Answers by: Published: September 25th, 2007  
Keehwan Her - Producer
Conducted by:
Chris Mirjahangir

Chris: Is the PS2 version of Godzilla: Unleashed a port of the Wii game, the PSP game or an all new game using the same title?

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Keehwan: The PS2 version of Godzilla Unleashed is not a port. Although the design is based on the Wii version, all the code, 3D models, and animations were created specifically for the PS2.

Chris: When the game was formally announced for the Wii, it was said that the all new mechanics couldn't be mapped to a conventional controller because it was being developed from the ground up for the Wii specifically. With the PS2 version being announced, does this mean that control features in this version will be sacrificed?

Keehwan: Nothing has been sacrificed in the PS2 version. The PS2 version has the same number of moves/attacks as the Wii version. The only key difference is that the PS2 version does not have motion based input due to the differences in the controller capabilities.

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Chris: When did the decision to port Godzilla: Unleashed to the PS2 come about and what was the reasoning behind it?

Keehwan: The PS2 version of Godzilla Unleashed was always in the back of my mind since we started pre-production back in 2006. It was around springtime (2007) when it became evident that the PS2 was still a very viable platform and that was when we decided to put it into full production. The goal is to bring the Godzilla Unleashed experience to as many gamers as possible; therefore, releasing it on Wii and PS2 made a lot of sense. The install base of both these platforms is huge, and that's not even including handhelds like the DS (don't forget about the DS version).

Chris: Will the game allow for 4 player multiplayer action via the PS2 multitap?

Keehwan: Yes, absolutely. What is a Godzilla game without 4P Multiplayer action?

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Chris: Will the game support online play?

Keehwan: Unfortunately, online play for the PS2 did not make sense after doing a cost-benefit analysis. Not many people go online with their PS2.

Chris: Will this game see release alongside the Wii version or is it slated for release in the future?

Keehwan: All versions of Godzilla Unleashed are scheduled to release simultaneously.

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