Weak vs.

Alien Energy, Edged, Nuclear, Poison

Special Attributes

Jab (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Kiryu swings out with one of his fists. Tap A again to do another strike quickly. This attack has a faster succession rate if done while moving.

Dual Slam (A and Swing Down)
The machine raises its arms and strikes down with them. This move is more effective, in terms of reach, while running.

Uppercut (A and Swing Up)
Kiryu strikes upward with one of his arms.

Plasma Sword (A and Swing Left)
Kiryu's wrist blade charges up with electricity as the monster swings the blade. Quickly tap A and Swing Left again to have Kiryu also swing with the blade on his other hand right afterwards.

Grand Slam (A and Swing Right)
The mech does a small jump before slamming down with one of his fists.

Kick High (B) [Can't Knockdown]
Kiryu swings out with one of his feet to try and perform a high kick.

Stomp (B and Swing Down)
The monster slams his foot down in a move that has very little range.

Spinning Air Kick (B and Swing Up)
Kiryu leaps into the air and spins his body while his feet are extended.

Roundhouse Kick (B and Swing Left)
Kiryu extends his foot and rotates his body as he uses the momentum to land a powerful kick.

2foot Kick (B and Swing Right)
The jets on Kiryu's back ignite as he does a sliding kick attack.

Tail Sweep (A+B and Swing Down)
The monster slams its tail on the ground before rotating its body to perform a tail sweep.

Tail Uppercut (A+B and Swing Up)
Kiryu twirls its body as it swings high with its tail at the opponent.

Tail Skewer (A+B and Swing Left/Right)
Kiryu curves its tail before straightening the base to try and stab his enemy in front of him.

Mouth Cannon (Hold C - Requires Energy) [Can't Knockdown]
Kiryu fire a blast from its twin maser cannons in its mouth.

Rocket Pack (Tap C - Requires 1 Energy)
The machine releases four missiles from its shoulder area.

Flight (Hold Z while in the air)
While in the air, Kiryu can use his jet to maintain his current altitude.

Wrist Blade Stab (Grapple Attack)
With the opponent in its grasp, the mech electrify its wrist blade and jab it through their body before using it to lift them off the ground and toss them.

Absolute Zero Cannon (A+B+C+Z - Requires 4 Energy)
Kiryu's chest open up as he fires off his Zero Cannon. The attack is aimed downward, meaning the opponent will need to be either right in front of Kiryu, or it's suggestible to use the attack while jumping or in flight for better trajectory. If successful, the attack will deal severe damage and freeze the target afterwards. Makes sure not to hold Z when doing the attack, otherwise the beam will be fired at Kiryu's feet due to the mech crouching when the cannon is engaged.

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