Weak vs.

Explosive, Poison

Special Attributes
Megaguirus doesn't gain energy normally, although can still acquire it from crystals.

Pinch (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Megaguirus swings out with one of her claws. Tap A again to do another strike quickly, and repeatedly tap A to increase the speed of the attack.

Claw Overhand (A and Swing Down)
The monster flies up then swoops down, doing a powerful strike with its two extended claws.

Claw Uppercut (A and Swing Up)
Megaguirus flies upward while flailing its claws.

Sweep (A and Swing Left)
The ancient insect lunges as it swipes, inward, with both of its claws.

Slash (A and Swing Right)
The monster strikes with both of its claws in a two hit attack.

Tail Stab (B) [Can't Knockdown]
The creature quickly strikes with its tail. Repeated successful strikes with this attack will quickly steal energy from the opponent and transfer it to Megaguirus.

Body Dive (B and Swing Down)
Megaguirus lunges and dives as she attempts to hit the opponent with her body.

Body Uppercut (B and Swing Up)
Megaguirus advances and then twirls her body as she flies upward.

Buzz (B and Swing Left)
The ancient insect lunges as it flies in a circle to strike.

Bite (B and Swing Right)
Megaguirus attacks with her powerful jaws.

Tail Overhead (A+B and Swing Down)
Megaguirus does a midair loop before striking downward with her tail.

Tail Uppercut (A+B and Swing Up)
The monster does an uppercut using its giant stinger.

Tail Spike (A+B and Swing Left/Right)
Megaguirus lashes out with her tail in a move that is similar to the Tail Stab except more powerful and without the energy draining component.

Weapon Fire (Hold C - Requires Energy)
After stealing an attack with her grapple move, Megaguirus can use her stored energy to fire the same projectile. The properties of this move are identical to the host, meaning that most can't knockdown an opponent unless she steals the Laser Eyes from Mechagodzilla or Mechagodzilla 2. The amazing thing about this attack, though, is that after using a bar of energy, Megaguirus can fire the beam for an indefinite amount of time as long as it wasn't her only bar of energy. On the downside, the ancient insect can not aim the beam using the Wii Remote, and will have to physically move to direct the attack.

Energy Discharge (Tap C - Requires 2 Energy)
Megaguirus releases a powerful blast of energy from its stinger. For reference, this character does not need to use its Weapon Steal grapple attack before being able to perform this move.

Gain Altitude (Shake Nunchuk while in the air)
After a jump, Megaguirus can use her wings to fly higher into the sky if desired.

Flight (Hold Z while in the air)
While in the air, Megaguirus can use her wings to maintain her current altitude.

Weapon Steal (Grapple Attack)
With her opponent in her grasp, Megaguirus will stab them with her tail and fly upward with the monster still attached. She will then glow red as she is now able to utilize the prey's projectile. Using this attack again will change the stolen weapon to match the last host. If the host should ever vanish, like they do on occasion in Story Mode, then Megaguirus will lose the stolen projectile.

Hyper Mode (A+B+C+Z - One time use)
For a short time, Megaguirus will greatly speed up her overall movement and attack rate.

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