Publisher: Toho Release: 1996 (Japan)/1998 (US) System: Windows 3.1/Windows 95/Macintosh
Developer: Premier Systems Number of Players: 1  
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Godzilla Movie Studio Tour is an interactive database packed with information regarding Godzilla and his movie co-stars, featuring 33 different kaiju including Bagan and Dogolas (also referred to as Dogoras in the copyright).

The game allows you to take clips from various Godzilla films and splice them together to make your own movie as the main feature, although hosts other activities and information on the franchise. Upon starting up the game and clicking past the title screen, you are prompted to enter a name ID consisting of three letters.

After you have entered your ID, you sit through a brief introductory music sequence, then you are allowed to navigate the studio:

Name Entry
Theater Film Studio Library
Theater is located in the North part of the studio. Film Studio, Publicity Dep., and Sound Studio are located on the West side of the studio. Library and Museum are located on the East side of the studio.
Godzilla Shop Sky Walk Exit
Godzilla Shop is located on the Southeast side of the studio. Sky Walk and Kid's Shop are located on the Southwest side of the studio. Finally, you can exit the game by clicking the Exit box on the South part of the studio.

  • Navigate through many facilities available in a central hub
  • Make a custom movie using clips from various Godzilla movies, and watch it in the Theater
  • Read about monsters, listen to their roars, and view pictures in the Museum
  • Watch select video clips and view classic Toho posters in the Library
  • Print posters, special event cards, book covers, digitally drawn and autographed pictures, and more



Left Mouse Click : Select options, primary navigation

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Concept Art / Other Images
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