Godzilla Battle Line - Tomodachi: Friend [Android/iOS/PC]
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Introduced in version 3.1.0, the Tomodachi (トモダチ, literally Japanese for "friend") feature allows players to follow other players, earning themselves rewards while also having an easier way to invite them to friend matches.

Following and Followers

The main element of the Tomodachi feature is around following other players and being followed.

Following and Followers

Following someone is done in three ways:

  • Clicking on someone's profile and clicking the "Follow" button
  • Clicking the "Follow Back" button for someone who is following you
  • Using the search function and inputting a player's unique ID number

Profiles can be viewed from your battle history or by going to the arena leader board.

The default maximum number of players you can follow is 30, but this can be increased all the way up to 200. Increasing the limit costs 100 G-stones for each additional 10 people that you can follow. There is no limit to how many people can follow you, although only up to 1000 can be displayed.

Battling Friends and Notifications

Once two players are following each other, they can more easily invite them to "friend matches". Friend matches previously involved creating or joining a room using a code, and while that feature still exists players can now click an invite button to select a follower to notify. In order to invite, the follower has to be currently online and you must be following them as well.

While images shared from Toho showed the other player receiving a notification at the top of their screen, this feature does not appear to work or has a massive delay on it actually appearing. Instead, the other player needs to open their Tomodachi menu and visit the "Notification History" part to accept the battle.

Notification History

This will allow them to join the friend match, while also showing past invites that might have been sent from other players (note: if they already have the Tomodachi menu open when the invite is sent, they will have to close it and reopen the Tomodachi menu to see the invite).

Tomodachi Points

One of the primary drivers for using the Tomodachi feature is to earn points, literally called Tomodachi Points.

Tomodachi Points

These points are exchanged for prizes that are available in the "Exchange" part of the store, in the same location that All-Star Battle Event exchange is found. To date, prizes have been:

  • Fragments
  • Memory P
  • G-material
  • Gacha tickets for Battle Memories
  • Battle Memories

In terms of the latter, so far the Battle Memories offered have been exclusive to this mode such as the Godzilla 1965 Battle Memory.

Earning Points

Players can earn up to 100 Tomodachi Points per day, excluding what might be earned from achievements. This limit resets at the same time that the daily tasks do. Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Supporting someone you follow (3 points)
  • Being supported by a follower (1 point)
  • Battling with a friend (10 points)

In addition, there are caps on how many points can be earned daily using certain methods. This is 90 points for supporting other players (not communicated) and 30 points for battling other players (which is after each match how many points remain for the day).

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