Publisher: Atari/Infogrames Release: 2002 (US/UK/Japan) System: Gamecube/Xbox
Developer: Pipeworks Number of Players: 1-4 Japanese Title: ゴジラ怪獣大乱闘
Note: The game is referred to as "Godzilla: Great Monster Fray" in the Japanese version
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"Legendary monsters battle among earth's cities to determine the planet's fate. Attempting worldwide domination, aliens have gained control over Godzilla's longtime rivals - the kaiju must be defeated. Participate in a spectacle like no other by combating the greatest beasts on a colossal scale, as the world's future hangs in the balance."

  • 6 different modes of play, which includes Adventure mode (8 levels long), Destruction mode, Melee Mode, Team Battle, Survival Mode, and Versus Mode
  • Supports Dolby Pro Logic II for sound and Progressive Scan
  • Summonable Kajiu (Mothra) can be called up for battle
  • Certain kaiju (Hedorah) can be found already in the battle field and willing to fight in the fray
  • Military will attack players through out the battle, using tanks, helicopters, and maser tanks. They attack the player who has caused the most property damage during the match.

Gamecube Xbox
A Button = Punch
B Button = Kick / Get Up Attack (when on the ground)
X Button = Fierce Attack / Get Up Attack (when on the ground)
Y Button = Block all attacks except sweeps
Hold Z Button = Charge primary beam weapon
Z Button = Fire primary beam weapon, tap to fire projectile
R Button = Jump, hold to fly for certain monsters
L Button = Duck, or Run if moving joystick
C Stick = Adjust Camera / Aim projectiles
A + B Buttons = Grab, press A or B to throw
A + X Buttons = Rage Attack while in Rage Mode / Roar
B + X Buttons = Taunt
Start Button = Pause
A Button = Punch
X Button = Kick / Get Up Attack (when on the ground)
B Button = Fierce Attack / Get Up Attack (when on the ground)
Y Button = Block all attacks except sweeps
Hold Black Button = Charge primary beam weapon
Black Button = Fire primary beam weapon, tap to fire projectile
Right Trigger = Jump, hold to fly for certain monsters
L Button / Left Trigger = Duck, or Run if moving joystick
Right Thumbstick = Adjust Camera / Aim projectiles
White or A + X Buttons = Grab, press A or B to throw
A + B Buttons = Rage Attack while in Rage Mode / Roar
B + X Buttons = Taunt
Start Button = Pause


Press the Y Button to block all attacks except sweeps. Press the L Button / left trigger to duck while blocking. Monsters ducking while blocking will block sweep attacks, but will be vulnerable to overhead attacks. Both blocks reduce the damage taken from energy weapons by half, and also prevent knockdowns

Use the A Button + B Button / White Button or A Button + X Button to Grab. This lifts an opponent over your monster's head, giving you the opportunity to throw it with any of your three throws. You must throw the opponent quickly using the [A Button, B Button, or X Button / White or A button, X button, or B button], otherwise your monster will tire and drop the opponent back to the ground.

When you are near a flashing red building, and out of range of another monster, your monster may pick up and throw the entire building.

If your monster is held in a grab, you can mash buttons to be dropped more quickly. If you are tired, you can also mash buttons to shake off fatigue.

Fire Weapon
Press and hold the Z Button / Black button to charge your monster's primary beam weapon; release the Z Button / Black Button to fire. Charging increases the power of the weapon as well as the duration of the blast. Flying monsters can access their beam weapon in the air by using the Z Button / Black Button. In addition to the primary beam weapon, many monsters have a secondary projectile. Tap the Z Button / Black Button to fire the projectile weapon. Secondary weapons require a lot of energy and won't function without the proper energy level.

Certain monsters use ammo for their secondary weapons, rather than energy. Ammo is refilled entirely upon respawning (after being Knocked-Out), or refilled by one by obtaining an Energy power-up.


There are four power ups in the game which are left behind by the Vortaak UFOs. Each has its own unique benefit that can be unlocked when the kaiju touch them.

Health Power-up
Pick up a Health power-up for a life-saving boost.

Note: there are no Health power-ups in Survival Mode.
Rage Power-Up
Acquire a Rage power-up to enter Rage Mode. Your attacks become more powerful in Rage Mode. Before Rage wears out, perform the devastating Rage Attack ([A Button + X Button / A button + B button]), a special move available only while you're in Rage Mode. After a Rage Attack, the player will no longer be in Rage Mode.
Energy Power-Up
Energy power-ups completely restore your energy meter and temporarily increase your energy recharge rate. Additionally, energy power-ups increase ammo counters for those monsters that use ammo.
Mothra Airstrike Power-Up
When you pick up the Mothra Airstrike power-up, Mothra is immediately summoned to swoop in and strike your opponent with her antenna-beam weapon. Mothra makes several passes before leaving, attacking the monster nearest you. If your opponent acquires the power-up and Mothra attacks you, hit Mothra with a Beam Weapon to make Mothra exit the arena.
Atari Pickup
Collect Atari logo pickups to unlock Gallery pictures. These pickups can only be found in specific buildings and can be quite difficult to find. For every pickup you collect, one Gallery image is revealed.

Note: Atari pickups are available in Adventure Mode and Survival Mode, and appear only when the Difficulty option is set to Medium or Hard. Only one Atari logo pickup appears per match, but not always consecutively.

Release Scheme
Nintendo Gamecube US Release Date:
October 7th, 2002
UK Release Date:
November 15th, 2002
Japan Release Date:
December 12th, 2002
Microsoft Xbox US Release Date:
April 16th, 2003
UK Release Date:
Never Released
Japan Release Date:
Never Released

Version Differences
  • Replaces the Heisei Mechagodzilla 2 with Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu)

  • Features both Mechagodzilla 2 and Mechagodzilla 3 (Kiryu)
  • Features two new arenas: Vortaak Home World and an oversized Boxing Ring
  • Increased bit mapping on character models and improved lighting
  • Single Player Destruction Mode
  • Players can replace unfilled player slots with computer controlled players in multiplayer
  • Support for customizable soundtrack
  • 4 players can now save their game on the Xbox hard drive

Rage Attacks

The game contains 12 characters, although which version of the Gamecube version you have will determine what type of Mechagodzilla is playable. All of the playbale monsters have a Rage Attack that is triggered by collecting the Rage Power-up. Below are all 12 of the attacks. First video is for the Gamecube version, second is for the Xbox version.

Monster Intros

Each playable character has an introduction that plays before the match begins. Below are all 11 intros, with the first video for the Gamecube version and the second for the Xbox version.

Box Art / Adverts
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