Anguirus アンギラス (2002)

Anguirus (2002)
Anguirus (2002)

Conceived By : Wataru Mimura

Powers / Weapons



Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002)

Series // Unused Character

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In one of the first drafts for Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) presented by writer Wataru Mimura, a plesiosaur-like monster was slated to appear. This sea creature was later swapped out in favor of Anguirus after several meetings. However, Anguirus' inclusion was rejected by producer Shogo Tomiyama on the grounds that the monster could appear in another movie, presumably in a more substantial role.

  • No known official concept artwork of Anguirus (2002) exists. The illustration in the article picture is an interpretation created by artist 2009MECHAGODZILLA and was commissioned for use on Toho Kingdom by staff. It was not created by Toho nor is it their official look for the unused character.
  • Mention of this unused incarnation can be found in the 2016 Japanese publication Godzilla Against Type-3 Kiryu (Mechagodzilla) Completion (ISBN: 4798613533).