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NPC Dynamics

NPCs (non-player characters) are computer controlled opponents. Also referred to as bots, these computer opponents can be found in Ranked, Challenge Battles and Training mode.

NPCs function similar to a real player. They have a leader, a deck of seven battle pieces and access to the leader's special move with a cool down. They also must evolve units like Battra and Biollante before using their final forms.

NPCs differ from a real player, though, as they don't use energy. Instead, bots function on actions or turns. These start off at intervals of every 13 seconds. So for example the first action will take place at 2:47 and then again at 2:34. An action can be using their special move or summoning a battle piece. The NPC will prioritize their special move as long as there is a target and it's not under cool down. Exceptions are the passive special moves, like SpaceGodzilla's. In the instance of these passive special moves the NPC will always use them unless under cool down, including Mothra 1992's special move even if there aren't any ground units to heal.

Because of the fact that NPCs don't use energy, a bot that has a deck with high cost units is more dangerous. It also means that the Energy Refueling Base is worthless to a NPC and that trying to steal their energy, such as with Godzilla 2016's leader special move, is ineffective.

NPCs in Ranked

In Ranked, an NPC can be triggered in two ways. One is if the player loses three or more matches in a row. The second is if the player isn't matched with a human player after a certain period of time, in which case a bot will be used as the opponent.

For the NPCs in this mode, there are certain criteria that they use. First is that the player icon will be the default Godzilla 1989 icon or icons from Godzilla Singular Point (2021), although at one point they all used the Mechagodzilla 1993 icon but this hasn't been the case for years. Second they will use either the Civilian, G-Force Cadet and G-Force Private titles. Third, the bot will always use a leader from small pool of options based on the player's rank. For example, at player rank 65 that will be Gigan 1972, Mothra 1992 or Mechagodzilla 1993. Fourth, they will use a wide range of names in English or Japanese, such as AK38, CoIA, Hungry Bass, Konga, MKnot, NYCloud, Xian, zero and many others. Below are some example NPCs in this mode.

Egg Meter

NPCs will range in terms of leader levels, even between the same player rank. These are also fixed, for example Mechagodzilla 1993 at rank 65 will have less health than Gigan 1972 at the same rank.

For ranks 65 and lower the possible bot leaders are Godzilla 1989, Gigan 1972, Mechagodzilla 1993, Biollante, Mothra 1992, Battra and SpaceGodzilla. Battle pieces are limited to those that were available at launch. For rank 66 the bot leaders can be Godzilla 2004, Godzilla 2016, Kiryu, Desghidorah and Destoroyah. Furthermore, NPCs at this level can use a range of battle pieces introduced before 2023, such as Mothra Leo, Godzilla Earth, Kong 2021 and others.

NPCs in Challenge Battles

Toho has also added NPCs in Challenge Battles. There is no way to force a NPC, for example the player losing three times in a row will not guarantee a bot bottle. NPCs only show up if the player waits too long without finding a human opponent.

In Challenge Battles, NPCs change each season and will meet the criteria of the particular Challenge Battle. For example if the criteria is they must use Mechagodzilla 1993 then the NPC will have this in their deck. Due to the fact that they change each season, bots in this mode will feature leaders and summon battle pieces generally unseen by bots in other modes, for example having Mechagodzilla 2021 or Fire Rodan as the leader.

Similar to Ranked mode, NPCs will have the Civilian, G-Force Cadet and G-Force Private titles. They will also use the default Godzilla 1989 icon or icons from Godzilla Singular Point (2021).

Training Mode

Introduced with version 1.5.0, Training Mode allows the player to face off against a bot whenever they want. This mode is similar to NPCs in Ranked as it will pull from the same pool of leaders at the player's rank. So for example rank 65 will always see either Gigan 1972, Mothra 1992 or Mechagodzilla 1993 in training mode.

Challenge Ticket

A difference from Ranked is that bot leaders all have the same level. There aren't easier NPCs, like Mechagodzilla 1993 would have just as much as health as Gigan 1972 as a leader while in ranked Mechagodzilla 1993 would have a lot less. In addition, enemy leaders at rank 66 have been adjusted to level 30, meaning they have quite a bit of health.

In addition, NPCs in this mode will use the same icons as in other modes except at rank 66 at which point they use the level 30 icon for their leader. They will all be called "King of Trainer" and will have a variety of different titles that they use.

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