Godzilla: Battle Legends - Walkthrough [Turbo Duo/TurboGrafix]

Game Progression

The game features a fairly distinct setup for its levels for the fighting genre, as each allows the player to select from two different opponents. One of the more memorable features of this game is that Godzilla's appearance will change depending on who he is facing. Unfortunately, the major trade off here is that the player can only select Godzilla in the game's normal mode.

  Level 1
  Anguirus Opponent: Anguirus
Stage: Osaka Castle
Godzilla: 1955
Rodan Opponent: Rodan
Stage: Mount Fuji (Daytime)
Godzilla: 1964
  Level 2
  King Ghidorah Opponent: King Ghidorah
Stage: Planet X
Godzilla: 1965
Gigan Opponent: Gigan
Stage: World Children's Land
Godzilla: 1968
  Level 3
  Hedorah Opponent: Hedorah
Stage: Mount Fuji (Night)
Godzilla: 1968
Megalon Opponent: Megalon
Stage: Shore of Lake Motosu
Godzilla: 1973
  Level 4
  Mechagodzilla Opponent: Mechagodzilla
Stage: Okinawa: Manzamo
Godzilla: 1973
Biollante Opponent: Biollante
Stage: Lake Ashinoko
Godzilla: 1989
  Level 5
  King Ghidorah Opponent: King Ghidorah
Stage: Abashiri Ohara Field
Godzilla: 1991
Battra Larva Opponent: Battra Larva
Stage: Philippine Trench
Godzilla: 1992

Bonus Stages

Bonus StagesThere are two bonus stages to be found in the game. The first is located after level 2, while the second occurs after level 4. The bonus rounds are a series of questions, each with four possible answers that correspond to the buttons on the controller. The player has ten seconds to answer each question. Each correct answer knocks down two/three bars from the selection on the right. When all of the bars are gone, the current craft is destroyed and another takes its place.

The two bonus rounds differ in terms of the types of crafts Godzilla will face. The first is SDF based with opponents such as the ASTOL-MB93 and MBT-92. The second is extraterrestrial, featuring crafts such as the Xilien UFO and the Kilaak UFO.

As a general note, both bonus rounds are played with the 1989 Godzilla. Every correct answer is worth 1,000 points.

Main Achievements

The game's last selection of stages presents a variety of options, depending on how many points the player has managed to achieve through the previous levels. There are a total of six possible stages to choose from, with a varying degree of difficulty that does not directly correspond to how many points it takes to unlock. It should also be noted that reaching a high score does not lock the player into facing a particular opponent. For example, a score of 550,000 could be achieved but the player can still pick to face the Super-X2 if they desire.

  Super-X2 Opponent: Super-X2
Stage: Osaka
Score Required: O - 449,900
  Mechagodzilla II Opponent: Mechagodzilla II
Stage: Yokosuka
Score Required: 450,000 - 499,900
  Biollante Opponent: Biollante
Stage: Wakasa Bay
Score Required: 500,000 - 549,900
  Mecha-King Ghidorah Opponent: Mecha-King Ghidorah
Stage: Shinjuku
Score Required: 550,000 - 599,900
  Battra Imago Opponent: Battra Imago
Stage: Minato Mirai 21
Score Required: 600,000 - 649,900
  Super Mechagodzilla Opponent: Super Mechagodzilla
Stage: Makuhari Bay Area
Score Required: 650,000 or over

High Score

After someone's first plays through the game, reaching the end and looking at the total scores required to unlock all of the stages, it can be a pretty shocking realization. Most people should only be able to access the Super-X2 on the first play through, while playing a second time should place allow a player to access up to the Biollante stage with more experience. Play well, without using a continue, and you can reach up to Mecha-King Ghidorah. However, there are still two stages left, so how does one achieve a score that high?

The answer, rather sadly, are "perfect bonuses". These bonuses are achieved from flawless victories, where Godzilla took no damage, and award 50,000 points. To put it into perspective, the total for a normal round can be around 65,000-75,000. So this bonus is rather substantial.

Unfortunately, a player will need 2-3 of these perfect bonuses, depending on how well they do with the rest of the matches, while also doing the bonus rounds successfully and not using a continue. If that sounds daunting, it's because it is. There is no simple or easy means of accomplishing that, and frustration is sure to follow as achieving perfect finishes are inevitably up to luck in terms of what the computer player decides to do. As a general recommendation, it's probably best to attempt perfect finishes against Rodan, King Ghidorah (Showa) and Mechagodzilla (1974).

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