Answers by: Published: December 11th, 2007  
Keehwan Her - Producer (Atari)
Conducted by:
Chris Mirjahangir
Thanks goes to Michal Shipman for remastering the audio
In a VERY in depth interview, Atari's Godzilla: Unleashed producer Keehwan Her chats with me about such subjects as: the proposal of Godzilla: Unleashed to Toho, fan backlash over the inclusion of the original creations Obsidious and Krystalak, the attempt to get King Kong in the game and the future of the series. This was conducted back on December 6th, right around when the Wii version was first available for purchase.

This is a long interview, totaling near two hours in length, so individuals with slower connections should take note as the total file size is 51MB in total for the mp3.

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