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From Nexon / Neople / Studio 42 for Android and iOS

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Godzilla Defense Force


Godzilla Defense Force

  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
    NEXON, Neopeople, Studio 42
  • Number of Players:
    Single player
  • Japanese Title:
    ゴジラ ディフェンスフォース
  • Release:
    2019 (Worldwide)
  • System:
    Android (6.0+), iOS (9.0+)

    Android Android



The Xilien have invaded Earth. Unleashing monsters and kaiju on the planet through a spacetime vortex, creatures of all generations attack humanity.

Beginning their assault in Tokyo, Ebirah, Biollante, Megaguirus and other mind controlled kaiju assault the Earth. Mobilizing, a defense force fights back against the invaders using advanced weaponry. Pushing back the alien forces, the Xilien set their scopes on London, Sydney, Arizona and New York while their quest to secure the water on planet Earth is unveiled.


Progressing in the game requires leveling up, which is how additional locations are accessed in the game. This is achieved through earning experience after beating Godzilla and the other kaiju bosses. Every time a new level is achieved, an award is unlocked. These awards include:

  • MoonstonesLevel 2 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 3 : Max G-Cell +1
  • Level 4 : Unlock London
  • Level 5 : Unlock Time Travel
  • Level 6 : Max G-Cell +1
  • Level 7 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 8 : Unlock Sydney
  • Level 9 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 10 : Max G-Cell +1
  • Level 11 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 12 : Unlock Arizona
  • Level 13 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 14 : Max G-Cell +1
  • Level 15 : Rare Card Pack (first time only)/Normal Card Pack
  • Level 16 : Unlock New York
  • Level 17 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 18 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 19 : Free Card Pack
  • Level 20 : Unlock Moon

Level 20 is the last in the game, and no further awards will be unlocked until the player time travels and the rewards are reset.


Periodically during levels, survivors will appear. Clicking on them will rescue that individual, who will be ferried off to the Moon. These survivors can then be sent on mining activities that take a certain amount of real world time, i.e. even when the game is off the countdown will continue. The reward for this is a varying degree of moonstones, which are random between a range. Rewards, needed survivors to perform the task, time and level unlocked are shown below. Note that the Space Titanum artifact increases moonstone rewards. These increase is not factored into the reward totals below.

  • MoonstonesArea 1 (Level 3)
    Time: 5 minutes
    Survivor: 1
    Reward: 1-5 moonstones

  • Area 2 (Level 3)
    Time: 15 minutes
    Survivor: 3
    Reward: 6-15 moonstones

  • Area 3 (Level 4)
    Time: 30 minutes
    Survivor: 10
    Reward: 16-30 moonstones

  • Area 4 (Level 4)
    Time: 1 hour
    Survivor: 30
    Reward: 31-50 moonstones

  • Area 5 (Level 5)
    Time: 4 hours
    Survivor: 50
    Reward: 51-75 moonstones

  • Area 6 (Level 5)
    Time: 8 hours
    Survivor: 100
    Reward: 76-105 moonstones

  • Area 7 (Level 6)
    Time: 12 hours
    Survivor: 150
    Reward: 106-140 moonstones

  • Area 8 (Level 8)
    Time: 1 day
    Survivor: 300
    Reward: 141-180 moonstones

You can decrease the time on a mining task in two ways. The first is by watching an ad, which will cut an hour off the time. This is flat, meaning if the task has less than or equal to an hour left it will be automatically done. This can only be done three times a day. Alternatively, you can pay X-nium to finish the task automatically. The amount varies by the time of the task.

Moonstone Packs
Moonstones are spent to acquire Moonstone Card Packs. These cost 150 moonstones and contain a random 1-4★ card and gold. The gold is based on your total DPS across all open maps, with more gold awarded the more DPS you have. This is tabulated based on your current DPS, so if you use cards to boost damage and then claim your Moonstone Card Pack while the damage effect is still active this will greatly increase the amount of gold awarded.


Every stage in the game has missions, referred to as "city missions" although they can appear on the Moon as well. There are three missions that appear per stage. When a mission is completed, a new mission takes its place so there will always be three available missions in each stage. The reward for these missions is money, the amount of which is dependent on the type of mission done and the current DPS of the city. For example clearing the "Defeat 3 kaiju" mission will reward with the player with 20 times their current DPS in cash.

