Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters - Game Specifics
Publisher: Toho Release: 1994 (Japan) System: Super Nintendo
Developer: Toho/Alfa System Number of Players: 1-2 Japanese Title: ゴジラ 怪獣大決戦
Note: The name "Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters" comes from the May 1995 issue of Nintendo Power, where the game was said to receive a North American release under the aforementioned title in April 1995, which never came to pass
Main Menu - Controls - Special Gauges - Basic Moves - Alternate Colors - Box Art

Main Menu
  • Normal Game - a single-player arcade mode where monsters are fought one after another
  • VS Game - versus mode for up to two human- or computer-controlled characters
  • Set Up - the settings of the game, including: "Game Level", to determine the difficulty of computer characters in the Normal and VS Game modes; the "Control System", where players can re-map their controller inputs; and the ability to choose either Stereo or Mono audio output


D-pad : Control the monster
Left/Right : Move (flying monsters can move in 8 directions in the air)
Up : Vertical jump
Up-left/Up-right : Diagonal jump
Down : Crouch
Back : Upper defense
Down-back : Lower defense

Y : Weak attack
X : Strong attack
A : Dash, roar
B : Grab

※ Button inputs can be changed in "Set Up". However, the ones listed here are the defaults and are the inputs used on other pages.

Special Gauges
Angry Roar Gauge

The Angry Roar Gauge, which functions as the game's special meter, is located in the lower left or right of the screen and fills as the character receives damage. When full, the character will enter the "Angry Roar State", signified when their body begins glowing red as the gauge icon flashes white. At this time, the character's attack power increases, and they can also unleash one Super Special Move (shown in red on the site). However, the Shock Gauge takes much longer to deplete, so combo attacks by the enemy are much more potent. After the use of a Super Special Move or if left stunned by the Shock Gauge being filled, the Angry Roar Gauge empties and the process starts anew.

Shock Gauge

The Shock Gauge, located below the Life Gauge (health), dictates the condition of the character. The meter increases when taking damage or when the opponent uses their roar. When it is filled, the character will collapse momentarily, leaving them open to hits on the ground and depleting their Angry Roar Gauge. The Shock Gauge will constantly decrease with time, so it favors a rabid succession of hits against a character to temporarily knock them out.

Basic Moves
Block (Hold Back or Down-Back)

A staple in nearly all 2D fighters, holding back in the game will cause the character, excluding the Gotengo and Mothra, to automatically block when the opponent initiates an attack. While blocking, Normal Attack damage is completely negated, while further damage received, such as in combos or by Special Attacks, is reduced dramatically.

Grab (B)

Pressing B with every character, except the Gotengo, will cause that monster to reach out and try to grab the opponent, bypassing block. While grabbed, the player can perform one of their throws (shown in green on the site), while the opponent rabidly presses buttons to be released.

Roar (Double-Tap A)

Every character in the game, with the sole exception of the Gotengo, has a Roar move, where they taunt the opponent and raise the other character's Shock Gauge. How much the Shock Gauge rises depends on how close the player is to the opponent, with being far away generating very little rise in the meter.

Special Attacks

Aside from basic strong and weak moves, monsters also have Special Attacks, which require specific button combinations in order to use and usually have strong and weak variations of their own. Unlike Normal Attacks, it's possible for Special Attacks to do chip damage against monsters who are blocking.

Alternate Colors

Every monster in the game has an alternate palette of colors associated with them, which can only be seen in VS Game when both players select the same monster.

Rundown of Alternate Colors

Box Art / Adverts
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