Mechagodzilla (New): Anti-Godzilla Weapon 対ゴジラ兵器 新メカゴジラ
Mechagodzilla (New): Anti-Godzilla Weapon

The Heisei incarnation of the mechanical monster and only playable in VS Game, Mechagodzilla excels at both long ranged and, oddly enough, close quarter combat. His Plasma Grenade is also excellent for defense, as it's easy to execute quickly, while its ability to return fire makes it a nice offensive move as well. Mechagodzilla's only real downfall is the speed of his moves and his lack of ability to combo, save his ill-suited special.

Normal & Special Attacks
Upper Punch (Y)

Mechagodzilla's fastest move, where he quickly raises his arm above his hand and does a small strike in front of him.

Punch (X)

The mechanical monster fully extends his arm for this attack, as he swings forward to try and land a hit on his opponent.

Low Kick (While ducking, Y)

Mechagodzilla, while crouched, swings with his foot to try and strike his rival with a low blow.

Roundhouse Kick (While ducking, X)

While crouching, the mechanical monster swings his mammoth foot in the direction of his opponent. Overall, Roundhouse Kick is a pretty powerful move, as it boasts excellent range and a sizeable amount of damage.

Uppercut (While jumping, Y)

A swift midair attack where Mechagodzilla swings upward with his fist. Unfortunately, the move has very little range to it, although it's still effective against both the Gotengo and Mothra when they are flying directly overhead.

Focused Punch (While jumping, X)

Mechagodzilla winds back his fist before making a full swing in the direction of his opponent. If successful, the blow will send his rival toppling to the ground from the impact.

Kick (While jumping, hold Down, Y)

A simple midair move where Mechagodzilla swings out with his foot to try and kick his opponent.

Long Kick (While jumping, hold Down, X)

While in midair, the mechanical monster fully extends its leg in an attempt to strike his rival. As expected, this move has a large area of range to it.

Rush (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

Using his jets, Mechagodzilla will quickly move about the screen in whichever direction is pressed. The A button can be held for the move to last longer; in fact, the mechanical monster can move across the entire screen if the button is held.

Body Blow (While running, Y/X)

While rushing in the direction of his opponent, Y or X can be pressed to have Mechagodzilla lower himself, setting the mechanical monster on a collision course with the enemy. If X is used then the attack will send the foe flying backwards.

Mega Buster (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Mechagodzilla hunkers down as he releases his Mega Buster ray from his mouth. If X is used with the attack then the beam will be longer, but will travel across the screen quicker. This move can also be done while in midair.

Paralyze Missile (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y)

Mechagodzilla stoops somewhat and launches a paralysis bullet from one of the ports on its shoulders. Paralyze Missile does little damage on impact, but it does greatly increase the opponent's Shock Gauge. It is also suitable against larger or standing opponents, though it flies slower than Tranquilizer Missile.

Tranquilizer Missile (Down, Down-Back, Back + X)

Mechagodzilla stoops somewhat and launches a paralysis bullet from one of the ports near its waist. Tranquilizer Missile does little damage on impact, instead greatly increasing the opponent's Shock Gauge. It is also better equipped at handling monsters low to the ground such as Anguirus, and flies faster than Paralyze Missile.

Laser Cannon (Down, Down + Y/X)

Mechagodzilla's eyes light up as he releases a stream of laser blasts, aimed down at a 45 degree angle, in his opponent's direction. Using X with the attack will cause for the beam to be fired much longer. However, there will be a large delay added after the attack.

Plasma Grenade (Back, Back + holding X)

A latch located on Mechagodzilla's stomach opens and begins to flicker with a blue glow. During this time, all beam projectiles that hit Mechagodzilla will be prevented as long as X is held. If hit with a beam, the light will change to a yellow glow to show that energy is stored. Release X to unleash the stored blast, the size of which depends on how much energy he was hit with. While Mechagodzilla is capable of absorbing energy infinitely, the amount of energy his Plasma Grenade fires caps out at a certain point.

Grab Attacks
Hell Clench (Forward, Down + B)

With his opponent held tight, Mechagodzilla slowly grinds his metallic elbow into their face before dropping his foe to the ground.

Shock Anchor (Up, Back, Down, Forward + B)

The metallic monster quickly launches its shock anchors, which push its foe out of its hold. Mechagodzilla then releases an electric current through the anchors, electrocuting his rival several times before finishing the move.

Super Special Moves
Hover Attack (Forward, Back, Down, Forward + X)

For this special attack, Mechagodzilla rushes his opponent, using his jets to hover slightly off the ground. If he connects, he ushers in a series of physical blows using his feet and hands before releasing his enemy.

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