King Ghidorah: Space Super Monster 宇宙超怪獣 キングギドラ
King Ghidorah: Space Super Monster

The Showa incarnation of the space monster, King Ghidorah has some damaging moves, but lacks the diversity that other monsters have in their attacks. Overall, his moves are the easiest to pull off in the game (excluding his throws), while his special is also the easiest to hit with, which makes him ideal for beginners.

Normal & Special Attacks
Right Neck Head Jab (Y)

During this rather quick attack, King Ghidorah's furthest head swings in the upward direction to try and smack the opponent. If the move is conducted close enough to the other player then it has a chance to strike twice. This move can also be done in midair, and is conducted even faster.

Left Neck Head Jab (X)

Slower but more damaging than its right neck alternative, during this move King Ghidorah merely thrusts forward his closest-most head, jaws opened.

Hundred Severe Assault (Tap Y/X)

A simple combo, that can be done merely by pressing Y or X rapidly, as King Ghidorah begins to thrusts his three heads toward the opponent very quickly. The heads strike in three directions: up, horizontally, and down. How long the attack lasts depends on how long Y or X is tapped for. Using Y, the player can do the move indefinitely; however, if X is used then the move will eventually end, which is signified by a final, slower strike by his middle head which looks like his normal Left Neck Head Jab move.

Center Neck Bite (While ducking, Y)

A low reaching attack where King Ghidorah's central head hunches up, like a snake, before striking near the ground with a decent amount of range.

Tail Foot Sweep (While ducking, X)

King Ghidorah hunches further toward the ground and begins to spin rapidly, causing his two tails to flail about in an attempt to hit the opponent. This attack can be done almost continuously if Down is held while X is repeatedly tapped.

Head Dive (While jumping, X)

While in midair, King Ghidorah will lunge forward to try and strike with his three heads. As expected, the move has excellent range, making it the staple of King Ghidorah's aerial attacks for most situations.

Kick (While jumping, hold Down, Y)

A simple midair move, where King Ghidorah swings out with both of his feet to try and hit the other player.

Stomp (While jumping, hold Down, X)

While in midair and holding down, King Ghidorah can perform his stomp attack in an attempt to crush his opponent. If successful, the move can hit up to 9 times, with each connect sending King Ghidorah higher into the air.

Dive Kick (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

For this attack, King Ghidorah flies into the sky in the opposite direction of the opponent, before diving at an angle toward his foe with his feet extended. The move looks identical to his regular kick, except the move sets itself up and the space monster moves far faster while doing it then he normally does. Using X with the attack will cause King Ghidorah to land farther away then compared with Y. The angle of the kick can also be changed by pressing Left or Right after executing the command.

Leap (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

Using his giant wings, King Ghidorah can leap across the screen in either direction by using A. For its intended use, though, the move is rather slow, but it's far more effective than the space monster's normal walk; however, using Dive Kick tends to be a quicker and safer, although less precise, means of moving forward across the screen.

Gravity Beam (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

King Ghidorah hunches over to unleash a gravity bolt from one of his three heads. The head that unleashes the bolt is decided by the player: if they quickly press Up then the furthest head will fire a high shot; pressing Down will cause the closest head to fire a low shot; and pressing no direction at all will cause the center head to fire a normal shot. Using Y with the attack will cause for a shorter beam when compared to X, but it will travel faster across the screen. This move can also be done in midair.

Grab Attacks
Bite (Forward, Down + B)

With his opponent in his clutches, King Ghidorah proceeds to bite them numerous times, causing blood to spill from his foe. The move is ended when King Ghidorah releases his opponent, causing them to topple to the ground.

Rear Throw (Forward, Up, Back + B)

Using his side heads, King Ghidorah will lift the held foe into the air before tossing them directly behind the space monster. Unfortunately, compared to his other two throws, there isn't much of a use for this one.

Skyward Throw (Back, Down, Forward, Up + B)

Using his side heads, King Ghidorah picks up his opponent and heaves them into the air, sending them flying out of the screen. Eventually, the opponent will land ahead of the space monster. The Skyward Throw is fairly useful because, after his foe is tossed, King Ghidorah is free to move around, allowing him to land in some more hits as the opponent comes crashing down.

Super Special Moves
Diffusion Gravity Beams (Forward, Down, Back, Forward + X)

During this attack, King Ghidorah will fly into the air and hover as his three heads unleash gravity beam after gravity beam. The beams sweep in almost every direction, making the only safe spot on the screen directly below the space monster. Beyond being hard to miss with, the attack also deals a considerable amount of damage. One thing to note, though, is that it's preferable that the special be done while the opponent is at a fair distance, so they can't run under King Ghidorah or attack the creature before the beams start firing, which would cancel the move.

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