Phantom Star God Justirisers

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    PlayStation 2



Announced simultaneously with The Justirisers: Equip! Soldiers of Earth, Konami unveiled the title in August of 2004. Based on the then upcoming television series The Justirisers (2004), the games were planned as part of a large merchandising blitz that including over 100 different items for the televised program, which had tremendous support and interest due to the success of the previous Star God series: The Gransazers (2003). Konami in particular, who helped finance the program as part of a committee, had a vested interest in the series. Originally, the GBA game was slated for a release of December 2004, while the PlayStation 2 version was going to follow early in 2005.

When revealed, video footage of the PS2 game was displayed alongside that of the GBA incarnation, along with an early look at other merchandise related to the TV program. The footage of the game featured Riser Glen attacking a Zacoal in what looked to be a traditional 3D fighter. However, other footage showed the giant mech Ken Riser marching through a metropolitan area, so chances are the game would have deviated at least a little from the genre and possibly have featured both human and mech based combat.

Unfortunately, by December of 2004 the PlayStation 2 version of the game had drifted into obscurity, with no new details being announced since the initial unveiling. Konami even failed to mention the title at all in their end of the year report to investors, which was submitted on December 21st of that year. Exactly what happened to the project is unknown. Given how far in development the title appeared from the early footage, it's very unusual that the game would end up becoming vaporware.