Mechagodzilla (Old): Robot Monster ロボット怪獣 旧メカゴジラ
Mechagodzilla (Old): Robot Monster

The Showa incarnation of the mechanical monster, Mechagodzilla excels at long-ranged combat, boasting a wide array of weapons to attack the foe at a distance. However, the monster also has a number of moves at his disposal for close quarters combat, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with any other monster in the game.

Normal & Special Attacks (Ground Form)
Hand Chop (Y)

A simple attack where Mechagodzilla raises his Space Titanium-constructed hand and swings downward. The attack can also be performed while jumping by pressing either Y or X.

Jab Strike (X)

During this attack, Mechagodzilla extends his missile-tipped hand in an attempt to stab the opponent.

Low Kick (While ducking, Y)

A simple move where Mechagodzilla stands in place and does a slight low kick with the foot closest to the opponent.

Sliding Kick (While ducking, X)

With his foot extended, Mechagodzilla's jets launch the monster toward his opponent in a slide kick maneuver.

Kick (While jumping, hold Down, Y/X)

A simple midair move where the mechanical monster swings out with his foot to try and kick his enemy.

Rush (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

Using his jets, Mechagodzilla will quickly move about the screen in whichever direction is pressed. The A button can be held for the move to last longer.

Space Beams (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Mechagodzilla kneels as his eyes unleash beams in the opponent's direction. If X is used then the beams will take longer to fire, but will travel across the screen faster. This move can also be done while jumping.

Finger Missile (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

At the start of this attack, Mechagodzilla's hand rotates quickly and then locks in position as he fires three finger missiles at his opponent. If Y is used, there will be no preparation for the attack and Mechagodzilla will fire just one missile instead. Whether X or Y is used, so long as the button remains pressed, Mechagodzilla will not shoot until the button is released. This move can also be done while jumping, and the angle the missiles are fired can be changed by pressing Up or Down.

Desto-Fire (Forward, Down, Back + Y/X)

For this attack, the mechanical monster opens his mouth and releases a stream of flames for a few seconds. The attack can be aimed in a desired direction by pressing Up or Down. Using X with the attack will cause for a longer duration of the move, but at the cost of a long delay afterwards.

Cross Attack Beam (Down, Down + Y/X)

The latch on Mechagodzilla's chest flips open as a concentrated electric current is released, aimed down at a 45 degree angle. Using X will cause for the Cross Attack Beam to be fired much longer, but there will be a large delay added after the attack.

Defense Neo Barrier (Back, Back + Y/X)

A defensive move where Mechagodzilla quickly rotates his head until a force field surrounds the mechanical monster for a short time. With the barrier up, all projectiles will be blocked, although it does nothing against physical attacks. Mechagodzilla can't move while the field is up. Using X with the move will execute a longer duration of the barrier.

Flight Form Transformation (While falling, Up + A)

While descending to the ground from a jump, Mechagodzilla quickly transforms into his Flight Mode, giving himself a new set of moves. Unfortunately, Mechagodzilla's Shock Gauge does not decrease over time while in this mode. Mechagodzilla can return to his Ground Form at any time by pressing A.

Normal & Special Attacks (Flight Form)
Homyu Shot (Y/X)

Mechagodzilla will launch a missile from the missile launchers located in his toes, which will fly horizontally toward the opponent. If X is used while holding either Up, Forward, or Back, the missile will fly at a different angle, with Back flying straight up.

Flying Space Beams (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Identical to the move in his Ground Form, Mechagodzilla's eyes unleash beams. If X is used with the move then the beams will take longer to fire, but will travel across the screen quicker.

Multi-Homyu Shot (Hold X)

Hold X for 1-3 seconds and, from his knees, Mechagodzilla will unleash 1-3 missiles respectively that fly downward at various angles and sink into the ground (if they hit the opponent they will be destroyed with no effect). After 2 seconds, the missiles will detonate and injure those who come in contact with the explosions.

Grab Attacks
Hell Thrust (Forward, Down + B)

One of the shortest hold moves, Mechagodzilla pushes away his held opponent with his arm, stabbing them in the neck with his missile-tipped fingers.

Desto-Fire Hold (Up, Back, Down, Forward + B)

Mechagodzilla holds his foe in place as he slowly incinerates them using the flamethrower located in his nose area. It should be noted that Desto-Fire Hold deals a tremendous amount of damage to the opponent, which also more than makes up for Mechagodzilla's low number of hold moves.

Super Special Moves
All-Out Weapon Assault (Forward, Down, Back, Forward + X)

For his special, Mechagodzilla unleashes every single projectile in his arsenal at once. In total, the attack includes six missiles, the Cross Attack Beam, three bullet-like blasts, and his Space Beams. The special can be aimed (up, straight, or down) by holding X and then aiming, by pressing Up or Down, before releasing.

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