Publisher: Toho Release: 1998 (Japan) System: Playstation
Developer: Tao Human Systems Number of Players: 1-2 Japanese Title: ゴジラ トレーディングバトル
Story - Specifics - Controls - Box Art - Concept Art

Using cards featuring monsters from all reaches of Godzilla and Toho lore, the player must help defend the Earth from a hostile alien invasion.

After defeating the Story mode, the player can access duels and earn even more and rarer cards.

  • Story mode gives player the choice to be either G-Force or Monster
  • Defeating Story mode rewards the player with more cards
  • Duel mode allows player to fight a computer or a friend
  • 77 monster cards to collect
  • Featuring nearly all Godzilla movie monsters plus six originals
  • Customizable deck allows player to choose which cards to bring into duels
  • Collect a card to view its artwork, hear its cry, read its description, or even trade with others


X Button : Cancel, close menus, confirm zoom changes
Circle Button : Confirm
Triangle Button : Show hand
Square Button : Shows card information when a card is highlighted
Directional Pad : Move around map, highlight cards
Start Button : Help guide
L1 : Zoom out
L2 : Zoom in

Box Art / Adverts

Concept Art
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