Below are the missions available, which are chosen at random. Many of these missions appear in different variants. The tap the screen mission is a good example, as it can require tapping the screen 300, 500 or 999 times depending on the mission given. Note that similar missions can not appear at the same time. For example, if a "Defeat 3 kaiju" mission is currently listed, a "Defeat 4 kaiju" mission can not appear until the earlier one is completed.

Tap the screen Tap the screen 300 times $20 x DPS
Tap the screen 500 times $40 x DPS
Tap the screen 999 times $60 x DPS
Defeat monster waves Defeat 30 monster waves* $20 x DPS
Defeat 50 monster waves* $40 x DPS
Defeat 75 monster waves* $60 x DPS
Defeat kaiju Defeat 3 kaiju** $20 x DPS
Defeat 4 kaiju** $40 x DPS
Defeat 5 kaiju** $60 x DPS
Use cards Use 6 cards $20 x DPS
Use 12 cards $40 x DPS
Use 18 cards $60 x DPS
Upgrade bases Upgrade bases 5 times*** $20 x DPS
Upgrade bases 10 times*** $40 x DPS
Upgrade bases 15 times*** $60 x DPS
Defeat UFOs Defeat 3 UFOs $10 x DPS
Restore bases Restore bases 3 times $10 x DPS
Rescue civilians Rescue 5 civilians
(stops appearing after rescuing 644 civilians)
$10 x DPS

*Note: although it says "monster waves" it actually just means regular monsters. So beating a wave of 5 monsters will count for 5 toward this.

**Note: Godzilla, normally, does not count as a kaiju. This means beating him will not count toward the "Defeat 3 / 4 / 5 kaiju" mission. However, this is different on the Moon where Godzilla does count as a kaiju and defeating him contributes to this mission.

***Note: Upgrade milestones, such as at level 400 or 600 when the upgrade button changes to orange or purple, do not count toward the upgrade base task. Oddly, though, buying a new unit does count toward this.


There are 49 achievement areas in the game, each with several levels of criteria that have to be met. When met, an amount of X-nium is awarded to the player. Below are the rewards at each level.

Achievement 1 3 X-nium
Achievement 2 6 X-nium
Achievement 3 10 X-nium
Achievement 4 15 X-nium
Achievement 3 25 X-nium

Achievements are earned based on meeting certain conditions. For example, defeating 500 kaiju is a level three achievement and will give 10 X-nium, while another achievement is defeating Godzilla ('54) 10 times for 6 X-nium. Below are all the achievement areas.

  • AchievementsDefeat Kaiju
  • Defeat Normal Monsters
  • Tap the Screen
  • Upgrade Bases
  • Level Up Bases
  • Restore Bases
  • Complete City Missions
  • Acquire X-Nium
  • Acquire Time Shards
  • Acquire Moonstones
  • Acquire Card Powder
  • Use Cards
  • Open Card Packs
  • Activate Time Travel
  • Collect Artifacts
  • Level Up Artifacts
  • Shoot Down UFOs
  • Rescue Civilians
  • Stages in Tokyo
  • Stages in London
  • Stages in Sydney
  • Stages in Arizona
  • Defeat Godzilla ('66)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('99)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('54)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('84)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('68)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('89)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('02)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('94)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('01)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('95)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('03)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('04)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('00)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('16)
  • Defeat Godzilla ('67)
  • Unlock Codex Entries
  • Clear Stages
  • Hit Weak Point
  • Failed Defenses
  • Buy Auto-Tap Timers
  • Base Boost
  • Stages in New York
  • Stages on the Moon
  • Collect Allies
  • Level Up Allies
  • Points in the Staff Game
  • Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster - Clear
  • Giant Monsters All-Out Attack - Clear
  • Godzilla vs. Gigan - Clear

Login Bonus

Once a day, past midnight, the player will get a login bonus. This will allow them to spin a wheel that contains the following prizes:

  • 5 X-nium (30% chance)
  • 10 Card Powder (20% chance)
  • 15 Moonstones (20%)
  • 10 X-nium (10% chance)
  • 20 Card Powder (10% chance)
  • 30 Moonstones (10% chance)

After getting the first prize, the player can choose to watch an ad and spin the wheel a second time for a different prize.

Login StampDoing the login bonus also awards the player a stamp. This includes additional bonuses, if the login bonus is done daily. These are:

Day 3:
30 Card Powder

Day 7:
100 Moonstones

Day 10:
50 X-nium

After Day 10, the stamp system will reset begin at Day 1 the next time a login bonus is achieved.

