Cut Scenes
Onmyoji (2001)

Doson Contemplates His Next Move
After his recent plan failed at the hands of Seimei, Doson returns to his shrine to plan his next move against the Mikado's regime. Doson sits quietly in the dark with his familiar, contemplating his next means of attack, while petting the small bird.
A frivolous scene that was not only unneeded in the final cut, but also addresses some questionable development for the film's antagonist: Doson. For a man who would slaughter countless for his cause, to have a scene of him petting his small familiar affectionately seems out of place. It could be conceived that the director, Yojiro Takita, perhaps felt at one point there wasn't enough interaction between the two characters leading up to the bird's death and Doson's remorse. However, in the final cut, this works out for the best as Doson's affection is seen more as a hidden trait that only comes out as the bird sacrifices its own life to save its master.

Lady Aone's Escorts
After Doson's failed attempt to kill Lady Aone, the injured Aone is escorted out of the city at night by Seimei, Hiromasa, and Mitsumushi to Sawara's shrine.
A short scene that, in context, would have drastically hurt the pacing. The transition from the capital, where Aone is injured, during the day to Sawara's shrine at night is sufficent as it appears in the final cut. The viewer can gather that party made their way to the shrine without actually being shown this event taking place.