Mothra: Giant Moth Monster 巨大蛾怪獣 モスラ
Mothra: Giant Moth Monster

The Heisei incarnation of the Infant Island goddess, Mothra is interesting for her ability to fly about the battlefield, as opposed to simply walking like most of the other combatants. She does have the fewest number of moves in the game however, and she is also unable to block, but this is counterbalanced by her diversity and range of movement. Her attacks are fairly simply to pull off, although doing them at the right moment takes practice.

Normal & Special Attacks
Wing Chop (Y/X)

Mothra's main attack. For this move, the monster merely flaps her wings in an attempt to strike the opponent. Overall, the move has good range, both vertically and horizontally, while it's very quick to perform as well. This is the only move Mothra can perform while landed outside of her Super Special Attack and Rising Evasion.

Hundred Violent Shock Wave (Tap Y/X)

Mothra continually flaps her wings, causing them to create a windstorm which will damage opponents in range. The move can be performed as long as Y or X is repeatedly tapped.

Lunge (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

Mothra flaps her wings to move quickly either backwards or forwards, depending on the direction pressed.

Rising Evasion (While grounded, Forward, Down, Back + A)

Mothra very quickly leaps from a standing position and flies at a 45 degree angle away from her foe. This move can only be done while Mothra is on the ground; she is invulnerable during its short duration.

Diving Onrush (Back, Down, Forward + Y/X)

The goddess swoops down at a 45 degree angle and then spins several times in an attempt to strike the opponent with her mammoth wings. Mothra will travel a greater distance during the attack if X is used instead of Y.

Ultrasound Beam (Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Mothra charges her beam before unleashing the blast from her antenna. If X is used with the attack then the blast will be longer, but it will also take longer to charge and will travel across the screen faster compared with Y.

Scale Field (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

The goddess quickly flaps her wings to release a cloud of her reflective scales. The cloud will hang in the air and catch all the projectiles it touches, Mothra's or her opponent's, and will trap the energy inside, damaging her foe if they might come in contact. The move differs depending on what button is used, with Y creating a cloud near Mothra that lasts for 5 seconds, and X creating a cloud farther away that lasts for 7 seconds.

Grab Attacks
Bite (Forward, Down + B)

After placing her opponent in a hold, Mothra will reach forth with her mouth and proceed to bite the opponent numerous times, drawing blood on every hit.

Energy Discharge (Back, Down, Forward + B)

With her enemy in her grasp, Mothra will proceed to release energy through her body, shocking the opponent as she holds them.

Grabbing Mothra Drop (Back, Down, Forward, Up + B)

In one of the best-looking throws, Mothra grabs onto her foe and flies directly up, before turning around and then slamming her enemy head first into the ground.

Super Special Moves
Sealing Energy (Hold X)

Sealing Energy is performed simply by holding X for 3 seconds and then releasing while flying. When performed, a seal will appear on the ground as Mothra's wings will glow and she beams down energy in the form of the insignia. The higher up Mothra is, the longer the attack will last; furthermore, it's best if done while over the opponent. When successful, the move will injure the foe and quickly fill their Shock Gauge.

Mothra & Battra Strike (Hold Down, then Down-Back, Back, Forward + X)

The flashiest Super Special Move in the game, this attack is performed after holding Down for 3 seconds and then executing the rest of the command. When successful, Mothra will lunge forward to try and grab her opponent (if she misses, the move fails). If successful, she casts her scales against the enemy while Battra flies in, and both monsters bombard the helpless target with their beams.
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