Staff Game

Login StampAlso noted as a "Credit Mini Game", the Staff Game was introduced in version 2.2.2, which was released on June 25th, 2019.

As the name implies, the game provides full credits for the game. These are shown at the top. As the credits run, the player is greeted to a little mini-game. This sees the player take control of a kaiju and attempt to nagivate through a course. The kaiju is constantly moving during the game, and the player can tap the screen to make their character jump. Characters can jump quickly or do longer jumps, depending on how long the player presses on the screen.

Jumping is required as the course presents obstacles that have to be avoided. The main obstacle are buildings, which appear in three sizes: small, medium and large. In addition to buildings, Rodan will occasionally attack the player as well. This involves the winged monster flying across the screen. He can appear near the ground or way in the sky when performing this attack. While buildings are straight forward, meaning the player just has to gauge how high to jump, Rodan can be tricky as he can either require the player jump to avoid him or keep walking as to prevent themselves from jumping into him.

As the player progresses, the speed of the mini game increases. This results in it becoming harder and harder. Their distance for the particular run is seen at the top of the screen. The distance, or score, is where the player gets rewarded, as an achievement is tied to the game. The top prize, 25 X-nium, requires the player to reach a distance of 1,000 M.

As noted, the player will get to control a kaiju. This kaiju is selected at random. Other than the size, the various characters have no notable difference between them. They include Godzilla '16, King Ghidorah '91, Mechagodzilla '75, Gigan '72 and Jet Jaguar. Below are the five playable characters, along with Rodan.

Staff Game Kaiju

Note: version 2.2.3 altered the Staff Game, making it easier by decreasing the speed.

Current Errors or Issues

As with most mobile games which see future updates, errors and issues arise along the way. Below are the current bugs, errors or issues.

Money on Two LinesFor Version 2.3.6

  • Desghidorah features Mothra Larva's roar.
  • Dagahra features Rainbow Mothra's beam sound effect for his roar.
  • The Mothra ('92) codex features the exact same text as the Mothra Larva ('92) codex.
  • The Godzilla ('67) codex features both the spelling of Minilla and Minya in it.
  • The ★★★★★ Fire Rodan '93 has a visual error, where the top half doesn't render properly.
  • Placing a second card during battle too quickly after another card overwrites the effect of the first.

Errors from earlier versions waiting to be verified if still present

  • Occasionally, when facing Godzilla, the player's army will not attack. This often mixed with an issue where Godzilla and the last monster wave appear together. If the player replays the mission right after this error they will often not be rewarded Time Shards for beating the Godzilla. It's better to leave the location, revist, leave and revist again which will correct the Time Shard issue.
  • Sometimes the game will return too many survivors on the moon after a task is done, allowing the player to deploy more survivors than they have.
  • The achievement to unlock 10 allies triggers when 9 allies are unlocked.
  • On the moon, challenges are given for doing monster waves. However, these challenges are not possible as no regular monsters appear in this location.
  • When a large amount of money is accumulated, such as a currency of e254, the game places this on two lines rather than one for the location and moon screens.
  • Very late levels on the Moon, such as level 205 and beyond, give no card powder when the kaiju is beaten.

Version History

Since moving out of beta, Godzilla Defense Force has seen regular updates. Many times these are to resolve earlier issues, but sometimes they add additional functionality to the game as well. Below is a version history for these updates.

Version 2.3.10 (October 11, 2022)

  • Offerwall Ad system added as a way to earn X-nium
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.9 (August 9, 2022)

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.8 (May 11, 2022)

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.7 (February 24, 2022)

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.3.6 (December 23, 2021)

  • Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Kaiju Dungeon added
  • Godzilla vs. Gigan Kaiju Dungeon added
  • Rewards adjusted for Godzilla vs Sea Monster Kaiju Dungeon to be all Moonstone based
  • Achievements added for the new dungeons
  • Banners introduced in stages
  • Bug fixes
  • The 65th Godzilla anniversary notification was removed from before the game loads

Version 2.3.5 (November 11, 2021)

  • Convenience fixes and other bugs have also been addressed

Version 2.3.4 (February 21, 2020)

  • New shop items: premium package and special package.

