Godzilla Junior
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Company: Bandai
Extras: Attached Tag
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2002 Height: 15 centimeters
Anthony Romero

The 2002 release of Godzilla Junior is a hard figure to weigh in on. It does some things very right, and at the same time some things very wrong. It generally comes up ahead in the end, but will have both supporters and detractors.

Close Up

The first thing to note is the face of the creature. It looks nice, and highly detailed. There is one problem, though: it doesn't look like Junior. It has the "enlonged" look that the son of Godzilla had, but is far too menacing and in the end looks better suited to an attempt to create a figure of the monster's famous father. Part of the problem here are the eyes. I'm not sure why they changed them to white and black, as opposed to the creature's more normal orange, but it further removes the creature from its source inspiration. This is especially odd as Bandai got it right the first time, with their original 8 inch release of the figure back in 1995.

Moving away from the face, the body of the creature looks very nice in terms of the mold. There is a lot of detail here, very small in scale which makes the whole thing that much more impressive. The bump-like look of the chest and the leather-like hide of the rest of the body are both well done. The creature also has a nice long tail that is shown off to good effect here.

Side View

Now, moving to the back of the figure, the toy makes another slip up. The spines of the figure are very lacking. Not in terms of how they were created for the mold, but the paint job. It's rather lazily applied, with a white streak sprayed down the center of the spines, hitting more of the flesh between the fins rather than the fins themselves and leaving the outside ones notably green. It's a lazy effort, and shows.

Furthermore, in regards to paint, there are also odd light green spots all over the figure. Their placement, such as the legs and above the arms, feel haphazard and random. On the plus side, they make the painting look less dull than an all dark green shading would, but on the downside it looks a little strange.

Bottom line, this figure is hit and miss. It's hard to really gauge it overall. Despite all my criticism, I still think the figure looks pretty nice, just a bit lacking as a figure based on Junior in particular, with a couple of signs of lack of effort in its construction being overt.

Rating: Star Rating