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Kaiju Dungeon

For the 2.3.2 update, released in August 2019, the Kaiju Dungeon feature was added. This is a daily challenge, which right now only appears on certain days. To play the dungeon, an entry ticket is required. Every day the player recieves three entry tickets, which can be spent on the dungeon. If the player runs out of tickets they can spend 100 X-nium to buy an additional ticket.

Battle Mechanics

In terms of how dungeons play, like the Moon, this sees the player fight a series of kaiju or Godzilla based opponents. However, several elements are different from other aspects of the game. For one, the player chooses an ally and three cards before entering battle. Neither of these can be changed during the course of the dungeon, nor can the game be paused while battling in the dungeon.

Next, rather than having a time limit per kaiju, there is a global time limit for the entire dungeon. This means a player could speed through the early rounds and then spend a lot of time in the final round if they need to. Bases and units are also fixed on the stage. They are based on a specific city in the game, inherting their power, but can not be upgraded during the dungeon match. If the player wants to power them up, they need to go to the coresponding city in the game and level them up there before challenging a dungeon.

In terms of this relationship, it is linked to the class of the unit. This is noted when a unit transitions to the next class, for example when the Railgun Tower goes from "Railgun Tower II" to "Railgun Tower III". The key level markers are level 150 and level 400. Exceeding level 400 on the unit won't have any additional effect on its battle performance in the dungeon.


Dungeons consist of 30 levels, with the diffculty and reward progressing the higher the level. The player spends an entry ticket to challenge a specific level of the dungeon. Initially only the first level of a dungeon is unlocked, but after each level is beat the next is unlocked. The player can replay an older dungeon at any time, although buy spending an entry ticket to do so.

Rewards for the level are listed before the player begins. In addition, certain achievements are unlocked as the player beats specific levels.


Right now there is only one dungeon in the game. It appears three times a week, meaning that the remaining four days a dungeon is unvailable to the player.

Dungeon: Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (also known as "Horror of the Deep")

Unlocked: After beating Gezora, stage 120, on Tokyo
Available: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Based on: Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966)

Shobijin ('66)

Time Limit: 115 seconds
Units: From Tokyo

Troop Troop Vehicle Turret Turret Plane

Shobijin ('66)

Ebirah ('66)
Round 1

Shobijin ('66)

Mothra ('66)
Round 2

Shobijin ('66)

Godzilla ('66)
Round 3

Located on what appears to be a hybrid of Letchi Island and Infant Island, the player faces three different opponents on this dungeon. Deafeating each will refill 4 G-cells. The units on the stage are based on the current defenses at Tokyo, this includes the level of those bases.


  • Level 1 - Card Powder x10
  • Level 2 - Moonstones x10
  • Level 3 - Card Powder x20
  • Level 4 - Moonstones x20
  • Level 5 - Card Powder x30
  • Level 6 - Moonstones x30
  • Level 7 - Card Powder x40
  • Level 8 - Moonstones x40
  • Level 9 - Card Powder x50
  • Level 10 - Moonstones x50
  • Level 11 - Card Powder x60
  • Level 12 - Moonstones x60
  • Level 13 - Card Powder x70
  • Level 14 - Moonstones x70
  • Level 15 - Card Powder x80
  • Level 16 - Moonstones x80
  • Level 17 - Card Powder x90
  • Level 18 - Moonstones x90
  • Level 19 - Card Powder x100
  • Level 20 - Moonstones x100
  • Level 21 - Card Powder x120
  • Level 22 - Moonstones x120
  • Level 23 - Card Powder x140
  • Level 24 - Moonstones x140
  • Level 25 - Card Powder x160
  • Level 26 - Moonstones x160
  • Level 27 - Card Powder x180
  • Level 28 - Moonstones x180
  • Level 29 - Card Powder x200
  • Level 30 - Moonstones x200


  • Level 10 - Mothra Yui Costume ★ (Attack +50%)
  • Level 20 - Mothra Yui Costume ★★ (Attack +100%)
  • Level 30 - Mothra Yui Costume ★★★ (Attack +300%)

Special Abilities

Before a dungeon begins, the player can unlock special abilities that will be applied to their next play inside the dungeon. These are unlocked by watching advertisments, and function similar to boosts during the regular game. The special abilities available are:

  • +25% DPS
  • +25% Production Speed
  • +25% Critical Rate

These abilities only apply to the next play through the dungeon, and become locked again for the next play through.


The ultimate achievement for the dungeon are costumes that can be unlocked for Yui, the operator who assists the player in the game.

Once unlocked the costume can be equipped, changing the visual appearance of the character in the game. The player can unequip a costume at any time, reverting Yui to her standard-issue military uniform.

In addition to their visual appearance, bonuses are also attached to costumes as well. These bonuses are automatically unlocked when the costume is. In addition, the costume does not need to be equipped for the bonus to take effect.

Right now the only bonus associated with a costume is an attack bonus. This bonus is multiplied separately from other modifiers, as a result a bonus of +100% will literally double the player's attack power.

Note that the visual aspect of the costume is the same across star levels. Meaning a ★ costume looks the same as a ★★★ costume.

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