Weak vs.
Blunt, Concussive

Electricity, Explosive, Heat

Special Attributes

Jab (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Megalon swings out with his drill. Tap A again to do another strike quickly with the other drill.

Hammerfist Double (A and Swing Down)
Megalon flies up then slams downward with his two drills.

Horn Uppercut (A and Swing Up)
Megalon lowers his head before striking upward with his horn.

Big Punch (A and Swing Left)
The Seatopia guardian thrusts forth with one of his drills in a more powerful jab attack.

Backhand (A and Swing Right)
Megalon swings one of his drilled hands to try and strike someone with the backside of it.

Kick (B) [Can't Knockdown]
Megalon performs a standard kick attack.

Stomp (B and Swing Down)
The monster slams his foot down in a move that has very little range. Before performing this attack, Megalon will flutter his wings first, making it much slower to perform than other characters' stomps.

Stair Step Kick (B and Swing Up)
Megalon jumps while quickly making a running motion in the air before delivering a kick at the end. Despite appearances, this move can only hit someone once.

2foot Kick (B and Swing Left)
Megalon jumps and rotates his body as his two feet extend for a dual kick.

Slugger Kick (B and Swing Right)
The Seatopia guardian winds up before doing a roundhouse kick.

Root Canal (A+B and Swing Down)
Megalon rotates its two drills and strikes downward in an attack that will last for two seconds.

Windmill Uppercut (A+B and Swing Up)
Megalon rotates its drill and stabs directly ahead of him. Despite the name, this attack is not aimed upward.

Power Drill (A+B and Swing Left/Right)
Megalon lunges forward to strike with its two drills.

Horn Lightning (Hold C - Requires Energy) [Can't Knockdown]
Megalon releases a lightning stream from his horn.

Napalm (Tap C - Requires 1 Energy) [Can't Knockdown]
Megalon releases a bomb from his mouth which detonates on the ground, causing damage to those who are in the vicinity for the explosion. After detonation, there will be residual fire in the area that lasts for nine seconds, which will damage any monsters who touch it. It should be noted that Megalon himself is immune to the fire from this attack.

Burrow (Shake Nunchuk while in the air)
Megalon dives into the ground to burrow. While underground, health regeneration stops although Megalon can stay underground for as long as he desires, the opposing forces are powerless to injure him during this time. The Nunchuk can be shaken to have Megalon reemerge from the ground, and he will destroy any crystals in his path when doing this.

Drill Spin (Grapple Attack)
Megalon stabs his foe with his drill, and then lifts them above his head. He then rotates the drill, causing his enemy to spin before he throws them.

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