Mechagodzilla Metal Bottle Opener
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Company: Diamond Select Toys
Extras: None
Classification: Bottle Opener Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Height: 10 centimeters
Anthony Romero

Released by Diamond Select Toys, this is a metal bottle opener based on the Showa version of Mechagodzilla. While the premise, a Godzilla based bottle opener, might seem odd... frankly, this is one of the cooler items to see release around the character in recent years.

Front/Back View

Detail wise, Diamond did a solid job in depicting the head of Mechagodzilla on this four inch tall bottle opener. While it doesn't look great from all angles, the level of detail for a bottle opener is top notch. The bolts are accurate, as are the placement and portions of the side details. Unlike the Mechagodzilla Vinyl Bust Bank, the teeth are also the perfect proportion and not cartoony. While it doesn't look amazing at all angles, it's something to behold when seen dead on. Plus the bottle opener photographs really well, as can be seen above.

For the back, the upper 2/3rds are hollow while the bottom is thick metal. The bottle opener is very sturdy regardless of this, and the added support at the base helps for the actual bottle opening. The back also contains two magnets to help it attach to fridges. As the back of the box proudly proclaims: it comes "with magnets on the back that allow it to hang on your refrigerator, where it waits to open bottles, or possibly destroy Tokyo."


In terms of function, there is a flap below the chin, seen more easily on the back, that is used to open the bottles. Simply position this below the bottom of the lead, place the other portion at the top of the bottle, apply pressure and... success. While I've used easier bottle openers, it gets the job done and is sturdy enough where this will replace my current one on the fridge.

The actual bottle opener ships in a slip box, seen to the right. Presentation wise, this unit is quite impressive. I was rather shocked to find the bottle opener firmly located behind a thick foam backing. The foam layer for the foam slip also contains two imprints for the noise, which got a good laugh from me.

As much as I enjoyed it, I do have two minor complaints. The first is that this is a little pricey at $18. That said, the detail placed in this is a cut above and its a licensed product, so far from too expensive although would have been nice to see the retail price be a little lower.

My second complaint is that mine had a rough edge at the bottom of it. Given the imprint, I imagine this was something you won't find on most units (I filed it to remove the edge) and was a slight defect or damage in the one I got.

Overall, I was impressed with this bottle opener. The craftsmanship, presentation and sturdiness of the unit were all a cut above. While its a little pricey, the attention to detail and quality are a cut above and make this a recommendable purchase.

In closing would also like to thank Diamond Select Toys for sending this in for review.
Rating: Star Rating