Godzilla [Game Boy]

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Godzilla [Game Boy]



  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • # of Players:
    1-2 players
    (1 US)
  • Japanese Title:
    ゴジラくん 怪獣大行進
  • Release:
    1990 (Japan)
    1990 (US)
  • System:
    Game Boy



Story and Objective (US Version)

Godzilla's son, Minilla, has been kidnapped by his old foes! Now the King of the Monsters must traverse the giant Labyrinth of Matrix to find him, solving the maze's complicated puzzles, and fighting off enemies along the way.

  • Solve dozens of puzzles in the form of very large rooms
  • Destroy all rocks on the level to progress
  • Passwords are given to either save progress or to jump into a level without any prior progression
  • Fight against a handful of aggressive monsters
  • Take too long to solve a room and King Ghidorah arrives to terminate you


B Button : Punch, confirm; in Sound Test, plays a sound
A Button : Confirm; in Sound Test, stops any playing sounds
Start : Pause
Select : Enter the pause menu
D-pad : Left and right to walk, up and down to climb objects (ladders, vines, crystals); when game is paused, left and right can be used to scroll and view the level


There are a number of elements in the game that can either help or hinder the player's progress. Listed below are the items and objects that are commonly found on the levels.

Boulder Boulder
Break these to progress to the next level. They can only be broken when pushed against a wall with Godzilla's punch attack. Boulders can also be used to crush Godzilla's enemies, or when broken may contain a random item inside.
Arrow Arrow
When Godzilla stands inside of an arrow, it will progress him to the next level. The direction of the arrow determines which room Godzilla will go inside the maze. The player can then view the maze map and see arrows of puzzle rooms the player has completed previously.
Climbable Objects

Climbable Objects

Climbable Objects
Climbable Objects
On almost every level, there are various objects Godzilla can use to ascend or descend parts of the stage.

These objects include vines, ladders, and crystals.

Enemy monsters can also climb these objects as they chase the player.
Enemy Spawns

Enemy Spawns

Enemy Spawns
Enemy Spawns
These dark rooms are where enemy monsters spawn from. Almost all stages have a variation of an enemy spawner.

Variants include a wooded alcove, steel doorway and a jagged-like enclosing with a hole in it.
Spikes Spikes
Touching or falling on spikes results in the player immediately losing a life. However, all non-flying enemy monsters can also be knocked out by spikes if they touch or fall on them.


These three items will aid the player on their journey through the maze. They can be found randomly inside boulders on any level, and all have unique effects. To use an item, simply use Godzilla's punch attack on them.

Hourglass Hourglass
The hourglass item freezes all monsters on the stage but Godzilla.
Lightning Lightning
The lightning item flashes the screen, knocking out all monsters on the stage but Godzilla.
Heart Heart
The heart item gives the player an extra life.

Score Bar

Score Bar

The score bar consists of the player's score (S), the number of lives remaining (G), and Godzilla's health (health bar). The player's score and lives are reset any time the game is reset, even if the player enters an 18-digit password.

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