbelief, yelled, "What is that thing?"

Takashi chuckled before he replied, “Our ride of course.”

Tokumitsu and Goro then realized the gravity of their situation as the flying diamond landed at the edge of the helicopter pad. They were not being kidnapped by a terrorist or even by someone human, but an alien and more specifically a Xilien.

“I can guess by now that you have deduced my true identity and that you are being taken into the care of the Xiliens,” stated Takashi as he walked toward the two men. “My orders though are only to take Yuhara, so goodbye Mr. Ibuki,” proclaimed the Xilien.

Tokumitsu rushed in front of his friend as the alien in human disguise raised its energy weapon to kill Goro. Yuhara defended his friend by pleading, “He can be of great help to you just don’t kill my...” but before Tokumitsu could continue, the Xilien grabbed the scientist by the throat and tossed him closer to the Xilien fighter.

“Any last words Mr. Ibuki,” questioned Takashi as he raised the gun to Goro’s temple.

Goro just stared in the eyes of his soon to be killer before a large smirk lit up the scientist’s face with confidence. “Is the hearing of a Xilien more delicate then that of a human?” asked Goro.

“No begging or pleading just a random question,” chuckled Takashi as he prepared to shoot Goro. “You must be losing your sanity old man.”

A massive fist then smashed into Takashi, just a few inches in front of Goro.

As the large hand rose from the fresh crater; Goro looked into the hole.

“I am going to guess worse than a human,” Goro yelled down the massive crater Jet Jaguar’s fist had just created.

Jet Jaguar, satisfied the attacker was dead, then grabbed the Xilien craft and crushed it in its grasp. With both of the possible threats gone, Jet Jaguar shrunk back to his normal size and landed next to Goro. His creator smiled at his creation before resting his hand on the robot’s shoulder and saying, “Good job my friend.”

Tokumitsu then re-entered Goro’s mind and the scientist rushed over to his fallen friend. Yuhara was unconscious from an apparent head injury he had sustained on impact from the throw, but he was alive. Jet Jaguar lifted Tokumitsu over its shoulder and carried the man, after avoiding the massive crater it had created, inside the base.

The robot would have continued further in the structure, but a familiar screech caused Jet Jaguar to set down Tokumitsu, as well as exit the base. The robot looked at his creator, and Goro just said, “Go finish Ebirah and I will get Tokumitsu help.” Jet Jaguar nodded before activating his thrusters in addition to flying toward the screech. Jet Jaguar’s flight only lasted a few seconds as his thruster’s deactivated due to the robot’s extreme overuse, but Jet Jaguar continued his charge toward the crustacean’s screech origin after growing to his fifty meter size.

Ebirah slowly climbed the hill, the same path it had originally taken to attack the base, to find and kill the inedible foe. Then his challenging shrieks showed their value as Jet Jaguar came into view. Each monster stopped their respective movements and just stared at the other. No more running, no retreat; the two beings knew that this was their third and final round. A bolt of lightning then crashed into the background in front of the two which acted as battle’s starting bell.

Ebirah charged at Jet Jaguar and started jabbing as well as swiping its pincers in an attempt to finish the robot off, but the attacks proved useless as Jet Jaguar calculated in addition to dodge each blow before delivering a jab of his own. Ebirah’s frenzy intensified every second the robot dodged the crustacean’s blows until the lobster’s movements became uncalculable. Ebirah sent a powerful and unpredicted jab right at where Jet Jaguar had jumped in order to dodge the crustacean’s movements. The large top claw of the pincher punctured the robot’s chest armor before protruding out of the Jet Jaguar’s backside. With Jet Jaguar in its grasp; Ebirah then tossed the robot to the ground. With his internal computers as well as his systems severely damaged; Jet Jaguar rolled over to see what his foe was doing only to see Ebirah dashing towards him. A powerful two pronged kick met Ebirah’s face sending the lobster skidding backwards on the wet ground. With his enemy occupied; Jet Jaguar rose back to his feet as quickly as he could but the movement was too slow as Ebirah was on the android in an instant. Behind the robot; Ebirah sent its long top claw through Jet Jaguar’s freshly made injury before raising Jet Jaguar into the air. The robot gripped the claw that was through its mechanical abdomen as Ebirah started crushing Jet Jaguar in his grasp. Unable to stop the claw from closing; Jet Jaguar decided to try another strategy. A show of strength by the robot; Jet Jaguar clutched the claw and twisted it until a loud snap occurred. Ebirah threw Jet Jaguar to the ground in response to the severe agony, but the pain only fueled its anger as it charged at the robot to finish it off.

With Ebirah’s pincer’s claw in his hand; Jet Jaguar calculated a way to finish the fight. The robot stood back up as well as waited for the lobster to come into striking distance before Jet Jaguar dodged the crustacean’s strike and slammed the claw into Ebirah’s head. The carapace broke easily as the claw sunk into Ebirah’s skull like it was clay. The crustacean’s entire body then became stagnant. Ebirah stood limp, silent and immobile until a harsh wind knocked the lobster down. Jet Jaguar scanned his foe and with his scans showing Ebirah dead; Jet Jaguar turned around. The robot was dented, punctured as well as suffering severe programming complications but those things did not get in the way of Jet Jaguar feeling victorious.

