Weak vs.
Edged, Explosive, Heat,

Blunt, Concussive, Nuclear, Poison

Special Attributes
Grapple attacks won't work against Biollante with the exception of King Caesar's.

Vine Jab (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Biollante first attacks with her two vines on the right. If A is pressed again quickly she will then attack with the two on the left. Due to the massive size of the creature, there is a large distance between the two attacks in terms of hit area, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation.

Burrowing Vines (A and Swing Down)
Four of Biollante's vines burrow underground before raising up to attack and finally snapping above the monster's head. The attack area is like a giant x around Biollante, meaning this move is optimal for multiple targets that are both behind and in front of the creature.

Vine Sky Slap (A and Swing Up)
Four of the vines lunge forward and strike upward at any targets that might be in front of Biollante.

Heavy Vine Slap (A and Swing Left)
Biollante swipes with two of her vines that are on the same side of her body.

Vine Twist (A and Swing Right)
All of the vines around Biollante extend and begin to shake, damaging anyone who should come in contact with them.

Snap (B) [Can't Knockdown]
Biollante bites down with its giant head.

Head Slam (B and Swing Down)
Biollante opens its jaws all the way and viciously slams its open maw into the ground.

Snap Up (B and Swing Up)
Biollante reels its head back to do a powerful overhead strike.

Mega Bite (B and Swing Left)
Biollante opens its jaws and tilts its head at an angle before thrusting its head and biting.

Stalk Swing (B and Swing Right)
Biollante raises its head as its mouth opens as it swings it head to make a horizontal strike in front of it.

Vine Assault (A+B and Swing Down)
The two back vines rear up and strike in the distance in front of Biollante. The important thing to note about this move is that this attack can be chained with other A or B moves, meaning that the back vines can be attacking while Biollante is performing a different strike.

Vine Crack (A+B and Swing Up)
The two back vines raise and crack above Biollante's head to attack. This move can be chained with other A or B moves.

Vine Cross (A+B and Swing Left/Right)
The two back vines lunge forward and cross as they strike anyone ahead of Biollante. This move will probably be the standard attack of many players given its excellent reach, and that it can be chained with other A or B moves.

Radioactive Sap Spray (Hold C - Requires Energy)
Biollante unleashes a blast of her acidic spray, coating any targets in the sap's path.

Vine Crawl (Shake Nunchuk while moving)
This move replaces her jump as long as Biollante is moving, and sees the monster use its vines to speed up its advance.

All-Out Assault (Grapple Attack)
Biollante bites into her opponent, slipping them into her mouth. Once clenched between her jaws, she tosses them into the air where her vines quickly leap out and strike them before they begin to fall. As a final strike, Biollante lifts her head and uses it to slam her enemy into the ground. Unfortuantly, this whole assault is fairly long, and leaves Biollante open to attack from other opponents for quite awhile.

Underground Movement (A+B+C+Z)
Biollante disappears underground and then quickly reappears a short distance ahead of where she was looking. This move should be used primarily for faster movement and for avoiding attacks. Unlike burrowing, this is done automatically and very quickly, working almost like a teleport move.

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