Megalon: Insect Monster 昆虫怪獣 メガロ
Megalon: Insect Monster

Megalon is a middle-of-the-road character. He doesn't specialize in a particular area but is decent all around, except he is a little slow. His most damaging attacks tend to be close range, while he has enough diversity to keep opponents guessing. Excluding his throws, almost all of his regular moves are easy to execute as well, which makes him an ideal character for beginners.

Normal & Special Attacks
Stab (Y)

A very quick attack that does little damage as Megalon quickly raises his drill hand and then punches forward with it. This move can also be performed while ducking.

Drill (X)

A very easy move to perform with devastating results, Megalon's drill is as the name suggests, where the monster punches with one of his arms as the drill on the end begins to spin rapidly. The player can hold X to have the attack last longer. This move can also be performed while ducking.

Aerial Stab (While jumping, Y)

While in midair, Megalon will swing his drill hand downward to try and strike the opponent. Due to the angle and reach, this attack is fairly good for attacking foes regardless of how high they are, and deals slightly more damage than his regular stab.

Aerial Drill (While jumping, X)

During this attack, Megalon raises his drill hand as it begins to spin over his head. Unfortunately, this attack has nearly no range to it, and because it's pointed directly overhead, it will only hit foes that are higher than Megalon is.

Kick (While jumping, Down, Y)

A simple midair move where Megalon kicks with one of his feet. In contrast to his regular stab aerial attack, Kick is a little quicker and is also aimed lower, but deals less damage.

Double Kick (While jumping, Down, X)

While in midair, Megalon can perform a double kick move, where he swings out both of his feet. This attack is surprisingly convenient as it has nice reach and will knock the opponent off their feet every time it successfully connects.

Double Drill (Forward, Forward + Y/X)

For this attack, Megalon's wings expand as he flies horizontally across the screen with his drill hands joined and spinning. Using X with the move will cause Megalon to fly farther then compared with Y. This move can be performed while in midair.

Leap (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

Megalon can leap across the screen in either direction by using A. Unfortunately, compared to some of the other monsters with a similar technique, Megalon's leap is kind of cumbersome. It's not nearly as effective in moving quickly as similar moves, and there is also a delay after performing leap that leaves Megalon open to be attacked.

Beast-Killing Laser Beam (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Megalon hunches down as the giant horn on his head unleashes a lightning bolt in his opponent's direction. Using Y with the attack will cause for a shorter beam; however, using X will cause for a greater delay before the bolt is fired. This move can be performed while in midair.

Geothermal Napalm (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

Megalon opens its mouth and spits out a napalm bomb, aimed downwards. Upon impact with the ground, the bomb will detonate, causing a small fissure of flames to spread, with three small spires of fire appearing on each side of the bomb's impact. Using X with the attack will cause the bomb to be shot farther compared with Y.

Grab Attacks
Paired Drill (Forward, Down + B)

After placing his opponent in a hold, Megalon extends his drill hand and strikes his foe, drawing blood as he briefly digs into them with his sharp forearm.

Dynamite Kick (Back, Down, Forward + B)

With his opponent in his grasp, Megalon rears his foot back and kicks with great force, launching his foe horizontally.

Drill Crusher (Back, Down, Forward, Up + B)

Megalon's throw move, the Drill Crusher, is actually a series of attacks that he combos together. The throw starts out as a normal drill attack until he raises his arm, which also sends his opponent moving upwards. Megalon then proceeds to drill at an angle until he flies up and uppercuts the foe with his aerial drill move.

Super Drop Kick (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Back, Down-Back, Down, Up + X)

Megalon unleashes a single devastating kick, sending the opponent soaring sky-high. Though similar in nature to Dynamite Kick, this move is a powered-up version that doesn't require Megalon to be in its Angry Roar State and can be used under normal circumstances. Because the opponent is sent flying vertically so high, follow-ups are practically guaranteed. The only trade-off is that the button combination is fairly difficult to perform. This is the only grab move in the game that ends with the X button being pressed instead of B.

Super Special Moves
High-Temperature Geothermal Napalm (Forward, Down, Back, Forward + X)

Megalon's special is similar to his regular Geothermal Napalm, except it lasts much longer and the spires of flame produced reach much higher up into the air. Compared to the original, this attack is also wider, as five spires of flame appear on each side of the bomb's impact.

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