Below is the soundtrack to Godzilla: Unleashed that was created by Heavy Melody Music. It's available in an mp3 format with a variable bitrate. The tracks can be downloaded as a single zip file or downloaded individually. There are 25 themes in total, that round out to a runtime of 50 minutes. A big, big thanks goes out to Atari for allowing us to share this great soundtrack with fans everywhere!

As an extra addition, two fan made covers have also been included. One, designed by Anthony Romero, is for a traditional jewel case. The second, designed by Michal Shipman (Naruto65), is a "wrap around" layout.

Download (zip - 81MB) 


Individual Themes:
01 Earth Defenders: Godzilla
02 Earth Defenders: Anguirus
03 Earth Defenders: Mothra
04 Earth Defenders: Baragon
05 Earth Defenders: Fire Rodan
06 Earth Defenders: King Caesar
07 Earth Defenders: Varan
08 Earth Defenders: Godzilla (Revised)
09 Global Defense Force: Kiryu / Mechagodzilla 2
10 Global Defense Force: Mecha-King Ghidorah
11 Global Defense Force: Moguera
12 Global Defense Force: Jet Jaguar
13 Aliens: Gigan
14 Aliens: Megalon
15 Aliens: Mechagodzilla
16 Aliens: Orga
17 Aliens: King Ghidorah
18 Aliens: Gigan (Revised)
19 Mutants: SpaceGodzilla
20 Mutants: Megaguirus
21 Mutants: Destoroyah
22 Mutants: Titanosaurus
23 Mutants: Biollante
24 Mutants: Krystalak
25 Mutants: Obsidius

Original Source
Below are the original quality WAV files of the OST direct from Heavy Melody Music. Those wishing to burn the soundtrack off onto a CD might be best off utilizing the files below. They are untouched from how they were originally received, meaning track titles and everything is kept as is. Please note that this also means that the original track for "Mothra" is also included, which had a glitch at around 1:20 which was removed from the mp3 version. The files are zipped in the winrar format, and broken up according to faction.

Earth Defenders (99MB)
Global Defense Force (62MB)
Aliens (87MB)
Mutants (98MB)

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