* * * * *

Prime Minster Hayato Igarashi strolled through the halls of the Japanese Self Defense Force Headquarters until he came to his office. He opened the door to find Goro Ibuki in addition to Jet Jaguar waiting patiently for him in the chairs in front of his desk. “I am sorry for making you wait,” stated Hayato apologetically.

“It is an honor for us to be here,” Goro responded.

The Prime Minster smiled before sitting at his desk and saying, “Well let’s get down to why you two are here. The incident, a week ago today, has been covered up to be another monster attack. Ebirah attacked and Jet Jaguar stopped it but the part of you as well as Mr. Yuhara being held hostage by a person named Takashi, and seeing an alien ship come down did not happen,” Hayato continued. “You two have been told this before but I was asked to tell you personally because if word spreads that the Xiliens are back, then the panic will be worse than their next attack.”

“Don't worry, I understand,” Goro proclaimed before he pointed to Jet Jaguar and jokingly stated, “He is the one to worry about.”

The Prime Minster grinned at the scientist’s joke before he reached into his desk and pulled out two tickets.

“What are those?” inquired Goro.

“Yuhara told me that you were interested in going on vacation, so here are two tickets to the best resort in the pacific,” Hayato stated. “Consider it a thank you for Jet Jaguar killing Ebirah and payment for keeping what happened at the base a secret.”

“Thank you Prime Minster,” Goro said before bowing in front of him. “We both will enjoy our trip to the Crimson Twilight.” Then Goro in addition to Jet Jaguar disappeared out the door.

With the creator and his assistant gone; Prime Minster Igarashi then ordered his next meeting in which was Tokumitsu Yuhara. Yuhara was quick to enter the office and sat down in front of the leader of Japan.

“You wanted to see me,” Tokumitsu inquired with worry in his voice.

“I wanted to discuss how Project: REVENANT is going?” the high official asked.

“With Goro’s components we should have it up and running in a week,” Tokumitsu replied.

“What about absolute...” questioned Igarashi only for Tokumitsu to interrupt him and reply, “The Americans have the object and say they will give it to us no charge but they have to install it in their own country.”

“Why?” the Prime Minster inquired.

“Apparently they need it for a problem developing on their border,” answered Tokumitsu.

Hayato exhaled at the reasoning before he ordered, “Fine, ship it to the U.S. so they can install it. Send Ms. Yashiro as well so she can readjust with its controls. She was the best pilot we had and they are a good combination. Lastly, with the Xiliens showing up, it will be good for the defense force to have it back up and running when we have it back in our country,” Prime Minster Igarashi proclaimed as Yuhara stared at him with uncertain eyes.

“What if she does not want to?” inquired Tokumitsu.

“Under the circumstances of its discovery I highly doubt she will refuse,” countered the Prime Minster before he dismissed Tokumitsu from his sight.

* * * * *

For a month, a new object had been orbiting the Earth, undetected by mankind. Its goal was simple yet extremely difficult. The task was the complete and utter conquest of the planet under the reign of the Xiliens.

The new Xilien leader, a Keizer named X, a name all leaders were given in power, watched the planet slowly rotate before he was interrupted by a Xilien official bursting into his command room. With a similar build, personality and appearance as last young leader; many Xiliens believed X was the reincarnation of the dead Keizer of the same name.

“What do you want?” X inquired.

“Sir, Ebirah is dead and our agent failed to capture Tokumitsu Yu...” the official said before the Keizer, in the blink of an eye, moved across the room and grabbed the Xilien’s neck.

“Could you repeat that,” X whispered into the official’s ear.

“We failed to acquire Tokumitsu and Ebirah was killed,” the Xilien stated before X started tightening his grip.

“Ebirah is dead,” whined X. “We were lucky to find it alive and still with the M base in its body from the last invasion. It was our only creature that we could use without arousing suspicion.”

“We have found... the crash site though,” gasped the choking Xilien before X stopped his rant as well as dropped him to the ground.

The Xilien took deep, long breaths before he looked up to see X smiling.

“We have also found another scientist who could create what we need at the same location as the site,” the official pleaded.

“Where?” demanded X.

“It is at Latitude N 40.474234, Longitude W 73. 917927,” stated the official before X tossed him aside and turned on the main screens of the room. A picture of the location suddenly appeared and X smiled a grim smile. “The scientist we need is here as well?” X asked.

“Yes my leader,” the official responded.

“Plan the scientist's removal and find out exactly where the ship crashed,” X ordered. “Once we have what is buried at this site under our control, there is nothing that will be able to stop us.”

“Anything else?” the Xilien cautiously asked in fear.

“One last thing that I want you to tell everyone,” X stated before he turned around and stared at the official. Before the Xilien could ask, the Keizer had him by the throat and off his feet again.

“Do not fail me!” X yelled before he tossed the Xilien at the door.

Jet Jaguar