Cesar Romero
 Date of birth:
      February 15th, 1907
      New York, USA
 Date of death:
      January 1st, 1994
      Santa Monica , California, USA

Best known for the role of the Joker in the 1960's TV Batman series, Cesar Romero started his long-running film career back in 1933 with Arthur Hoerl's The Shadow Laughs. He followed this role up with a stint in the acclaimed The Thin Man movie in 1934 before becoming a mainstay in film, appearing in 49 different movies from the ten year span of 1933 to 1943. Romero continued to be active in the industry, starring in notable productions such as Captain from Castile and Ocean's Eleven leading into the 1960's. During this decade, the actor would begin to dabble into the TV realm, appearing in popular shows such as Disney's Zorro before landing his memorable stint as the Joker on the live action Batman series. Toward the end of this decade, Romero found himself in Japan working on the film Latitude Zero (1969). Reunited with Patricia Medina, who Romero worked with previously on Zorro, the actors were hit by a set back when American producer Don Sharp pulled out of the production, and with him went a good deal of the funding. Toho opted to still produce the movie, by themselves now, and worked out an arrangement to pay the actors after the movie was released. Following this, Romero remained very active in movies, landing roles as late as 1992 before his untimely passing in 1994.

Acting Toho Filmography
Latitude Zero (1969) - Malik, Doctor / Hastings, Lieutenant