The pictures and the general report for the latest demo displayed at PAX is for material that is a work in progress, and is subject to Toho's approval. Some monster names were "revealed", but since the game is still in development, the best way to find out who is actually in the game is with the official monster reveals.

Also, Chris has been communicating with Atari throughout this project to bring you the latest news and updates. Although we are sure Jordan Thill is reporting things accurately insofar as what he actually saw from the demo - Chris can confirm from his own connections that at least some of this information is inaccurate compared with what will go into the final release. Please keep in mind that this is an unofficial report of a demo build, and specifically does not confirm any particular monster or feature for the game.

By: Jordan Thill
Published: August 27th, 2007

This weekend, Atari and Production Nine were both at the Penny Arcade Expo in the Washington State convention center, and I hoped that Godzilla: Unleashed might be on display. When I got into PAX's exhibition hall, I headed straight to Atari's booth, and there was Godzilla: Unleashed, playing on two different monitors. I started talking with the people in charge of the booth and they told me how to play, and challenged me to fight them as Kiryu. At first the game was hard to control, because I'm used to playing Godzilla games on a regular controller. But by the end, I was able to hold my own against other competitors. I agree with other people who have said it seems like you're just flailing you hands around in order to fight, but I got used to the controls in a couple minutes (the experience was a lot like button mashing the first fighter you ever played). I couldn't quite figure out how the beams worked, and aiming the beam by tilting the remote left or right was difficult. However, this was partially due to the removal of the HUD at Atari's booth, but Production Nine had the demo running with a HUD. Kiryu's sword arm was one of favorite moves, and the animation looked brutal. The game surprised me with how much more violent it seemed when compared to Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. Other than some minor problems with the controls, the other thing that bothered me was that the monsters were moving too slow.

Then I saw the menu. After choosing multiplayer, I saw the monster selection screen for the first time. I was ecstatic. The ORIGINAL Mechagodzilla was in this game, so was Jet Jaguar, Orga, Moguera and Mechagodzilla ‘93 (if you're counting, that makes three Mechagodzillas). Unfortunately, they weren't playable in this build. I had to select from Gigan, Anguirus, Godzilla 2000, Kiryu, Destoroyah, Fire Rodan or Megalon. After selecting my monster, the next menu revealed that anything worth customizing is customizable in this game: from military aggression to crystal attributes. You could even choose how fast or slow you wanted the monsters fight. The original slow setting I had been using treated the action like a lumbering monster movie. You could choose to speed up the action to feel more like a Showa movie or a normal fighting game (only to reasonable levels though, they weren't full out running through the cities). Then I looked down at the booth itself. I saw that Biollante is in this game, her legal icon was prominently featured at the bottom of the booth.

This was all great, and then the game had a glitch and needed to be reset, the camera stopped following the monsters when I was playing, this isn't the final build after all. A legal notice appeared explaining who owned the copyrights to the games monsters; pretty basic stuff…. wait, what?! A legal notice loaded with the copyright names, listing the monsters appearing in the game as of now. I have good news, and some bad news for those of you waiting for Hedorah. Besides the monsters said above, the list also included:

Mecha-King Ghidorah

After playing the demo, I took some pictures around the booth (the representatives didn't seem to mind-they even helped by going to each menu so I could take a picture of it!) and I chatted (in reality I barraged them with questions and comments) with some of the producers and was told that the Gotengo was part of the single player, and that the aliens in the game wouldn't be Toho's, so they're probably the Vortekk. I also asked if Zilla might be in the game, and got a “sorry I can't answer that.” When I asked about the possibility of there being Miis as secret characters I got a “no.”

It sounds like Atari has been listening to the fans, and hopefully Zilla will be included. Everyone that I saw playing the game had a blast. I saw people really get into the game; in particular when two people played as Godzilla and Rodan in San Francisco. I only heard one negative comment while I stayed at the booth, and that was someone complaining that Atari would invest time showing off a game about Godzilla. Yeah, I didn't like him either. By the time I was done talking and playing, I told the people at the Atari booth that it looked like the best Godzilla game yet. I'll be glad to pay the $50 to buy the game when it comes out later this year.

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