Godzilla Battle Line - Unreleased Content [Android/iOS/PC]

Unreleased Content

Data mining is a path toward learning more about a specific title by digging through vast quantities of extracted game data. This will also often shed light on unreleased material. Data mining was used, for example, to uncover never released material for Godzilla Defense Force and Godzilla Destruction. However, Toho has gone to some lengths to make data mining Godzilla Battle Line a Herculean endeavor. While possible this is due to efforts to limit cheating, regardless it has made it hard to extract meaningful information. As a result, the amount of details on unreleased content is scarce. This page does document a few known examples, though, with a heavy dose of theorizing.

Note: units shown off in recent Summits or promoted on social media as coming out soon are not included on this page.

Unreleased Battle Pieces

Highlights battle pieces that were shown off in official material but never actually released in the game.

Tokyo Area - Day

United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Center (UNGCC)

The UNGCC is unique in that it was the only battle piece depicted in promotional material prior to the game's release that never made it into the beta or main game. Imagery never showcases it on the battlefield, only as a collected battle piece that could be added to a deck. It was shown as a six energy, two star unit, although neither is very meaningful as many pieces changed their status by the time of release.

As for the UNGCC, there is little hint at what it might have done. The battle piece image shows the center with Japanese text saying its name (国連はG対策センター), which is something else unique compared to other pieces. Logically, it was likely to be a facility. It's also quite possible that the center was a "version 1" of a battle piece that did make it into the game. For example, it could very well have had the role that the Energy Refueling Base got, as that ended up being a made up battle piece for the game.

Unreleased Leaders

Focuses on released battle pieces that had a planned leader role for them that is currently not present in the game.

Mothra Leo


Mothra Leo

When studio mode was released, either a zoomed in image of the monster's battle piece or a leader portrait was used for the stars. There are exceptions, such Ultraman 2022 and Fire Rodan which don't use their leader portrait. An even more extraordinary outliner, though, is that Mothra Leo has a portrait that's used here.

While it's possible this was a scrapped idea to create unique portraits for all the stars, it's more likely this alludes to Mothra Leo being considered as a leader. It's feasible Toho could still add leader status to the 1996 Mothra at a later date, although also likely they scrapped the idea of making him a leader altogether.

Anguirus 1955


Anguirus 1955

There are several hints that Anguirus was considered for a leader slot in the game. The most overt is that he appears as a silhouette on the "finding opponent" screen alongside the silhouettes of other possible leaders. The other is that a portrait is found for the star in studio mode, similar to Mothra Leo.

While always possible he could still become a leader, it does look a bit unlikely at this stage. Anguirus being a two star unit, where as every other leader is at least a three star, might be what caused Toho to scrap the idea in the first place.

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