Godzilla 2000

Weak vs.

Heat, Nuclear

Special Attributes

Jab (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Godzilla swings out with his right fist. Tap A again to do another strike quickly with the left. Repeatedly tap A for a faster assault, swinging twice with each fist before switching. However, you must be standing to perform the faster strikes.

Double Hammerfist (A and Swing Down)
The nuclear menace raises his arms and does a small leap before trying to bring them slamming down on his target.

Uppercut (A and Swing Up)
Godzilla strikes upward with one of his fists.

Hammerfist (A and Swing Left)
The King of the Monsters slams down with one of his fists.

Cross Claw (A and Swing Right)
Godzilla positions his hands in front of his chest and then scratches outward in both directions.

Kick (B) [Can't Knockdown]
Godzilla performs a standard kick attack.

Stomp (B and Swing Down)
The monster slams his foot down in a move that has very little range.

Punt (B and Swing Up)
The nuclear menace winds his foot back to deliver a more powerful kick.

2foot Kick (B and Swing Left)
Godzilla jumps with his two feet extended for a dual kick.

Bite (B and Swing Right)
The King of the Monsters uses its powerful jaws to try and bite the opponent.

Tail Sweep (A+B and Swing Down)
Godzilla hunkers down and then turns his body to perform a tail sweep.

Tail Uppercut (A+B and Swing Up)
Godzilla turns its body as it swings high with its tail at the opponent.

Tail Spin (A+B and Swing Left/Right)
Godzilla rotates its body to strike with its tail. Compared to the Tail Sweep, this move is faster although the tail is further away from the ground.

Atomic Ray (Hold C - Requires Energy) [Can't Knockdown]
The King of the Monsters lets loose with its Atomic Ray against the opponent.

Fireball (Tap C - Requires 1 Energy) [Can't Knockdown]
Godzilla releases a concentrated blast that will explode on impact.

Seismic Toss (Grapple Attack)
Godzilla grabs his opponent and lifts them above his head before tossing them in the opposite direction.

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