Unmentioned and elaborated changes:

  • The King Ghidorah '64 ★★★★★ card was added back to the shop in a package with 800 x-nium and 150 card powder. Prices will vary, in USD the cost is $39.99. However, it's incorrectly listed in the shop as adding +360% to all attack, which is the same effect as the Mothra '92 card, rather than the actual effect of having a Skill Attack of the city's DPS x25.
  • A ★★★★★ Fire Rodan '93 card was added to the game with a G-cell cost of 2, the lowest for any five star card. The card has a visual display error.
  • The Showa series Anguirus was also added to the Codex. However, there is no card for Anguirus and his name is not listed.

Version 2.3.3 (August 16, 2019 - Android Only)

  • None stated

Unmentioned and elaborated changes:

  • Corrected the damage multiplier for the Mothra Yui costume, now raising the visible DPS.
  • Added background music to the Kaiju Dungeon.
  • Changed the time travel screen so that it no longer lists the total number of Godzillas and Kaju defeated since starting the game, but instead only lists the total for that particular time travel run.
  • Fixed the image for the Dorat ally.

Version 2.3.2 (August 6, 2019)

  • Kaiju Dungeon has been added.
    - 'Horror of the Deep' Dungeon is now open! Defeat 2 Kaiju 1 Godzilla from the movies in limited time!
    - The Dungeon is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    - Card Shards, Moonstone and Costumes are given as rewards.
    - Costumes are given only once for completing Level 10, 20 and 30 in Kaiju Dungeon.

  • How to use Kaiju Dungeon
    - Kaiju Dungeon opens on certain weekdays.
    - It opens after completing Level 120 in Tokyo or after using the Time Travel.
    - 3 entry tickets are given every day - no more than 3 tickets can be collected.
    - Coins are not collected and can't be used.
    - Current defense line of Tokyo is used for Kaiju Dungeon.
    - Constructed Bases and their upgraded level information is used (DPS is calculated based on them) (2nd level = 2 x 1st level / 3rd level – 3 x 1st level)
    - Kaiju Dungeon consists of 30 stages and can be reached by completing previous stage.
    - Once a certain stage is cleared you can choose any stage when entering the Dungeon.
    - Effects of Artifacts, Allies and Costumes are all applied.
    - Allies and Cards are chosen before entering the Dungeon. They cannot be changed while you are in the Dungeon.
    - You can quit the Dungeon anytime. Used ticket is not given back.

  • Operator Room has been added
    - Operator Room icon can be found on the left upper corner in the Lobby.
    - You can choose/change Yui's Costume.
    - Costume effects are applied to once you possess them.

  • New package has been added to the Shop
    - Dorat Package: Ally Dorat + 500 X-nium + 100 Card Shards (can be purchased once per account)
    - Premium Package: Guaranteed 5★ Card x 2 (can be purchased up to 3 times)
    - Special Package: Guaranteed 5★ Card x 3 (can be purchased up to 3 times)

  • [Bug fix]
    - The issue in which Event Stage is displayed for short time even though it is not open has been fixed.
  • - Rescue civilian mission is not displayed after collecting all civilians.

Unmentioned and elaborated changes:

  • The ability to go to the Moon levels now appears in the lower left rather than the upper left.
  • The Rio De Janeiro (Event) stage now appears in the upper middle portion of the screen rather than the lower left.

Version 2.2.4 & 2.2.5 (July 4, 2019)

  • An issue that caused some rescued civilians to go missing after Time Travel has been resolved
  • A bug that caused some players to get stuck on the Time Travel tutorial has been fixed

Unmentioned and elaborated changes:

  • Two versions were released very close to each other, both with the same notes associated. Differences between them seems to be efforts to fix the missing civilians, as there is an additional note saying that they must update to 2.2.5 to have the missing civilians appear.
  • Once the player reaches 644 civilians on the moon, civilians stop spawning in levels.

