Weak vs.

Concussive, Explosive

Special Attributes
Opponents who strike Anguirus' shell will be stunned briefly and receive minor damage. Anguirus can jump while rushing. The character is immune to damage from thrown structures while on all fours.

Claw Uppercut (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Anguirus lowers his hands and then raises them, claws outstretched.

Punch (A) [Can't Knockdown]
Anguirus punches out with one of his fists. Tap A again to do another strike quickly. This move replaces the Claw Uppercut when the spiked quadruped is standing on its hind legs.

Forefoot Stomp (A and Swing Down)
The monster does a small jump into the air and then slams down with its fists.

Bone Uppercut (A and Swing Up)
Anguirus swings up with his head to attack.

Sucker Punch (A and Swing Left)
The monster joins his two hands together and swings diagonally to strike.

Punch Slugger (A and Swing Right)
Anguirus spins and then swipes with his clawed hands.

Pulverizing Shell (A and Swing in enemy's direction while opponent is behind)
Anguirus leaps in his opponent's direction to strike them with his spiked carapace. If the monster should miss with this attack, there will be a long delay before he can get up again.

Bite (B) [Can't Knockdown]
The spiked quadruped lashes out with his jaws in a move that hits very low to the ground.

Kick (B) [Can't Knockdown]
Anguirus performs a standard kick attack. This move replaces Bite when the spiked quadruped is standing on its hind legs.

Drop Bite (B and Swing Down)
Anguirus attempts to bite the opponent with his jaws twice. If done repeatedly, the monster will continue to try and bite down on its foe.

Mule Kick (B and Swing Up)
The spiked quadruped quickly turns around and then kicks backwards.

Double Kick (B and Swing Left)
Anguirus leaps into the air with its feet extended to strike.

Drop Kick (B and Swing Right)
The monster jumps with its feet out to kick the opponent. This move is similar to his Double Kick, except that his shell is facing down in this instance.

Tail Spin (A+B and Swing Down)
The spiked quadruped rolls into a ball and quickly spins as it's tail gradually extends to attack. Despite appearances, this move can only hit a target once, but has very generous range.

Tail Flip (A+B and Swing Up)
Anguirus does a flip into the air and then slams down with its tail.

Tail Smack (A+B and Swing Left/Right)
Anguirus slowly rotates its body to attack as it lashes out with its tail. This move can land two successful blows.

Tail Smash (A+B and Swing in any direction while opponent is behind)
Anguirus violently slams its tail down like a hammer.

Roar (Hold C - Requires Energy) [Can't Knockdown]
The monster roars at his opponent. Unlike other characters, this roar can not "lock beams" with other projectiles. This attack will also briefly stop after each energy cell is depleted.

Shell Drop (Grapple Attack)
Anguirus places his adversary on his shell and then jumps, bucking them into the sky. The spiked quadruped then spins as they fall back onto the shell and he digs his spikes into them before they fall off.

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