Publisher: Bandai Number of Players: 1
Developer: Bandai System: Game Boy
Release: 1993  

Hundreds of monsters have arisen in the land of Japan and it is up to Godzilla to fend them off. The player must maneuver the nuclear giant through the stages and wage a cataclysmic war. Stamping out the pesky human machines that sought to block the player's path, Godzilla must fight the endless hordes of demons. Fighting one after another, almost in succession. Can the player master against the heavy weight of the monster world? Or will Godzilla loss his title as the King Of The Monsters?
  • Godzilla's health will regenerate while immobile
  • Godzilla's atomic beam can be directed straight, or angled up or down; usage will also drain his health
  • The game has only three continues
  • Some buildings will refill health when destroyed

Playable Characters*
* All characters have been colored in by the staff to give a better representation of them.

Box Art / Adverts
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