Playable Stages
Due to the chaotic environmental effects of the crystals, Sydney has transformed from a popular hotspot in the Outback to a frozen wasteland. Snow is now a common element, falling continuously while giant monsters do battle.

San Francisco
Though one of the cleaner arenas, San Francisco is still infested with crystal activity, with its boundaries cut off by massive waterfalls and broken bridges caused by a spike in seismic activity.

A thick, green cloud of smog covers the city of Osaka. While not harmful to the monsters, it acts to slightly obscure their vision in combat.

A massive volcano covers the entirety of Seattle with ash and lava. One of the very few stages to feature environmental hazards, monsters stepping in the flowing lava will receive minor Heat damage.

Monster Island
Shared by kaiju and scientist alike, Monster Island is home to many of the world's most dangerous monsters. As buildings are scarce, monsters are capable of picking up, destroying, or taking cover behind the rocks scattered around the stage.

Now floating high in the sky, London and some of its major landmarks are now fair game to the monsters capable of reaching this levitating mass of a city.

New York
While left largely untouched by Mother Nature, New York acts as the landing spot for the cosmic terror SpaceGodzilla. A massive crater and a forest of crystals, caused by the space monster's landing, remain near the city borders.

Suffering from harsh environmental changes like many cities across the globe, the megalopolis Tokyo is now cursed with constant rain. As a result, much if the city is now underwater, leaving only the tallest buildings and some famed landmarks to survive the flooding.

Formerly a massive vessel for the Vortaak, the Mothership has now crash-landed on the Earth and suffers a similar fate as many of Earth's cities. Crystals now litter the carrier, and the entire arena is tilted at an angle.

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