Version 2.2.3 (July 3, 2019)

  • Text and UI of Ally package adjusted
  • Number of rescued civilians are not reset after Time Travel
  • Number of Card Shards for defeating Bosses after using Time Travel has been increased

    Stage 1-129
    TOKYO - no changes
    LONDON - original x1.5 card powder
    SYDNEY - original x1.5 card powder
    ARIZONA - original x1.5 card powder
    NEW YORK - original x1.5 card powder
    MOON - original x1.5 card powder

    Stage 130-and above
    TOKYO - original x1.5 card powder
    LONDON - original x2.0 card powder
    SYDNEY - original x2.5 card powder
    ARIZONA - original x2.5 card powder
    NEW YORK - original x3.0 card powder
    MOON - original x2.0 card powder

  • Position of Ranking Table on the Moon adjusted
  • Difficulty of Staff Mini game has been decreased
  • The effect of Titanosaurus has been adjusted to its normal stats

Unmentioned and elaborated changes:

  • On the Moon, the ranking notificaiton that appears on the left side of the screen after defeat was moved slightly upwards.
  • The Titanosaurus ★★★ card now boosts critical attack by 375% at level one instead of just 12%, while additional levels increase it by 187.5% instead of 6%.

Version 2.2.2 (June 25, 2019)

  • New shop items: Starter Package, Mothra Package, Special Package
  • New UFO event stage
  • New ranking system in Moon stage
  • New credit Mini game
  • Bug fixes

Unmentioned changes:

  • Added the Mothra ('92) ★★★★★ card, which is also the first five star card that is not a skill attack card.
  • Added Mothra ('92) to the Codex.
  • An achievement was added for the staff mini game, called a "credit mini game" in the update notes.
  • The "bonus" from watching an advertisment after destroying an Xilien UFO now interrupts the process of awarding card powder. Prior to this, the card powder notification after beating a boss would stop the advertisment from playing and result in no reward for the UFO. Note that the player still must be quick to click the option to intiate the ad, though.
  • An issue that locked up the game during the ally tutorial for some players has been resolved.
  • Dates were corrected for the Shobijin ('03) and Shobijin ('04), which were previously listed as '04 and '05.
  • The movie listing was corrected for the Elias ('96) ally, now stating Rebirth of Mothra 1996 rather than Mothra 1966.

Version 2.1.2 (June 20, 2019)

  • Bug fixes

Unmentioned changes:

  • Corrected a bug where on the revenge screen when an advertisment didn't load properly sometimes the location would freeze up, either halting the kaiju from moving or military from attacking.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed allies to attack while the defeat screen was up.
  • Corrected ally text, with: Shobijin ('66) now noting they are from Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966) rather than "Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster"; Empress of Mu now noting she is from Atragon (1963) rather than "Godzilla vs. the Undersea Battleship"; Mysterian now noting he is from The Mysterians (1957) rather than "Godzilla King of the Monsters". An example of the old text for the Empress of Mu can be seen to the right.
  • After a period of time, Xilien UFOs will now fly away from the battlefield rather than staying around until touched. This means the player has to be quick when a UFO appears now.
  • Xilien UFOs now appear on the Moon, although are very rare.
  • Civilians were added back to New York City.

Version 2.1.1 (June 19, 2019)

  • Supporter Character system added
  • Artifact order adjustments
  • Bug fixes

Unmentioned changes:

  • 12 allies were added to the game, along with a tutorial to walk players through this process.
  • Two achievements were added for the ally dynamic.
  • The artifact order adjustment esentially moves the location specific artifacts, like the Tokyo Badge, to the top of the list rather than having them at the bottom.
  • Civilians were removed from appearing in New York City.

Version 2.0.6 (June 3, 2019)

  • Time machine bug fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Unmentioned changes:

  • The amount of money from Moonstone Card Packs are no longer effected by the DPS boost from cards.
  • Players who played before version 2.0.5 no longer get stuck when they hit level five at the time travel explanation sequence, which previously required a game restart to get past.
  • Added a fire effect to the Godzilla title card before Godzilla appears.

Version 2.0.5 (May 29, 2019)

  • Balance adjustments for some difficult stages
  • New package (1,500 X-nium + 1,500 X-nium)
  • New Win percentage interface during Godzilla Battle
  • New Achievements and rewards adjustments
  • Bug fixes

Unmentioned changes:

  • Balance adjustments have made some defense units much cheaper to unlock, however the DPS of the player has been greatly lowered making the game much harder overall.
  • Unlocked artifacts can now be clicked on and their stats seen.
  • Five complimentary time shards are given when a player first reaches level five, while the game forces the player to spend these to buy an artifact.
  • The King Ghidorah '64 card and codex entry no longer shows King Ghidorah from Zone Fighter (1973) but instead from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964).
  • The King Ghidorah '91 card no longer shows King Ghidorah from Rebirth of Mothra III (1998) but instead the one from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991).

Version 2.0.3 (May 23, 2019) - First version out of beta

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