US Publisher: Infogrames (Atari)
Developer: WayForward Technologies
Release: 2002

Japan Publisher: Atari
Release: 2003
Note: The game is referred to as "Godzilla: Great Monster Fray Advance" in the Japanese version

Meteor X appears over Tokyo 2 and starts projecting magnetic waves that causes neurological damage to several monsters, forcing them into a beserk-like state. Consequently, the creatures begin to attack Earth and its neighboring planets; however, one monster remains unaffected by the waves, the creaure is then humanity's last hope to stop the others and destroy Meteor X.
  • 1-4 players can play simultaneously
  • Offers single catridge multiplayer play, although only with Godzilla
  • Play as six different monsters
  • 7 arenas to play in: Tokyo 2, Glacier (2 variations), Nova (2 variations), Meteor Z, and Moon Base
  • 3 different modes of play, which include: Story Mode (8 levels long), Custom Mode, and Versus Mode
  • Support for up to 5 different languages: English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish (US Version only)
  • A Button = Punch/Pick up buildings or monsters, if the situation allows
  • B Button = Kick
  • R Button = Jump
  • L Button = Block
  • Hold A Button until flashing, release = Special Move (level 1), adds to Rage Meter if successful
  • Hold B Button until flashing, release = Special Move (level 2), adds to Rage Meter if successful
  • L + R Buttons = Rage Attack (level 1)
  • R then A + B Buttons = Rage Attack (level 2)
  • A + B Buttons = Rage Attack (level 3)

Box Art:

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